Best Rated VPN Service Guide: Why a Paid Service is Essential and What Features to Look For

Since there are literally 300+ VPN providers and services out there, free and paid, it can be hard to figure out which one to use. On the surface many of them look similar and offer similar features, but they are by far not equal. There are some worth invest in and some that are not worth using at all –including the free ones. Since this kind of infrastructure requires money to run, you won’t get the best rated VPN service with a free program.

Not only will it be slow, there is no guarantee that your connection will truly be secure and anonymous and that your sessions won’t be logged and sold to advertisers. The companies that offer “free VPN” have to get their money somehow. If they don’t get it upfront via a payment plan, they might use underhanded tactics.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay a pretty penny for quality virtual private network services, or even pay upfront. Some of the better providers DO offer free trial versions as well as affordable rates.

Here are a few things to look for:

• A service that has been thoroughly tested and reviewed, and has passed tests with no leaks found.
• Support for the OpenVPN protocol and the strongest encryption standards.
• A company that has been around for a while that has a good reputation.
• A money-back guarantee offer.
• The ability to connect multiple devices with a single, affordable plan.
• Strict no-logs policy.
• As many servers as possible in a wide variety of cities regions around the world.

More Reasons to Join the Best Rated VPN Service

Another reason to make sure you sign up with the best rated VPN service is that it will protect you from hackers and other potential dangers on the internet. Your connection will be secure and hack-proof via an encrypted tunnel. No person or entity can see through the tunnel or ever get a hold of your data or track you in any way.

A high number of servers means that the connection will be faster. The problem many people have with a VPN server it that it can be slow. However, if a provider offers a huge number of servers in a wide range of countries you can connect to, the faster you can expect the connection to be. This is because there will be fewer users connected to a server at any given time, as there are many others to choose from.

Another reason to go with a paid program is because you will have unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can stay connected as much as you want and even use P2P programs or stream multimedia.

So, what IS the best rated VPN service? Many experts and reviewers agree that it is NordVPN. It offers the top-notch security, 5,000+ servers, 30-day money back guarantee, and more. You can even get it at an affordable price with NordVPN promo codes.

If you want unlimited bandwidth, 100% secured encryption, fast connections, and a strict no-log policy, then you’ll need the best rated VPN service. Coupons make it easy to save on NordVPN. Reviews for this service are overwhelmingly positive.

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