Antivirus for Home Computer: Why It’s So Important to Always Have a Quality Antivirus Program Installed

Any type of virus / malware is programmed to destroy files and cause damage to a PC. It can also lead to your personal information getting stolen. Everybody who has ever owned a computer knows that protection from viruses is essential. There are a number of companies that offer an antivirus for home computer, but not all of them are great, and some of them are downright annoying with popups and add-ons.

If you suspect that you might have a virus, then you should probably invest in a better antivirus program. Don’t assume that the free firewall that comes with Windows 10 is enough protection – viruses can still get through.

A few signs that a PC is infected with a virus include:

• The computer is suddenly running a lot slower than usual
• Disk drives are inaccessible
• Applications aren’t working right
• Unusual “error” messages pop up, or are displayed when they shouldn’t be
• Menus and dialog boxes are distorted
• Antivirus / anti-malware applications are disabled and cannot be restarted
• The computer locks up frequently
• It either restarts on its own or crashes unexpectedly and then restarts
• Despite having sufficient RAM, “out of memory” error messages start appearing
• Folders become hidden
• You have trouble bringing up the Windows Task Manager

Another Sure Sign You Need an Antivirus for Home Computer

Essentially, the less control you have over your own PC and daily operations, including the simplest of tasks, the more likely it is that the computer is infected.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to install a new antivirus if the virus is highly sophisticated. If you have trouble installing a program to remove it, then you’ll have to eradicate it from a boot device. One solution is to install the anti-virus program with a USB drive. Try doing this in safe mode so that no other malware or software will interfere with the antivirus.

You won’t ever have to worry about getting a virus again if you take the time to learn how to avoid them, and by using the Pro or Plus version of antivirus software. A “free” antivirus for home computer is not enough. It’s better to pay for that extra protection, even if you don’t need it, than to pay for the repair cost or replacement cost should your computer become infected from a virus that your free / cheap program failed to prevent.

The good news is that a Pro / Plus antivirus for home computer doesn’t have to be expensive – especially if you take advantage of discount offers. Avast coupons, for instance, might be available to help you get a good deal on its Internet Security suite. Avast is one of the most trusted names in cyber security and technology. Use the free trial to decide if it’s the right program for you.


Computer Virus Protection Programs: Top 5 Security Suites You’ll Want to Try

With the increase in ransomware and malware threats, more users than ever before are looking for computer virus protection programs. Investing in a good program can help you save a lot of money over time since you will be far less likely to get hacked or become a victim of ransomware or identity theft.

Which Computer Virus Protection Programs Are Available?

If anything, you might have a problem selecting the right PC security software since there is so much of it available. To help you narrow down your options, here is a quick look at some of the best programs:

Norton Anti Virus Plus

“Norton” by Symantec is a name most people have heard of when it comes to the cyber security industry. The company now offers many products, including the Plus Version of its Antivirus, which comes with features like a smart firewall, ransomware protection, anti-spyware, password manager, online threat protection, anti-spyware, etc. Norton discounts / coupons are often available for new members.

Bitdefender Internet Security

The newest version of this software delivers multiple layers of ransomware protection as well as Ransomware Remediation feature. You can get excellent protection against all threats on Windows with no drag on your computer’s resources. This is award-winning software with high-scores from AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST. Bitdefender’s Internet Security 2019 suite also comes with features and tools to enhance privacy and performance.

Avast Pro

Avast is another big name when it comes to computer virus protection programs. This software is designed to detect and block malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and phishing. Smart analytics are utilized in order to prevent any threat from affecting you, and to keep hackers from attempting to hijack DNS settings to redirect you to fake websites trying to steal your financial details.

ESET Internet Security

Get multi-platform protection with this program, as it keeps your Android, Mac, Windows, and other devices secured. It’s designed to prevent unauthorized access to your devices so that your data can’t be misused. Your webcam and home devices will be protected as well so you won’t have to worry about every being spied on.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky products are designed to be simple enough to figure out for inexperienced users as well as flexible enough to keep more experienced users happy. For many users, the Antivirus Plus is plenty enough protection for their computer. Those with more security needs will often go for Kaspersky Internet Security or Total Security. Regardless of which product you choose, you can never go wrong with Kaspersky.

