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Parental Control Apps Tips – How to Monitor and Control Your Child’s Mobile Phone and Tablet Use

Parents always want to know what their kids are up to – especially if it’s something that could potentially be dangerous. Even if you want to give your children some freedom, you’ll still want to protect them from seeing certain websites or talking to strangers on social media. Reasons such as these are why parental control apps are gaining in popularity.

These apps provider tools and services that allow parents to monitor or even control the content that their children can access on their tablets and phones. With filtering tools, you can automatically censor certain types of content that you don’t want your child to see. Simply create a “profile” for each child with information such as age, and you’ll get a list of topics that might be unsuitable for a child of that age. In addition to pornography, parents generally don’t want their child to see content that could be considered hateful, racist, or violent.

There are also tools that allow parents to monitor what children are up to. How much of this you want to view is up to you, as some parents do want to respect their child’s privacy. With some parental control apps, there is a monitoring algorithm, which will automatically send an alert to the parents’ mobile device or email should there be any questionable activity. The number of profiles you can create for your children, and the types of monitoring and communication methods vary from one program to the next.

How can you access the information? The parental control app you use will likely provide a centralized location featuring all of the tools and settings. Go with an app that is easy and straightforward to use. Read reviews to find out what other parents are saying.

Treating Screen-Addiction With Parental Control Apps

If you are concerned that your kid may be getting “addicted” to their tablet or smartphone, some apps will actually allow you to manage their app use and screen time. Limit the number of hours per day the can use their device. This will help them develop healthier habits.

Another neat feature that many parents find very useful is the ability to get an overview of their children’s social media activities. You can receive alert every time they have a new friend on Facebook, and view their public activities.

Perhaps the most important feature to look for in parental control apps is the GPS tracker. Whenever your teenager is gone past curfew, you can check and see where they are at, or view a report of where they have been at various points of the day.

Out of all parental control apps, which should you choose? Kaspersky Safe Kids tends to get a lot of positive reviews, and it offers all of the aforementioned features. It’s available at a reasonable price, and you can save money by using Kaspersky discount codes.

Since it’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can install Kaspersky Safe Kids on all of your family’s phones. Be sure to look for Kaspersky coupons first so that you can get it and other security tools at a lower price. It’s definitely one of the best parental control apps.

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Kaspersky Total Security for Android Review – Why is this the Best Security / Protection Suite for Mobile Devices?

Think of all of the important information stored on your tablets and phones. Everything from your social media account to family photo albums requires protection. If you’re involved in business, there will likely be critical company data stored on those devices as well. What if you ever lose your Android device, or someone manages to hack into it? The best way to protect everything is with Kaspersky Total Security for Android.

The Total Security package offers a lot more than the Internet Security and Antivirus packages. You can expect premium protection for all of the sensitive information on your Android phones. You can order it online through the website or via Google Play. Choose between a one-year and two-year subscription for your Android device.

Kaspersky does a good job of stopping threats, no matter which web browser you use. The technology will detect malicious files and stop them before they download and start attacking your device. It gets a high rating for its detection capabilities by all of the leading independent antivirus labs. You can do manual scanning of apps whenever you need to, and allow automatic scanning for the rest of the time.

In addition to virus protection, Kaspersky Total Security for Android also offers features like parental controls, anti-phishing technology, and call / texting filtering, which is highly flexible. Tablets and smartphones aren’t the only devices you can protect, either. Total Security also offers support for Android Wear products, which simplifies overall security management.

Digital Dangers Without Kaspersky Total Security for Android

You won’t have to worry about digital dangers, including malware and ransomware attacks. It performs in a way that doesn’t interfere with operation. Your device won’t slow down at all, as Kaspersky runs quietly and efficiently in the background.

Keep your details away from the prying eyes of relatives, friends, and co-workers with the Confidentiality feature. Use it to lock key apps with a special code. While you’re at it, you can hide texts, logs, and calls from nosy people.

Don’t worry if you ever have to reset the device. Even if you install the app again, the program key will still work, as long as there is still time left on your subscription. The whole program is easy to setup and use. There are many user-friendly features, so that even a beginner will be able to figure everything out.

Kaspersky Total Security for Android isn’t just any ordinary program. It’s nicely designed and offers good, award-winning technology. Even though Androids do tend to be relatively safe on their own, it always helps to have that extra protection. Get it today and start protecting your digital life.

The company offers a variety of free tools to help you get started. Once you get the hang of things, it will be time to use coupons and promo codes on Kaspersky Total Security for Android. These deals will help you save on your subscription.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Computer Security Tips – How Can You Choose the Right Protection for Your Home PC or Business?

