Best US VPN Service Guide: Servers, Policies, Security, and Other Important Things to Look For

Unfortunately, some of the so-called “best VPN” services can’t be fully trusted. Their policies aren’t transparent and their “logging / tracking policy” is vague. Since the US is one of the leading sources of global entertainment, main VPN users, both US citizens and people elsewhere in the world want a US IP address. Whatever you want to use it for, take the time to read the tracking policies and security features of any company that claims to be the “best US VPN service”.

Keep in mind the best VPN service for the US doesn’t necessarily have to originate in the US. In fact, some of the best providers are based in other countries. What they should do is offer a good quality of servers to choose from in all of the major cities in as many states as possible. Check a provider’s site to see if there is a list of servers. The servers should also offer fast connections. While virtual private network connections tend to never be as fast as regular connections with your ISP, this doesn’t mean that a VPN connection has to be slow.

Strong encryption is extremely important. By default, there should be 128-bit AES encryption or greater. You might get an ad blocker and protection from malicious websites. However, ad blocker features are usually not available on Android devices (although you can still use VPN apps on Android) due to Google’s policies.

Cyber Security Protection With the Best US VPN Service

“CyberSec” protection, when turned on, will keep the device or PC safe from DDoS attacks. CyberSec will also prevent your computer or any other device from participating in a “botnet” army. DNS leak protection is another essential feature to look for. Read reviews to see if there are any complaints about any DNS leaks before deciding on a particular VPN service.

The idea of being connected via a virtual private network is that all traffic is routed through the VPN “tunnel” and that there are never any leaks. The traffic originating from your PC or phone is routed through the network (including DNS requests) straight to the VPN service’s DNS servers instead of the ISP’s servers.

Customer service is always a vital part of any internet service, and it’s the same with VPN providers. Choose a company that guarantees assistance 24/7, whether you need to contact someone directly or simply wish to find answers in the “Help Center”.

What is the best US VPN service? If you’ve been looking around, you’ve probably seen a lot of NordVPN reviews. It’s the highest rated option by most people. NordVPN offers award-winning customer service, thousands of servers, DNS-leak protection, and advanced security.

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