These are all great choices for computer virus protection programs, and all offer free trials. However, only try one at a time – never have two anti-viruses installed on your PC at once.


Buy VPN Service: Tips for Security and Performance Features to Look For

Connecting to a virtual private network is a great way to protect your online privacy. Choosing a provider, however, can be a bit confusing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Every user has their own individual requirements. For instance, you might not need to hide behind a VPN to share torrents via P2P programs, but other users might need to. Whatever your reason(s) for wanting to stay secure and anonymous on the internet, you need to buy VPN service that offers that technology.

One thing you’ll definitely want to do no matter what is to check the provider’s logging policy. Never, ever trust a provider that doesn’t guarantee a no-logging policy. Sometimes they will say that they don’t keep any logs but if you dig down deep, you’ll find that they do. It’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully, and to take a look at reviews from other users to see if there are any complaints.

Be sure to check the level of encryption offered by a provider as well. In this industry, 256-bit encryption is the standard. Don’t settle for anything less than this. Stronger encryption ensures that it will be extremely difficult for the security to break.

One of the biggest issues many people have when they buy VPN service is speed. While no virtual private network server will likely have as fast as a connection of your regular internet connection, you should still choose a company that offers many virtual servers spread out around the world and a guarantee that there won’t be much of a speed loss. Once again, it’s helpful to read individual reviews on the leading providers to see if there are any complaints.

Speed Tests Reliability When You Buy VPN Service

Just note that speed tests are often subjective, based on the individual’s location, so even if they do experience slow connections, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will. Just consider it a red flag when A LOT of people are complaining in general about the slow speeds of a particular service.

A few other things to consider when looking to buy a VPN service:

• Technology that includes a “kill-switch”.
• If the VPN can work in the countries / regions from which you are hoping to access specific content
• The ability to choose from a provider that works smoothly with Netflix.
• A subscription that includes permission to use the VPN service on all of your devices – not just your PC.

If there is one company that many people recommend due to affordable rates, excellent security, good servers, etc., it is NordVPN. When you buy VPN service from this provider, you’ll find that NordVPN discounts are readily available. Plus, you’ll get a 30-day money back guarantee.


Computer Antivirus Protection: A Summary of How Antivirus Suites Work and How You Can Select the Right One

The choice of an antivirus or PC security program is very important. If you don’t choose the right one, you could end up wasting both time and money. In some cases, you could end up with more problems than you started with. This is why you should take the time to understand computer antivirus protection and how it works, and how various programs differ.

While there are certainly “free” antivirus and “free” anti-malware programs, they won’t protect you from everything as they are often limited in what they can do. There are literally new viruses, malware, and other threats popping up every single day and most free programs don’t have a sufficient enough infrastructure to keep up with the newest threats every day and to protect you from everything.

Some of the paid antivirus suites do have the ability to protect you from everything and to keep up with the new threats popping up around the globe. The good news is that they paid programs usually offer free trials, usually from 7-days to 30-days, and even a money back guarantee after you buy it. If you do try one program and decide that it’s not for you, make absolutely certain that you remove it completely from your computer and get rid of all traces of it before downloading a new antivirus program to try. You don’t want there to be any conflicts.

Computer Antivirus Protection Extras

The “extras” that come with a full computer antivirus protection suite include a superior firewall, ransomware protection, malicious file prevention, phishing and hacking protection, and so forth. Some suites go a bit further and offer features like a VPN, parental controls, a password manager, file shredder, webcam protection, and more. However, the more extras a suite comes with, the costlier it is going to be. Get only the suite that comes with the stuff you know for sure you’ll really need.

An added benefit of paying for computer antivirus protection is for features and convenience. You get everything you need in one nice package and can even rely on it to update automatically. The right program should be designed in a way that allows the user to interact with it as little or as much as they want, and to have as much control over it as they need. Since some antivirus suites demand more resources in order to run effectively than others, it’s important that you keep your system specs in mind. For instance, a machine with under 4GB of memory will likely have trouble running a security suite with a lot of extra features.

