Best Paid VPN Service Guide: What Advanced Security Technologies do the Best Providers offer? Which Should You Choose?

A virtual private network is a quick, easy way to make your PC or tablet appear to be coming from a different location, bypassing geographic restrictions. There are a lot of companies that offer this type of service, but not all of them are good. Some are lacking in security and not as private and encrypted as they would lead you to believe. So-called “free VPN services” are not even worth trying since they are almost certainly lacking in security. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay a lot of money to get quality features. How can you determine if you are getting the best paid VPN service?

First, think about why you want the ability to connect to a virtual private network. Do you want extra security for P2P sharing? Do you just want your ISP and advertisers to stop snooping on you? Do you just want to ensure that your connection is truly secure when connecting to a Wi-Fi network at a hotel or restaurant? Do you want to get around geographical restrictions? Business users can benefit from VPN services as well. For instance, an employee of a company can still access everything from the physical headquarters while away in another city or even country.

Primary Reason to Get the Best Paid VPN Service

Think about the primary reason you want to use this kind of service and then start looking to see which provider offers all of the features you need. Additional important features are security and encryption. You should be given a guarantee that there are no DNS-leaks. The ideal company will have its own DNS servers. Look for military-grade encryption. With the best paid VPN service, not even governments can get logs of your browsing history. Every time you connect to one of the virtual servers, your internet identity switches to a new IPS address.

Advanced Encryption Standard, also known as AES, is an encryption standard that is approved globally by governments, cryptography enthusiasts, and cyber-security experts. The best VPN company is going to use AES with 256-bit keys, which is technology recommended by the NSA for keeping classified information secure at a top secret level. You yourself can get this kind of technology by choosing a good virtual private network provider.

There is one provider that does offer all of this advanced security and protection: NordVPN. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this company and it is considered by many people to be the best paid VPN service. It’s also very affordable and you can easily find NordVPN coupon codes.


Cheap VPN Guide: All About Secure Wi-Fi Services and Finding a Good Deal

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a decent VPN service at an affordable price. While there are literally hundreds of virtual private network providers out there, only a few of them offer the features and speed that most users are looking for, and even fewer are available for under $10 a month. However, in order to get the low price, you might have to purchase at least an annual subscription. Usually, the best cheap VPN deals are when you pay for a longer subscription.

Why use a virtual private network? It will keep you safe online, no matter what you do. You won’t have to worry about anyone spying on you or your ISP keeping track of everything you do. Even when you’re using a Wi-Fi network at a place like a hotel, you never know when there might be a hacker who manages to break through the network. These days, some phishing hackers are even creating fake Wi-Fi accounts that appear real in order to trick people into connecting! An example would be “coffee_shop_real” or “Walgreens Real”. How do you know it really is the official Wi-Fi network of a coffee shop or Walgreens?

As long as you have a cheap VPN service installed on your laptop or phone, you won’t have to worry about getting scammed, since you can just logon to the secure, private virtual network. With the ideal private network, you are never tracked. You get all of the privacy you need, as you surf the web, play games, watch videos, shop, or any other task in an encrypted “tunnel”.

Cheap VPN for P2P Activities

One reason why so many people want cheap VPN services is because they want to participate in P2P activities. If you ever want to download a torrent but are afraid of getting in trouble, then just get on the internet via a virtual private network. However, not all of them allow torrenting, so be sure to choose one that does. This type of technology will replace your real IP address with that of a virtual server. The “swap” hides your current location and helps you to stay private.

Don’t think that just because a VPN service is “cheap” that it doesn’t offer military-grade encryption. You really can get a good deal if you know where to look.

One way to ensure that you get the best possible security, protection, and service with a cheap VPN provider is to use NordVPN. Reviews of this company are very, very positive. The vast majority of users have only good things to say about it. You can get started today by looking over NordVPN discount offers.


Top Rated VPN Providers: A Quick Look at the Fastest and Most Secure Virtual Private Network Companies

There are literally over 300 VPN services on the internet, both free and paid. New ones are popping up all the time. How can you tell the good from the bad? What is about the top rated VPN providers that make them stand out?

