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Protect Your Children, Limit Screen Time, And Save Their Phones With The #1 Child Safety App

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Modern times provide great access to information. You can find everything you need and want online without any effort. However, this comes at a cost – children have access to this information too. Sometimes, it’s information you don’t want them to read or view. Not everything is children-friendly, and as parents we want to make sure our kids are safe.

What You Did Wrong So Far – And How We’ll Make It RIGHT and FAST

Until now, you looked up parental control apps, read reviews, and tried to understand which one is best for you. Because of that, your mind is now flooded with useless data and information that gets you nowhere. Which program will prevent you kids from watching porn? Which program will allow you to limit their screen time so they don’t get addicted? Is there any program that allows you to choose specific contacts? It’s hard to tell from all those long and boring reviews. However, we have a totally different approach.

We save you the time. We read reviews, checked out exactly what each program offers, and found out what actual users say about them. Even more – we even went ahead and tried them. After all, we can’t recommend anything without knowing how it works. With all this work, it became clear that one program stands above all others with its offer, the one you should seriously consider.

Can’t Wait? Get The Best Parental Control App Now

So, Which App Is This?

This one:

Bitdefender Family Pack

This is the Bitdefender Family Pack. It contains all the protection capabilities of Bitdefender Total Security (the most complete defense program of Bitdefender) and allows you to protect up to 15 devices for a ridiculously low price. If you want, you can even get it for a more than one year (two- or even three-year subscriptions) and lower the price per device per year.

Looking For Alternatives? These Are The Top 3 Parental Control and Security Choices

Here are our top 3 choices when it comes to parental controls and security. Each of them will give you peace of mind when your kids are online.

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Norton Family PremierBitdefender Family PackQustodio

Value for Money


Best Value


Antivirus and Device Protection

Mobile Phone Support

* Partial

GPS Tracking

Limit Screen Time

Monitor Calls, Texts, and Social Media

Limit Bad Websites and Apps


$49.99/Unlimited devices


$49.99/15 devices
or $3.33/device

$54.95/5 devices
or $10.99/device

Get This App

Get This App

Get This App

The Unbelievable Ways This App Helps You

This program offers everything you need to keep your children safe online. From anything. This is only a partial list of the ways this app will protect your kids:

Content Monitoring

Kids like to break boundaries. Sometimes they encounter an adult site, photo, or video by accident, but other times it’s intentional. Blocking that options makes sure that the internet becomes a safe place for your kids to learn about what YOU think they should know. Don’t let an innocent search turn into a trauma.

Screen Time Limits

Addictions to monitors is a serious problem these days. Children and teens are glued to their phones and tablets with no way to separate them. This program allows you to block their device at certain times or limit the time they can use it. Unless they need to make an emergency call, the screen will remain locked and they can focus on their homework or family time.

Prevent Unwanted Calls

One of the scariest thoughts about giving a phone to kids is the possibility that someone with bad intentions will contact them. Using this app allows you to specify exactly who may call your children and which calls they’re allowed to make. Your kids don’t need to contact anyone but their family and others you’ve met and agreed to.

Anti-virus, Anti-malware, and Anti-ransomware

It’s not only a parental control program, it’s also an anti-virus. And a good one. Some say the best. You can install it even on your own computer to be protected from all kinds of internet harm. It’s especially important for kids who may not know what they’re downloading. Better be safe than to repair the phone because it was infected by a virus.

Not Convinced? Read What Actual Users Are Saying About This App

Bitdefender Internet Security expands Windows protection with a firewall, a spam filter, a file encryption system, and a fully functional cross-platform parental control system. At the top of the line sits Bitdefender Total Security.

– PCMag.com

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 is the best antivirus software for computers running Windows 10. It found 99 percent of the malware threats we used during our protection tests and earned perfect or near-perfect scores in other test lab results

– TopTenReviews.com

I’ve tried every possible paid security option possible and this is the best one available. It is the highest rated year after year for security options. But is the only one that has never stopped working on Mac or had any issues just let it turn itself on at startup and it works every time. Also I have it installed on android and windows and haven’t had any issues with it. Whereas with other products they either stop working or malfunction and support only amounts to uninstall and reinstall or we will get back to.

– Robert Hanson, verified Amazon customer

I’ve been using Bitdefender for years, and since switching, have never had a virus problem, and I’ve been somewhat sloppy in the places I search and the things I download.

– Doctor Benway, verified Amazon customer

Protect Your Kids Now

Your Kids May Be Exposed To These Risks, and You Don’t Even Know About It


Besides disturbing websites, online predators have easy access to children while using the web. People online may not be who they claim to be, and your kids can communicate with unwanted people. It’s very easy to pretend to be someone else online, and your kids may agree to meet someone who isn’t who he claims to be.


Not only criminals are a threat – even other kids from school can be a problem. Over one third of teens have experienced cyberbullying, which is just as bad as offline bullying, and if you have teens you know – they don’t share. Kids who experience bullying may develop deep psychological issues later in life if it doesn’t stop quickly.

Sexual Content

Even more worrying, almost one third of all kids have sent or received sexual messages, even at a very young age. This once again relates to cyber-criminals who may be behind these messages. There is no reason for 12-year-olds to see messages like this.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Time Kids Spend Online

Being online is addictive. It has been studied over and over, and any parent can say that kids just love their tablets, phones, and computers. Children as little as 5 years old spend more than 4 hours looking at their monitors, and teens can get over 9 hours of screen use. This can seriously hurt their school performance, outside activities, and normal social interactions. They can also download some addictive games which take their time and your money.

Protect Your Children Now

Keeping Your Children Safe Online is as Easy as 1-2-3

You can keep your kids safe easily using a parental control software. These programs give you complete control on your children’s devices and allow you to monitor their messages and social media, block unwanted websites, lock the device to limit screen time, and even allow your kids to send an emergency signal.

All these allow you to keep your children safe by:

  • Preventing them from seeing unwanted websites. Young children should not be exposed to highly violent or sexual content.
  • Seeing who they interact with. If they’re talking to strangers, you can make sure they’re safe.
  • Locking their screen – increase school achievements.
  • Get an alert when they leave a safe area – see immediately when they are not where they should be.

Screen Time Monitoring Is The Tiny Little Secret That Protects Children

Children today love their phones, tablets, and PCs. Most of the time, they waste their time playing games which are highly addictive. This also limits their school activities, their interaction with you, and makes them numb and passive.

The secret is screen time monitoring. Every parental control software comes with a screen time limiting option that blocks the screen of your kids’ devices and prevents them from using it. Only you can unlock it. You can decide that they play only after homework, or get some extra time for household chores. The power is yours, and your children will be healthier and more active during the day.

What About Privacy?

We understand, privacy is a big concern, even for kids. The most important thing you must do, especially with a parental control software, is talk to your kids. Explain what you are doing and why. Build trust with them. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe. Tell them that they can talk to you about anything they want to watch, and you’ll check it out and then watch it together.

Tell them that they have your complete trust and you’ll use the program only to protect and keep them safe, not to spy. This way you will increase their confidence in you and will try less to go around your software.

Still More Questions?

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