Now that you know what to look for in computer antivirus protection, you can get started. One name most people like to get started with is Norton. Its Antivirus Plus suite is easy to use and offers enough features for the average computer user. It’s also pretty affordable.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Best PC Protection Software Overview: How to Determine Which Computer Security Program is Best for You

Windows PC users are often vulnerable to malware and ransomware attacks, and as such require a strong security program to ward off infected files and hacking attempts so that their computers can run efficiently and safely. Most people agree that free antivirus programs really aren’t effective and that it’s usually worthwhile to invest in a Pro or Plus version of a security suite. In short, the best PC protection software won’t come for free.

It doesn’t have to be costly, either – especially if you take advantage of coupon codes or discounts that are often available to help you better afford the subscription or licensing price. If you only need protection for your computer and none of your other devices, then you can go with the lowest-priced subscription available with the popular security programs.

The ideal security solution has a high-detection rate for common threats – especially malware. You can learn those rates by reading independent lab test results and reviews. It should also have an intuitive interface so that users won’t have any problems trying to figure something out. If you have an older or budget PC that doesn’t run as fast as you’d like it to, then the best PC protection software for you will be something that will have a low impact on system resources. You don’t want to be stuck with a program that is going to make it difficult for you to even your PC in the first place by using up resources and causing sluggish performance.

Best PC Protection Software Considerations

On the other hand, if you have a powerful, costly gaming PC and enjoy playing games and other entertainment, then you’ll want to look for a PC protection program that has a “Game / Movie / Work” mode. With this technology, it will be able to detect when you play a game or watch a movie and won’t bother you with any unnecessary requests or pop-ups. It will also use fewer system resources by temporarily adjusting visual settings and pausing low-priority background activities.

A “Rescue Mode” is another important feature to look for, due to the more sophisticated viruses out there that really get deep into the system. Rootkits, for instance, have to be removed before Windows even starts up. If you have a quality antivirus program, it will detect such a threat and will reboot the PC in Rescue Mode to make it easier to remove the rootkit and restore the system.

Now that you know about the most important features that the best PC protection software has to offer, you can give one a try: Bitdefender Total Security 2019. You get optimized speed, comprehensive support 24/7, and a 30-day free trial.


Computer Antivirus Programs Overview: Essential Things to Look for in an Antivirus Solution

The problem with a lot of free anti-virus programs is that they cannot keep up with cyber-attacks. Cyber hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and not every antivirus program is advanced enough to keep up with the new threats that are emerging every single day. If you are looking for reliable computer antivirus programs, you probably won’t get it with any free program.

Malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, hacking attempts, malicious websites, and malicious apps: these are some of the many threats internet users have to deal with. If you run a business, you’ll need even more security and protection, as it’s not just your own personal details you need to protect, but that of employees, associates, vendors, customers, and so forth.

It’s especially important to have ransomware protection. Obnoxious hackers can demand hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their victims. With internet security protection, your private files and photos are kept behind an advanced firewalls or stored in secure cyber vaults. Your files can’t be taken hostage if the hackers and identity thieves can’t get to them.

Always check with the independent labs first before deciding whether or not to try a particular program. There are four labs in particular to check with: AV-Test, SE Labs, AV-Comparatives, and MRG-Effitas. Features to look for in an ideal antivirus include an extremely high (99.4% and up) online detection rate and a very low number of false negatives. It can be very annoying when a security program detects that a program is malicious when it really isn’t.

Considerations for Purchasing Computer Antivirus Programs

Price is an important consideration for most people when it comes to computer antivirus programs. While free programs sound nice they really don’t offer the best protection. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a whole lot of money on good protection that suits your needs. The leading companies often offer good deals and discounts on their products and subscriptions.

If you’re a home user or a small business owner with just a few employees, you likely won’t need a full security suite. Either the Plus version of a highly-rated antivirus program or internet security program for PC / Mac should be enough. If you travel a lot and need to haul your laptop around with you, then it’s recommended that you choose a suite that includes a VPN service. Do children use your computer, or have their own? You’ll probably need a program with parental controls as well. Think about which additional features and tools you need and which ones you can do without and select the program that best suits those needs.

