Best Antivirus for Mac Info – Do You Need an Antivirus Program for Your Mac? Which Should You Choose?

It’s a myth that Macs don’t get viruses. While they’re not as targeted as much as Windows computers, they are still vulnerable to security threats. This is especially true for Mac used in business environments, and for individuals who are privy to a lot of private information. It’s not only viruses that could potentially be a threat; there are Trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, phishing, and other dangerous wares. That said, what IS the best antivirus for Mac?

You need to carefully consider which program to get because many of them have a bad reputation of low performance where Macs are concerned. Go with an antivirus that doesn’t have many system requirements. Even if your Mac machine is new and has all of the most powerful hardware, it’s still important that you choose a program that gets a lot of positive reviews for its performance. The best antivirus for Mac will be one that has won awards for its low impact on computer performance, such as from AV Comparatives, which is the best independent tester of security products.

The program you choose should also be easy to download and setup. Installation should be as easy as clicking on a “Download” button and following a straightforward process. There should be a confirmation screen once the installation process is complete. It is highly recommended that you uninstall any other antivirus or security product from your Mac before trying a new one.

Some programs are available as a free version and pro version. The free version is enough for most home Mac users, but business users might want to opt for a pro security suite that includes additional protection such as Wi-Fi security and ransomware shields.

Why You Need the Best Antivirus for Mac

Many Mac users fall into the trap of believing that since there are no known viruses targeting them specifically, that they are safe from attacks. The problem with Mac OS and iOS is that they are loaded with applications, some of which are third party and have security issues that make them vulnerable to various attacks.

Unfortunately, Mac malware is on the rise. There have been some huge threats in recent years, like the spyware FruitFly, Mac Sweeper (Scareware), KeRanger (ransomware), and so forth. There is also OSX.Proton, which is a still-active spyware that infects as an indirect Trojan (3rd party distributor).

The best way to combat any type of threat is to be security-conscious and extremely careful in the first place. However, it helps to have a good security program. A free antivirus program will probably be enough if you are a private user and only need protection for one Mac. However, if you conduct business with your Mac, even if it’s with Windows users, you might want to go all the way with the pro version.

What is the best antivirus for Mac? The best program to consider, whether you want a free version or pro, is Avast for Mac. It’s won numerous awards and is highly rated by many users.

You can try it for free – Avast for Mac is available as a free antivirus. However, if you want the best antivirus for Mac, you might want to upgrade to the pro version. Just use Avast Security promo codes to help you save a lot of money.

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