Password Manager

Family Password Manager Overview: Understanding the Need for a Premium Password Management Solution & Tips for Choosing

The growing number of devices and computes in every household is adding to the complexity of password security. It is becoming more difficult to manage not only your own passwords, but to help you kids manage theirs as well. Even if you have teenagers and don’t want to be a snooping type of parent, you should still provide them a way to store and manage their own passwords securely and safely. Also, what about the accounts you share with your spouse? All of this can be taken care of if you choose a family password manager.

These are neat, multi-platform programs that store all passwords, usernames, emails, and other account details. They also help generate new, complicated passwords and save them for you so you won’t have to remember them all. It will require a premium account in most instances if you want everyone in the family to be able to create their own digital “wallet” or “vault” in which they can store their own private details.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a password management solution:

• The option to save and store all login details – either as a family or individually – in a secure place.
• The ability to create unique, strong passwords for each and every account including new ones.
• The option store safely store personal and financial information.
• Synchronization of account details across all devices and platforms.
• A notification if any one of your passwords has been compromised.
• Easy access for each individual member of all his / her accounts on computers as well as mobile devices.
• A guarantee that all passwords and personal information is stored in a cyber vault with an extremely high level of encryption.
• The ability to create a “master password” to protect data even more.

Family Password Manager Safety

How can you trust that all of your family’s accounts really are stored in a safe place? They usually have military-grade encryption and AES-256 protocols and two-factor authentication (such as the “master password” and “master key” as well as fingerprint scanning on compatible devices).

Keep in mind that – with the right family password manager solution – the “master password” won’t have to be the same on every device. This gives your family members more privacy since they can create their own master password to access their own accounts.

Ultimately, you should stick with the biggest names in cyber security when it comes to anything involving online privacy – including passwords and account management. Avast is one of those big names that most people can rely on. Avast Passwords is compatible with all devices and platforms and is a good choice for a family password manager.