Recommended Antivirus for Laptops

When you have a laptop, it’s important to protect it from malware and other bad programs. There are many “bad guys” out there that want your laptop’s resources and data, and you need to protect yourself from them.

Our Recommendations

Here at Best PC Security we believe that you should have the strongest protection possible. Free antivirus programs are readily available, but they are only good if you are sophisticated enough to avoid dangerous behavior and also THE ONLY USER of your laptop. If your laptop is used by others which are less computer-savvy or just want to protect everyone in your household, we recommend a stronger antivirus solution which also comes with support.

Total Security Suites

These security suites offer everything – from online protection to computer maintenance.

Internet Security

Total Security suites offer the best protection possible

Internet Security Suites

These suites only protect from online threats, but contain much more than just an antivirus.

Just Antivirus

These packages offer just an antivirus program, but a much more powerful one than the free version.