Should you invest in a comprehensive computer security program or do free antivirus and anti-malware tools provide enough protection? A lot of experts these days really recommend all-inclusive protection, as the free tools can only protect you so much. Plus, they usually come with annoying ads and slow the system down.

The good news is that most Pro security suites are available as a free trial, so you can try them out before deciding whether or not it would be worth it to make the purchase.

If you’re a business user, you’ll definitely need more than a free antivirus product. You’ll need good firewall protection, ransomware protection, server security, endpoint protection, internet gateway protection, data encryption, and so forth. The ideal security solution will offer management and troubleshooting assistance whenever your company needs it.

For home users, the best solution is somewhere in the middle. Free antivirus programs usually aren’t enough and business-level security is too much. You’ll need protection for social media, email and web threats. A good computer security solution should include a module that will protect you from websites with malicious content. It’s always better to deal with viruses and malware in the browser than to have to eliminate it when it reaches the computer.

If you do most or all of your finances online and love to shop at online stores, financial protection is an essential feature of a computer security program. Keep your money, bank details, address, and other private information safe and protected at all times, so that you can make financial transactions with multiple layers of protection.

User-Friendliness as Part of Computer Security Programs

Another important consideration is user-friendliness. Users should be able to manage their security from anywhere through their account. All of the configuration options should be presented in a straightforward manner. There should be no problems navigating through the interface. Computer security will be a waste of money if you can’t even figure out how to use it. If there is any setting you do not understand, there should be presentation available that will explain what it’s for and how it can be used.

While many users are beginners and trust in the default settings, there are some who want complete control of the configuration. An ideal program will offer both ease-of-use for less experienced users and the ability to control the configurations with more advanced users.

Read computer security product reviews by other users AND independent lab testing companies to get an idea of how both the average user and experts view it. One company in particular that gets a lot of high ratings by organizations like AV-Comparatives and AV-TESTS is Kaspersky. The company offers total security solutions and affordable antivirus subscriptions for home users and businesses of all sizes.

Use Kaspersky Lab coupons on the product you think will be best suited for your needs, whether you have business security requirements or simply need extra layers of protection for your home PC. Since there are so many positive Kaspersky reviews, you cannot go wrong with its computer security discount offers.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Best Internet Security for Windows 10 Overview – What Kind of Protection Does Every Home User Need?

Cyber threats these days don’t really come as traditional viruses. It’s all about making money, which means cyber criminals will focus on things like phishing scams and ransomware. Data stealing Trojans are what the average computer user should be concerned about. Protecting your personal and financial information is why you need the best internet security for Windows 10. If any information is compromised, you could end up as a victim of ransomware or identity theft.

While a basic antivirus program is very helpful, it isn’t always enough for many users. Built-in Windows 10 security can only do so much to protect you from advanced threats. And don’t think for a second that only wealthy people and corporations have to worry about advanced threats – anybody with a Windows 10 PC has to be careful. Hackers will go after anybody they can.

It’s best to pay a bit more for better protection. Go with a program that protects you from things like rootkits, adware, spyware, phishing attempts, and so forth. Read test results from independent labs for an idea of what the best internet security programs are capable of. Invest in quality software with an extremely high detection rate.

Do you need big-business level protection for a home PC? Of course not. However, you still need something more advanced than the free basic stuff that Windows 10 comes with – including a better firewall. Before installing a program, read the system requirements. If you have a newer PC, it can probably handle most modern security software.

Resource Usage of the Best Internet Security for Windows 10

The best internet security for Windows 10 won’t use too many system resources and cause your computer to run slow. It will run efficiently in the background without causing a disruption in operation. You should be able to run your day-to-day applications without any problems. Everything should perform as it’s designed to, as a security program protects you from “behind the scenes”.

Another thing to look for is a secure shopping feature. Everybody does banking and shopping online these days. You need to know that you are 100% protected from cyber criminals. Even the security from the banking / shopping websites might not be enough. It’s better to have that extra layer of security offered by an award-winning program.

In addition to investing in the best internet security for Windows 10, you might want to consider protecting your smartphone and tablet as well. Some of the top programs, such as Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security, offer a variety of pricing plans for 3, 5, or even 10 devices. How much protection do you need?

With the availability of Kaspersky discounts, home users and businesses alike can easily afford the best internet security for Windows 10 and other operating systems. Look over exclusive internet security offers by Kaspersky Labs to see which one will be the best deal for you.

