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Avast Anti Theft Overview of a Must-Have Security App for Your Mobile Devices

Theft is probably the worst possible thing that can happen to your device. If someone steals your smartphone or tablet, they could end up stealing your identity. There are a number of security apps, but none besides Avast Anti Theft offer the comprehensive protection your mobile device really needs. This is a feature included in Avast’s Mobile Security suite, and can be configured to automatically perform certain actions, such as sounding an alarm if an un-trusted SIM card is ever detected.

The web portal allows you to remotely locate, lock, or even wipe your smartphone. The siren mechanism is even triggered when the device is locked. Any thief will be taken aback by the loud alarm, and you can even upload your own sound file to use as the alarm. If the thief tries to silence it, the siren will revert to maximum volume. Another feature is the list of trusted SIM cards. A “white list” of approved cards can be established, which means that the theft siren won’t be triggered in the event that any of these cards are used.

You WILL be notified when an unauthorized SIM card is inserted, and you’ll have the option to lock and wipe the phone remotely to ensure that the thief won’t be able to access anything. The Remote Locator will locate the device via Wi-Fi, GPS, or mobile network for maximum accuracy.

More Benefits of Avast Anti Theft

Avast Anti Theft allows you to create groups of people and set times for which you want them to be blocked. For instance, you can put your boss and co-workers together in a list and set the phone to block all of their calls between 6 PM and 6 AM. If you receive a phone call or text message from a number that isn’t in your contact list, Avast will automatically give you the option of whether or not you want to block them. Blocked calls and blocked text messages are logged.

Here are a few other nice features offered by Avast Anti Theft:

• Low battery notification – the phone sends the notification to one of your secondary devices
• SMS command rebooting – the rooted phone can be locked by requesting the PIN code for the SIM card
• Remote settings change – any or all of the security settings can be changed remotely
• Messaging the screen – you can send a customized message to the device display, regardless of whether or not the device is locked
• App Manager remote locking – this allows you to remotely lock the settings and/or App Manager

There are many great reasons to use the Avast Anti Theft app.

There are over 100 million installs of this app, as well as other mobile security software offered by Avast. In addition to Avast Anti Theft, the company offers an array of anti-virus and anti-ransomware software – not just for mobile devices, but for PCs as well. Be sure to use Avast coupon codes to help you get a good deal on privacy and anti-theft products.

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