Of all of the computer antivirus programs, one product that is versatile enough for most users is Avast Internet Security. It has a very high detection rate and is available with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Total Internet Security Info: Why a Full Protection Suite is Far Better Than a Basic, Free Antivirus Program

Many people understand the importance of investing in quality antivirus software rather than just taking their risks with the unreliable “free” programs. Another benefit of choosing total internet security over just a regular computer antivirus is that the former includes multi-user licenses with a single subscription, meaning that users can get the security they need on other computers and electronics in the home or office.

Another reason to opt for a full security program is that they usually include top-notch customer service and maintenance. The software can even be programmed to automatically update so the user won’t have to unless they really prefer to update manually. Those who do want some control over their antivirus program should choose one that has a user-friendly interface that is very straightforward and clear. With some security programs, all components can be automatically updated all at once, or individual components can be scheduled to update one at a time.

One problem some users have with a total internet security suite is that their tablets or PCs are a bit older and have trouble running the program / app smoothly. A full suite consisting of tools and functions really can take up some system resources, so looking over the minimum requirements when deciding which product to use before installing it is important. Also, all previous anti-virus tools and apps on the computer or device should be uninstalled and removed entirely before a new one is installed in its place, as there could be some conflicts.

What Else You Get With Total Internet Security

Another important thing to realize is that not every feature in a security suite will be usable with every device and operating system. Some features are PC-only, or exclude either Android or iOS. Those who are looking for a specific feature for a specific device should make sure that they can get that with the suite they are interested in.

Anti-virus and anti-malware software are not the same thing. Malware-removal products help clean up a system after an infection but don’t offer the prevention tools to keep the PC / MAC from getting infected in the first place. The full version of an antivirus program also offers a lot more than malware / virus prevention and detection, it can also keep kids safe with parental controls, provide privacy with a VPN service, enhance security of web accounts with a password manager, monitor apps, help keep hackers away, and so forth.

There are a few award-winning companies to choose from. If there is one total internet security product that most experts recommend, it is Kaspersky Total Security. It’s available at different price tiers depending on the number of devices and years users can purchase a license for.


Top Rated VPN Summary: Understanding Virtual Private Networks and the Security and Services They Can Provide

People want security and privacy on the internet. Unfortunately, governments and ISPs aren’t offering that these days. The only way to truly ensure that your web sessions are private, you’ll need to use a top rated VPN from a reliable company. This way, all of your browsing history, emails, bank details, research, entertainment, etc. is all kept from prying eyes.

A downside of many VPN services is that they only give users so much bandwidth to use each day. Free virtual private network services especially have daily bandwidth limits. The free ones are also lacking in security and sometimes even keep their own logs, even if they’re not supposed to. If you want a 100% no-logs policy and as much bandwidth as possible, it’s best to invest in a top rated VPN service.

Another thing to look for is a high number of servers in as many countries around the world as possible. This way, you’ll have the ability to change your “location” as much as you want without actually having to physically be there. View content that is only accessible in another country without having to be in that country. No matter where you are in the world, you can access any content, including websites, videos, and more, in other parts of the world.

Involved in P2P sharing? Or at least like to download the occasional torrent? Some VPN companies allow P2P and some do not. Those that do usually offer some special fast servers made specifically for P2P sharing.

Research for the Top Rated VPN

When doing research, read reviews and test results of different providers. DNS-leaks are definitely something you’ll want to avoid. If any DNS leaks or IP-address leaks are reported in a review, then that VPN should be avoided. Look for services that guarantee military-grade encryption, Double VPN, and CyberSec technology. Not only will you be fully protected from ISPs and advertisers, but from hackers as well. Your devices will be extra secure when connecting at public Wi-Fi places.

Since you’re likely going to be accessing the web from a variety of PCs / Macs / Linux / iOS / Android device, make sure that you choose a virtual private network that will work on the platforms you use. Some will allow simultaneous connections with multiple devices with the purchase of one subscription.

Speaking of price, while you want something better than what a “free” VPN offers, you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money for a good one. Some of the best ones are reasonably priced.