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review – Reasons Why This Virus Protection Software is One of the Best

One security program that consistently performs well in various independent tests is Kaspersky Antivirus. It has obtained perfect scores from multiple independent testing labs in areas such as phishing protection and malicious URL blocking. Users can always count on getting full-scale, 24/7 phone and live chat support. It’s definitely worth investing in if you want an antivirus tool that will detect and block all malware threats on your PC.

Kaspersky Antivirus is fairly affordable. You can protect three to five PCs with a single subscription. Pricing varies depending on if you want a one-year, two-year, or three-year subscription, for three or five PCs. If you want to protect your smartphones and other devices, you might want to consider Kaspersky Internet Security.

Regardless of which subscription you choose, you will get a good deal, since you won’t have to worry about any annoying popup ads. This is what turns many people off from the free or cheap antivirus software. Free programs simply don’t run as efficiently and smoothly as their Pro counterparts since they are bogged down with ads. Basic software also doesn’t always offer protection from spyware and phishing. You can get all of the protection you need from a variety of harmful files and scams with Kaspersky Antivirus.

Several times a day, Kaspersky Labs sends out updates to its 400 million+ users. These updates include the latest malware-definitions. The program features multiple scan-intensity settings so that a user can control the amount of intrusiveness you want from the antivirus software.

Benefits of Kaspersky Antivirus

Benefits of using this Antivirus program:

• Ease-of-use
• Affordable
• VPN options
• Online privacy
• Strong, impressive lab results
• Good performance without using too many system resources
• Virtual keyboard

Kaspersky makes improvements to its defense system all the time. The 2019 version of the software is able to detect “fileless” malware that leaves no trace on the hard drive. If you ever visit any potentially suspicious websites, Kaspersky will give you a warning, which you will have the option to either “block the site” or “continue”.

Protection can easily be togged “on” or “off” for different types of tasks, such as emails, IM, video streaming, etc. You can set Kaspersky to scan files, web traffic, incoming, outgoing IMs, and anything else you want.

Another reason why this antivirus stands out is its onscreen keyboard. You won’t have to worry about keyloggers thanks to this feature, which allows you to enter your credit card info or passwords with a peace of mind that no hackers are viewing it.

Before purchasing a subscription, you can download the free version of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Start looking at Kaspersky Antivirus promo offers before creating your account. You never know what kinds of deals are currently available. Kaspersky Labs coupons are usually very helpful for consumers and business users.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Internet Security Product Guide – What to Look for In the Ideal Smartphone / PC Security Program

Any device that connects to the internet could potentially be hacked or infected with malicious files. The only way to truly protect all of your devices and computers is with a quality internet security program. Whatever you do in your cyber life, you’ll need protection against anything from ransomware to traditional viruses.

What is a good security suite? Many companies offer them and they all claim to be the “best”.

The ideal internet security suite for you will depend on your own needs. Do you really need premium protection or will basic protection be enough? The latter should be fine as long as you only need protection for a couple of PCs in your home network, or an antivirus app for your mobile device. However, these days, many people need more than basic protection.

One of the reasons why people want to purchase product licenses for premium security products is because they those licenses tend to cover multiple installations on a wide number of devices and platforms. You can purchase licenses for your Windows PC, Mac, Apple OS device, and so forth.

Another very useful feature is the anti-theft tools that allow the user to track down the lost or stolen laptop or smartphone. Since a single device can contain so much private and personal information regarding your identity, it’s crucial that you are able to keep track of it at all times. Backup software / online storage features are nice as well since they allow you to back up important data on the cloud.

Which Internet Security Suites Are Recommended?

There are usually a couple of different products for home users and businesses. You likely won’t need as much security as a business, but you’ll still want something better than a basic antivirus program.

Speed is another important factor – many internet security programs are known to take up too much bandwidth. Read reviews on a product before purchasing to see what other users are saying about its speed. Does it slow the system down too much, or does the PC or mobile device still run efficiently? If the security suite includes a VPN, does that VPN offer a wide variety of virtual server locations? Will the connections be fast and stable?

Whichever internet security product you choose, make sure there are coupon codes that will help bring the price down, regardless of whether you order a one-year subscription for the protection of three devices or a three-year subscription for five devices. One product that is really worth looking into is Kaspersky Internet Security. It offers reliability, different payment options, good customer service, fast speeds, and more.

With Kaspersky promo codes, you can get the best protection tools for your home computer, laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc. There are different levels of protection depending on your needs. The vast majority of reviews on this internet security solution are positive with very high ratings.


