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App to Limit Phone Time for Families: Why Use This Kind of Tool? What Else Should You Look For?

People are spending way too much time on their phones these days. It’s not just kids, but adults as well. It’s hard for families to spend quality time together when everyone has mobile screens in front of their faces. In order to start developing better habits for everyone, including yourself, your spouse and your kids, you might want to get an app to limit phone time.

Device addiction is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in most societies around the world. Even people in their early 20s barely remember a time when mobile phones weren’t an important part of our day to day lives. If you’re old enough to remember a time when families spent more quality time together and kids could go outside and play and get exercise, then you can set better examples for your kids by limiting their screen time.

Do this with a parental control program that includes support for mobile devices. Parents can control everyone’s usage by setting time limitations and scheduling “off times”. Do the same for yourself as well so your kids won’t accuse you of being unfair. Encourage the family to enjoy dinner together the old fashioned way, or go for an outing during the weekends. After school, limit your kids’ screen time so that they can do homework. Reward them with screen time for finishing their homework and displaying good behavior.

App to Limit Phone Time With the Right Software

It really is that simple, just as long as you use the right software. There are a lot of companies that claim to offer the best “app to limit phone time”, but not all of them are all that great. Some come with additional features that allow you to better protect your kids from potential dangers commonly found online. Screen time management is usually one feature found in a suite for parental control tools, that allow parents to also filter content, monitor or even block certain apps, monitor their kids’ social media profiles, and even track locations.

The location tracking is one of the most important tools any parent could have. With a location tracking tool running your child’s Android or iOS device, you can track the phone location if your child loses it, or track your child if he or she doesn’t return your calls to find out if he/she is in a possibly dangerous area. A “Panic Button” is a nice safety feature too.

Whether you need these extra features or just want an app to limit phone time for yourself or entire family, Qustodio is the app to use. Qustodio Parental Control has some basic features for free, with the option to upgrade to the Premium version with a lot of extra tools.

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