Limit Your Children’s Screen Time – Apps and Programs

Computers and phones have changed the world around us. For children the change is enormous – they literally grow up with phones in their hands. The problem starts when the phone becomes the kids’ entire world.

One of the best solutions to this problem is time limit apps or programs, which usually come in a parental control software. These programs allow you to set a time limit of computer or phone use, so your child will get off the screen and do something useful, such as homework playing with friends. The best way to avoid addiction is limiting exposure.

Our Recommended Solution

We recommend using one of the following programs to limit screen time. They are all great and will protect your children:

More Benefits of Time Limit Apps

  • See where your child is – tracking features show you where the child is and alert when he or she is out of safety.
  • Get alerts for bad websites – children can’t always tell right from wrong, and this software helps you do it.
  • Just be in control – know where your child is browsing to make sure he or she is safe.

There are many great options for parental control apps, but here at Best PC Security we recommend to combine them with a security suite. These work for PCs, Android, and iOS devices, so you can protect everyone. The two best options are:

  • Qustodio – the world’s most popular parental control software and app.
  • Norton Family Premier by Symantec – a very powerful tool from the Norton family.
  • Bitdefender Family Pack – Bitdefender’s valuable program which helps you protect the computer and your children.

Both of these are great choices, so whichever you choose, it’s a good choice.