Best Antivirus Guide – What the Top PC Security / Protection Software Offers

When you are shopping around for an antivirus solution, consider important factors such as performance, ease of use, system requirements, speed, and adaptive capabilities. The best antivirus program is one that will be intuitive enough to adapt to your specific system without using up all of your system resources. It should run smoothly at all times, whether you have it as a program on your computer or app on your phone.

A problem a lot of people have with certain antivirus software is that it slows down devices now only by using up all of the system resources, but by putting up annoying pop ups and ads, and even installing browser add-ons without getting clear permission. This makes them almost harmful themselves, or at the very least – highly annoying.

Many of these annoyances are found with free programs. For this reason, it’s better for most people to go with a paid protection service. Upgrading to the pro or premier version of an antivirus program doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to a lot of internet discounts and coupons.

Poor or free software doesn’t offer you protection and security when you shop online or do some banking. Many, many people pay their bills online these days. Even if the payment portal itself is secure, your computer might not be. This is where the best antivirus programs come in. They also offer phishing and scam detection tools that automatically detects websites or emails that could be potentially malicious.

Benefits of the Best Antivirus

A good program will update itself at least once a day to keep up with all of the newest threats, which literally pop up every single day. The BEST program, however, will update itself several times a day and adds malware-definition updates to its users. You should have the ability to control the amount of intrusiveness you want from the program by selecting the ideal scan-intensity scanning.

If you’re not sure which setting would be right for you, you should be provided with clear documentation on how to configure and use the antivirus program. Ease of use is a must for any type of software – especially one that is in charge of your computer or phone’s security. Should it discover any malware on your device, the process of fixing the problem should be as simplified and straightforward as possible.

If there is a “best antivirus”, it would probably be Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security. The level of protection and security you get depends on which product you choose. Kaspersky Labs has hundreds of millions of satisfied users around the world. Whether you want to protect your home computer, your entire network, or a business, there is a solution that is right for you.

While there is a free trial available, you’ll still want to use Kaspersky Labs discounts to help you save on the upgrade, whether you want the Antivirus or Internet Security. There is also Kaspersky Total Security, which is the best antivirus for businesses.

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Kaspersky Secure Connection Review – Comparing the Free Version and Premium Version & All of the Features

There are so many internet users interested in virtual private networks these days, so it’s not surprising that all of the leading security companies are trying to introduce VPN services. Not all of them are worth the money. If you are looking for a good service, you might want to consider Kaspersky Secure Connection, as it allows you to choose from a high number of servers from around the world, and offers connections for up to 5 devices. All of the data sent and received from those devices will be encrypted and kept safe.

You can access websites and content in any region or country without being traced. The great thing about Secure Connection is that it won’t keep any logs of what you are doing or which websites you visit.

Choose between Basic Protection (Free), Monthly Premium Prescription, or Annual Premium Prescription. You still get a lot with the Free account, including a 200MB data allowance per day. However, the virtual location is automatically selected for you. This might not be a big deal if you just want a VPN on occasion, but if you want to use the private connection often, you might want control over which server to use.

With a Premium account, get a 300MB daily data allowance, and a wide range of countries and regions from which you can choose.

There is some concern about Kaspersky since it’s thought to be under the Russian Federation, but this VPN service is provided by AnchorFree, which is actually a US-based organization that has a no-logging policy. More details are provided in the fine print.

Additional Clients in Kaspersky Secure Connection

Want to connect with more than just your laptop or desktop? Kaspersky Secure Connection offers clients for Mac, iOS, Android, and macOS, in addition to Windows. For Premium users, a new, patented “Adaptive Security” technology keeps you safe. It removes pop-up ads, helps you prevent data leaks, and delivers personalized tips and security alerts on what you can do to stay safer. When you are on a mobile device, your private apps, texts, and calls are all kept hidden.

The system requirements, which vary depending on the type of device and operating system, are listed on the company’s website.

It’s recommended that you start with the free version of Kaspersky Secure Connection and then decide if you want a Premium subscription. You get a huge discount if you opt for an annual subscription, although some users prefer just to spend a few dollars a month 12-times a year instead of one annual fee.

Now you know what to expect with Kaspersky Secure Connection. Discount codes will help you bring down the price of the premium subscription. It’s definitely worth the investment with all of the additional features and control.

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Kaspersky VPN Info – An Affordable, Reliable Secure Connection Solution for Consumers

A virtual private network gives internet users the opportunity to have a secure connection between a server and device, such as a tablet or computer. In order to get this kind of security, you must invest in a service, such as  Kaspersky VPN. This program offers protection from malware, viruses, phishing, and any other type of cyber threat. Kaspsersky Lab is an international cyber-security firm that is well-known for its cyber security software, and its VPN service is very reliable.