Typically, people look for the following factors:

• Download speed
• Number of servers and server location
• No-logs policy
• Unlimited bandwidth
• P2P support
• Netflix compatibility
• Privacy / security features
• Support / utilities
• Price

Of course, not everybody is looking for the exact same features. There is no one solution that works for everyone. If you do need a place to start, though, here are a few highly rated VPN services to consider:

Norton Secure VPN – Secure 1, 5, or 10 devices and pay monthly or yearly. Get the VPN service by itself or with additional security features like parental controls and backup cloud protection. With Norton WiFI Privacy, there are multiple servers located in 25+ locations in countries across the globe. There are no DNS leaks / virus warnings / malware, making this among the securest virtual private network providers.

Additional Top Rated VPN Providers

Avast SecureLine – This VPN service works over any wireless or wired internet connection. It’s easy to setup, and uses bank-grade AES 256 bit encryption, Open SSL, and certificate authentication. Avast, like Norton, is a major player in global cyber technology, so it’s no surprise that it offers such a good VPN service. It’s also affordable and allows torrenting.

ExpressVPN – This is among the top rated VPN providers much in part due to its blazing speeds. Its network is vast, and includes 3,000 servers in over 160 locations. It works with all major streaming services, such as US Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon. ExpressVPN offers advanced security and protection as well, as it comes with features such as IPv6 leak prevention, a built-in kill switch, and split tunneling.

NordVPN – Of all of the top rated VPN providers in this list, this one is by far the highest rated and the most talked about by VPN users. With over 5,000+ servers in diverse cities and regions around the world, including specialized servers for P2P, streaming, and other activities, you can get everything you want in a VPN service with this provider. It includes several pricing tiers, including monthly, annually, every two years, and three-years.

Learn more about the top rated VPN providers at this site, where you’ll find Norton discounts, NordVPN promo codes, Avast Security coupons, and more.


Best VPN to Buy: An Overview of Virtual Private Networks and the Best Features to Look For

When it comes to VPN services, your best option is to spend a bit of money to pay for a subscription offered by a reputable company. Free services aren’t even worth considering it, since you will ultimately be required to pay for it in one way or another. Since there are hundreds of services, though, how can the average internet user know which best VPN to buy?

One important factor to consider is how easy it is to setup and use. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or if you are traveling in a country where Google is banned, for instance, then you should be able to easily connect to a fast server in country where it isn’t banned.

It’s also in your best interest to choose a VPN provider that guarantees that they won’t log your web activity and personal data so that your privacy is ensured. It’s useful to have an automatic kill switch as well, that will cut off the internet connection immediately if the VPN is disconnected so that the IP you are using isn’t exposed. Not all virtual private network providers offer this feature so it’s a good sign when one does.

Internet Access With the Best VPN to Buy

You should also think about how you access your internet. Do you mostly access at home on your PC? Your mobile phone? Tablet? Some VPN services are even available on other home / business electronics that can access the internet. Try to choose a service that will give you the option of signing into your VPN account from all of the devices / PCs you connect to the internet with.

Any data you send over the web should be split into packets so that the ISP, government, hackers, and VPN provider itself cannot view anything. When it arrives at the virtual server, the outer packet of the data is removed so that the data within is accessed through encryption.

There is more to hide than many internet users realize. It’s not just your own browsing interests, but private conversations, passwords / login credentials, work emails, banking details, medical history, and so forth. All of these are protected when you use the best VPN to buy. No hacker can steal your financial details, no government can get logs of your browsing history, and no ISP can sell your search history to advertisers. Some virtual private network providers even allow you to share via P2P in peace.

Now that you have some idea of what to look for, the best VPN to buy is NordVPN. You can even get a free trial to see how much you like it, and if you want to continue with a subscription. Always be on the lookout for NordVPN coupons as well.


Good VPN Providers Guide: 5 Popular Providers for VPN Users to Consider

There are tons of VPN providers out there making all sorts of claims. You should be careful with the choice, so that you don’t waste money and time. This is a booming industry, and there is no one “perfect” virtual private network for everyone. It’s still a good idea to compare various services though and differentiate the good from the bad. Here is a quick look at what most users agree are good VPN providers:

Hotspot Shield

There are over half a billion users of this service around the world. It’s an excellent solution for online browsing. Choose from 2,500+ servers in 25 locations on up to 5 devices. Hotspot Shield promises unlimited bandwidth and good download speeds. It especially stands out with its whopping 45 day money back guarantee, which is a longer period than what other virtual private networks offer.


