Best Cloud Backup Services for PC and Business Users: What Features to Look for in a Backup Solution

Whether it’s your home PC or business computer, backups are extremely important. Depending on the steps you take to secure not only your computer but your other devices, there still might be a risk of data loss from ransomware, hard drive failure, house or office fire, theft, and any other threat that delete, destroy, or remove your access to your own personal information, data, or business details. The only real, foolproof way to protect everything is to opt for the best cloud backup solution.

The most secure, reliable cloud backup services obviously aren’t going to be for free. However, it is an investment that will potentially help you save a lot of money and hardship in the future. Luckily, there are usually different levels of protection and services so the pricing varies. You should be able to find the solution that best fits your data and backup needs without spending more money than what is necessary.

What, exactly, should you be looking for? When selecting a service, always read the company’s website and familiarize yourself as much as possible with its data security and privacy policies. It should provide regular backups that give users access to their own data at any moment, as well as the ability to check and monitor how your solution is working.

Even if you’re a personal user who just wants to back up your own computer and/or smartphone, you should receive benefits such as being able to file share files you backed up (if you need to), receiving notifications of your backup status, the option to schedule backups or allow for automatic backups, setting your own upload limit or stick with auto threading / throttling, and so forth.

Best Cloud Backup Physical Drives

The best cloud backup company will always have physical drives (USB / flash / external hard drive) available for you to order with superfast shipping in the event that something happens to your own drive while you are traveling.

The best cloud backup will offer software that is easy to install on Mac or Windows. Ideally, you should just have to enter account information; the company will take care of the rest. All of the files will automatically be updated each time they are edited. New files will be added automatically.

If you’re looking for a business cloud backup solution, look for a company that offers packages to businesses of all sizes, and pricing that is affordable for that particular package and business size.

What is the best cloud backup for businesses and personal users? Whatever it is you need, there is a very high chance Backblaze offers it. It’s consistent with its innovative technology and quality services, and its security is next-to-none. Try free Backblaze for 15 days to decide if it’s right for you.

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