Pay either annually or per month for a subscription, which covers up to five devices. You’ll save money if you opt for the annual subscription. There is also a free option, although it’s limited. With a free account you’ll only get a 200MB per day data allowance.

Whether you’re shopping, doing online banking, video streaming, conducting research, or on social media, you want to make sure that hackers can never see what you are doing. A lot of people don’t like their ISP spying on them, either. This is why VPNs are becoming more and more popular. All data you send and receive should be done so through a secure, encrypted channel. Your IP address and location should never be revealed. With the paid subscription of Kaspersky VPN, you get a huge range of countries to choose from for your virtual server. With the free account, the country is automatically selected for you.

What about compatibility? This Secure Connection solution can be used on both desktop and mobile devices as it supports various operating systems. These include all Windows versions (XP to 10), Android 4.1 and up, and Mac OS x 10.11 and up.

The Benefits of Kaspersky VPN

Why choose this VPN service over so many others? For starters, it allows P2P traffic. This isn’t something that a lot of other virtual private network solutions are capable of. Also, you can trust that none of your activity logs will be kept. Everything sent through the network traffic is secure and encrypted via OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is among the most trusted protocols available for VPN solutions. As its name suggests, it uses open source code.

Kaspersky VPN has a user-friendly interface. The Windows Client Menu features eight items: Subscription, Statistics, Settings, Support, Learn More, About, My Kaspersky, and Help. Everything is self-explanatory and you shouldn’t have any problems learning to use the software. The amount of control you have over the settings depends on whether or not you’re using the program for free or with a paid membership.

Overall, Kaspersky VPN is a great choice for anybody who needs a secure connection. The subscription options are very affordable, whether you opt for the monthly payment plan or annual payment plan.

Many people are saving money on security products by using Kaspersky coupons. They are a great way to get a good deal on not only Kaspersky VPN services, but other products as well. You can protect your computer and mobile devices without having to spend much money.

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Kaspersky Internet Security Summary – A Look at the Subscription Plans, Features, and Benefits

If you want the best internet security money can buy, one product you’ll really want to consider is Kaspersky Internet Security. In 50+ independent reviews and tests, Kaspersky Lab placed first. You really can’t go wrong with this level of security. It’s designed to fight all types of threats, including phishing, viruses, ransomware, and so forth.

All of your information is kept secure and the risk of identity theft is reduced significantly thanks to the personal firewall that works well with Windows. If there are any vulnerabilities in your system, such as out-of-date software, Kaspersky will detect them. These days, such a vulnerability could potentially lead to a hacker trying to break into your system.

You don’t have to use it with Windows, either, as the technology is compatible with other operating systems like Android and Mac. There are different subscriptions to choose from, including one-year, two-year, and three-years for three to five devices.

One interesting feature of Kaspersky Internet Security is its virtual keyboard. This can be used to prevent key-loggers from monitoring you when you type on a physical keyboard. A virtual keyboard means that you can enter private data such as credit card numbers and login information without hackers trying to monitor you.

A lot of people find it useful to access more content and websites from other regions. If you ever become frustrated because you are blocked from accessing certain content, Kaspersky offers privacy features that will help you bypass such restrictions.

Everybody enjoys online shopping, but there are often risks involved – especially if you don’t have adequate protection. Another good thing about this Internet Security suite is that it offers protection for cyber transactions. Whether you’re paying bills or making purchases, your financial information will be safeguarded.

Children Protection of Kaspersky Internet Security

Being able to protect your children from online dangers is paramount. You don’t want them to come across anything they’re not supposed to see. They could wind up downloading a virus by accident. In a worst case scenario, you and your family could be spied upon. This is why Kaspersky Internet Security offers parental controls and webcam protections. You can set the controls to block potentially problematic material and limit your children’s computer time.

Access to the webcam is blocked for applications that are considered “Untrusted” or “High restricted”. If an application that does not fall under these labels tries to access the webcam, you will be notified and Kaspersky will request permission to allow access for the app. However, these settings can be configured. You, the user, will have the ability to configure applications’ rights to block or allow access to your webcam.

Since there are different subscription plans available, look over Kaspersky Internet Security options to decide which plan is right for your family.

You can tell that this is a popular product by reading all of the Kaspersky Internet Security reviews. Get a good deal on it by ordering it online and use Kaspersky coupons. It’s a very reliable company when it comes to internet security and protection.