The top rated VPN, according to most people, is NordVPN. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and it offers all of the advanced security mentioned above, as well as a high number of servers and P2P support.

Password Manager

Best Cross Platform Password Manager for Business Users: An Overview of What to Look For

Data breaches can be really huge and costly these days. Even small companies and professionals are often targeted by hackers. One of the biggest reasons for a security breach on any scale is due to carelessness with a password. Nobody likes using a different, long complex password for each and every one of their accounts, but it’s absolutely essential to do so in order to make them extremely difficult for anybody else to figure out or hack. Luckily, a solution can be found with the best cross platform password manager.

There are many password managers out there, some of which are free. However, they are often browser-based or platform-based. Not all of them are designed to work on every platform, which is something that any business user will need. Professionals do work on desktops, laptops, iPhones, Androids, etc. these days. It would be annoying for a password management tool to memorize and store passwords on one device but not on others.

Any device that can access information has the potential for unauthorized access, so it’s important to have the best security possible on all devices, and password managers definitely play a role in internet security. Typically, a password management tool will require the user create an online account and set up a strong, complex master password. Some managers can even be used to create the master password itself. It should be strong enough that nobody – including hackers with advanced tools, will be able to figure it out, yet still something that the user should be able to remember.

Best Cross Platform Password Manager Abilities

In addition to passwords, the best cross platform password manager should be able to store all sorts of user details from every account: username, email, phone number, credit card numbers, addresses, documents, and other personal information. Anything that could potentially be hacked or stolen should be kept securely in a “vault” with advanced encryption technology, which should only be accessible by the user who has the master password. Some security providers take it a step further and require a two-step authentication process. This is very useful as it adds an added layer of security by requiring the user to pass a biometric scan and then enter some type of code, which is usually either sent via text message or provided from a virtual one-time passcode generator.

What, exactly, is the best cross platform password manager for businesses? While every company has its own individual needs, Kaspersky Password Manager really offers a solution for most of those needs. It does a good job of syncing across Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Parental Control

Family Internet Monitoring Software Info: Why It’s Best to Invest in a Full Suite of Parental Controls

Tweens and teens are one of the main users of online and mobile technologies in not only North America but in many other countries. They are too young to remember a time when having a computer and smartphone was a luxury, not a necessity. Many parents set the wrong example by spending too much time looking at their own screens. In order to ensure that your children have healthier habits, and that you do not influence them unintentionally, the best thing to do is invest in family internet monitoring software.

Another concern of parents is the types of individuals and the amount of inappropriate content they can become exposed to. There are too many sites and videos about hate, racism, pornography, violence, and so forth. It’s also imperative that you protect your children from any predators who might try exploiting them. It really does happen.

There are many types of family internet monitoring tools and programs. It’s better to go with a full suite that is comprehensive in the services it offers. It is not enough to install a filter or two, or to simply rely on the free parental control features that come built-in with operating systems and browsers. These free, simple tools can only help so much, and there is a chance your kid is tech-savvy enough to figure out how to get around it all.

Family Internet Monitoring Software is a Good Investment

Investing in a full suite of parental controls is your best option. Comprehensive protection does not have to cost a fortune. There are some great programs that are very affordable. Some of them offer family internet monitoring across all devices in the household, from laptops and desktops to everyone’s phone and personal tablet. You only have to pay one subscription price to install the apps on multiple devices.

If you have more than one child at different ages, you can create a profile for each child and determine what kinds of websites and video content you want to block each child from viewing, depending on their age and developmental behavior. You can also set limits on how long each child is allowed to spend on their computer or smartphone each day. This will help teach them the importance of time management. Give them extra time to spend online as a reward for good behavior. Also, you can even use family internet monitoring tools for yourself so that you won’t get distracted and stay on your own smartphone / laptop longer than you should. Whenever you do have to look at a screen in front of your kids, explain to them why (replying to an important text from a relative, reading breaking news, work-related stuff, etc.)

Out of all of the family internet monitoring programs out there, which one is the best? One you might really want to consider starting with is Norton Family Premier. It’s an award winning software that comes with “video supervision”, “mobile app supervision”, “social network supervision”, “location monitoring”, and many more essential tools.