Best Fast VPN: Guide to Virtual Private Network Speeds, Protocols, and Server Options

There are often speed issues when it comes to VPN services. This is because it can take some time to encrypt data while it travels through the tunnels. You might not notice this difference when doing basic things like browsing and sending emails, but you’ll likely notice if you try to stream videos, play games, or take part in some P2P torrenting. In order to avoid speed issues, it’s best to try and find the best fast VPN for your needs.

Server location plays a role in speed. The further your information has to travel to and from the server, the slower the connection will be. This is why you must look for a virtual private network provider that offers a high number of servers in as many countries as possible. Also, your line speed and your own internet plan can affect internet speed.

There is also stability. No matter how fast a VPN connection is, it’s not going to do you much good if it lacks stability and you keep getting kicked off. While every company will have a bad day, or just a few bad hours, there are some that are far more stable than others. Check and see if there are any servers dedicated specifically for a certain type of activity, such as P2P or Netflix, and that only users who want to do those things are allowed to connect to those servers. Most resources are used for those servers to ensure that they achieve the fastest speeds possible.

Offers of the Best Fast VPN

The best fast VPN will offer you the choice to switch to UDP instead of TCP (protocols). TCP is sometimes set as default with certain operating systems. It is often faster than UDP, so check that it is the one you are using. On mobile devices, however, it might be ideal to use the IKEv2protocol if it is available, as it is faster on Android and iOS applications.

Avoid using Tor VPN servers unless you absolutely need to, as the Tor network is often slow and the VPN connections to them can also be slow as a result.

Security should never be compromised for the sake of speed. For instance, PPTP is a very fast protocol, but it is not very secure and will not give you the privacy you may require. Only use it if it is available and you are doing something that doesn’t require as much privacy.

When it comes down to it, one way to find the best fast VPN is to use free trials. ProtonVPN is a good company to start with as it offers different levels of service at different prices. Even its “Basic” plan promises fast connections, although you would only be able to use it on two devices. If possible, use ProtonVPN promo codes to help you get a good deal on the Plus plan or Visionary.

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