Best Cloud Backup Solution: Tips on Choosing the Best Security and Solution for Your Business Backup Needs

If you are involved in a business and want to back up all of your data to the cloud, then you need to choose a professional service. One of the best practices for physically backing up and storing business data is to keep at least two full copies of everything on separate physical devices. However, you need to make sure that the data is kept in sync across those different devices, and you will need to sign up for the best cloud backup solution in order to do that.

Also, another smart thing to do is to store a third copy of data at an offline location, preferably in a place where it will be as protected as possible from fire, theft, flooding, or any other potential dangers and hazards. A cloud service provider for businesses will offer that as part of its solution.

Which company or service should you choose? Here are some tips for selecting the best cloud backup solution.

Tips for Finding the Best Cloud Backup Solution

• Security options are very important. Not only should the cloud technology feature advanced encryption (at least AES), the physical hardware should be indestructible as well. Check out the physical facilities of a cloud solution provider. Ideally, there should be data centers in multiple locations and not just at once. Those centers should be built out of the best materials, and feature biometric security, an ID checking system, badge-level access, etc.

• The back-up and integration options should match your needs. For instance, if you need to back up a server, you’ll first want to determine which cloud would be the best choice. B2 is a good option that fits most needs. This kind of technology even allows for old LTO technology to be moved onto the cloud. Look at all of the networking and workstation solutions a cloud solution is compatible with so that everything can be integrated seamlessly.

• Access for other clients. The best cloud backup solution will provide you with the ideal amount of control and flexibility in regards to who all else will be allows to access the data and how they will be able to do so. Also, is it compatible across different devices and operating systems? Do you just want a desktop-based solution or web / mobile based?

• Obviously, you’ll want to look into cost. There are two primary costs when it comes to business cloud backup solutions: the amount per gigabyte of storage and download.

What is the best cloud backup solution? Backblaze is a good place to start with. It’s WAY MORE AFFORDABLE than the other big-name solutions, and comes with flexible solutions and top-notch security.

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