Internet Password Organizers – Stay Safe and Never Forget a Password

Passwords are critical when it comes to internet security, but having too many of them is a huge headache. On one hand, you want passwords that are easy to remember, or you’ll have to restore them every login. On the other hand, easy-to-remember passwords are often easy-to-crack, which makes them unsafe. The worst way to handle this is use the same password to all online accounts. One compromised account can endanger your entire online identity. You need something that will help you use very strong passwords, but maintain control of them.

The Solution – Internet Password Organizer

To keep password integrity and still have access to all difficult passwords, it’s recommended to use an internet password organizer. This program generates a unique, random, and difficult password for each service you use and requires you to remember only one master password – the password that controls the program itself.

Here are our recommended password organizers. Most of them come with an internet security suite, but some are stand-alone: