Online Backup Storage Info: Why Consider Investing in a Quality Computer Backup Service?

Even if you consider yourself to be the most careful person in the world, there could always be some unforeseen force that causes your computer or phone to be destroyed or lost forever. While it would be nice to have your most important files backed up somewhere on the cloud or on an external hard drive, you can’t save everything – including your OS and all of your settings – on a regular, free online cloud solution. The best option is to upgrade to a premium online backup storage service so that EVERYTHING can be backed up without any limitations.

Cloud storage is used by every company these days. Even your scores on game apps are saved in the cloud, so that if you reinstall the same game on a different device, your progress is still saved. Businesses are all using professional storage services as well.

The problem with the average service that most people use for free or cheap is that only the folders and files you put into the cloud for syncing will be available for recovery. Those files you didn’t put into the cloud will not be recoverable. There is usually a limit on the size of the data as well.

Online Backup Storage Software Operation

The better services for online backup storage typically work in the background and automatically back everything up. The user does not necessarily have to take much action – if any at all – when it comes to setting up specific folders. The service will automatically keep track of all of the changes, updates, and deletions you make. Some will even go so far as to offer you the option to retrieve files that you deleted, for a period of up to 30 days or so.

If you have a Mac, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Apple’s basic backup options are enough. You still might want to invest in a better storage and backup solution with advanced features. Whether you need help backing up just a few PCs / Macs or several servers, it’s important to choose a comprehensive storage plan that includes automatic syncing and no size limits on the data.

Customer support is obviously among the most important considerations with any type of online service. Does the company you’re interested in offer plenty of useful resources, FAQs, and customer / tech support options? Live chat is always a plus.

There is one online backup storage company that offers a lot of benefits to home users, businesses, and enterprises, and that is Backblaze. Reviews for this company are overwhelmingly positive.