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Back Up All Your Files and Life Easily for a Great Price

Imagine this: you have collected pictures and videos of your family for years. All your work-related files are on your computer. Everything goes well until one day disaster strikes: your hard drive dies. The lab says it’s beyond repair. All these files are gone forever. The loss is priceless.

This may sound like a scare, but it happens more often than you think. Hard drives die everyday, often without notice. They take all your precious files with them with no ability to restore. Everything you work for is at risk right now.

You Can Avoid This Risk

The risk of losing all your data is unnecessary. Digital files can be easily duplicated and backed up. You can easily save all your files to a remote location to be kept safely away from your computer. If something happens to your hard drive, an exact copy will be ready for you.

Backups will let you sleep at night, especially if you have priceless files on your computer. You will be able to work as usual while knowing that your work and life are completely safe.

Yes! I Want That!

Great! That’s easy. Just join Backblaze and enjoy a great backup with minimal cost.

Why Backblaze?

  • Security – your files will be encrypted on your computer and sent encrypted to Backblaze. No one will be able to open them except you. Even rogue Backblaze employees will not have access to your precious and private files.
  • Ease of use – starting and scheduling your backup is very easy. Just follow a set of very simple instructions and your computer is safe.
  • Speed – Backblaze uses a high-speed connection to make sure your files are backed up and downloaded quickly.

What are you waiting for? Get your backup going now!

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