This is a good service for those who want an easy program to use with the best security possible. There are literally 200,000+ IP addresses, 700+ servers, and 70+ server locations. The maximum number of devices it can be used on is 5. VyprVPN technology comes with extra security features like secure DNS, multiple encryption protocols, and a Kill Switch.

Avast SecureLine

Avast is a big name in internet security in general, so it’s not surprising that it’s among the good VPN providers. The service comes with Avast Antivirus, but if you don’t have that, you can still use the standalone version and then insert your license. With SecureLine, you can select from a wide range of speedy servers all across the globe.


Users get a guarantee that their surfing is 100% secure and “clean” with no trackers, malware, ads, and phishing attempts. Surfshark can be used on all devices with any OS, and works with Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and P2P programs. It’s a relatively new VPN provider, yet it’s already growing and making a name for itself. The network currently includes 800 servers in over 50 countries.


Of all of the good VPN providers on this list, NordVPN is probably the most popular. It offers top-notch security and encryption, as well as access to 5,000+ servers in 60 countries. There are personal and business solutions. Users have a 100% no-DNS leak and no-logs guarantee. Another great thing about NordVPN is that it is very affordable, and offers unlimited bandwidth.

Learn more about good VPN providers at this site. You’ll also find great deals, like NordVPN discounts.


Best VPN Service for Android: Understanding the Differences Between the Best Services and the Worst

There are many VPN services for various platforms, including Apple, Windows, and Android. If you want to bypass regional restrictions and surf with privacy on your smartphone or tablet, you can do so by using the best VPN service for Android. By using such a service, you’ll be able to go on the internet and do your favorite tasks with 100% security and anonymity. A virtual private network service is great to have for a variety of reasons.

That being said, they are not all equal. Some are complete wastes of time and energy – especially the so-called “free” services. It must be understood that VPN services are not easy to provide, and the servers are not easy to maintain. You’ll end up paying for the “free” subscription somehow, as there is no guarantee that the encryption and privacy technologies will be the best. The “Free” service providers also might keep logs and still sell some of your information, which is something that the legitimate, good VPN providers will never do. There have been instances in the past when companies offering free services were caught selling users’ bandwidth, and revealed to have been owned by analytics companies.

The best VPN service for Android will have technology that supports working efficiently and smoothly on that platform, regardless of the manufacturer (RCA / Samsung / Huawei / Lenovo / Amazon). You should always be able to connect securely to the internet, no matter where you’re at in the world. As long as there is a Wi-Fi network available, you can connect via the VPN service anonymously so that no hackers, ISPs, or any other type of snooping third party will be able to watch what you’re doing.

Settiling on the Best VPN Service for Android

Don’t just settle on any ole’ VPN app you see on Google Play. Take the time to read reviews first and do a bit of research on each company. Don’t risk having malware being injected, or any of your internet activities being tracked. Keep in mind that privacy with virtual private networks is only as good as the company providing it, and that some are far more secure than others.

A couple of other things to consider are the number of servers and bandwidth. If you want to view content in a particular country that would otherwise be blocked for you, then make sure there are a variety of servers in that country / region for you to choose from, and that you get all of the bandwidth you need.

While not everyone will ever agree on the “best VPN service for Android”, one particular company that is often topping “top 10 lists” is NordVPN. It seems to really have a good, solid reputation for its security, encryption technology, high number of services, and fair prices. Sometimes there are even NordVPN discounts available to make it even more affordable.


Best VPN for Laptop Overview: How to Choose the Right Service for Personal Use, Business Use, and More

Whenever you sit down in a cafe or in your hotel room with your laptop, how can you be 100% sure that your wireless internet connection is completely safe, and that there are no vulnerabilities in the network? You really can’t, and that’s why many people are recommending that everyone buys the best VPN for laptop and any other mobile device. This way, no matter where you’re at, or even if you’re just at home and want protection from your ISP, you can just connect to a virtual private network and get that 100% security and anonymity.

A VPN connection will encrypt all of your information and data online and hide it all from hackers, ad trackers, nosy ISPs, and so forth. It will also help you get around censorship rules in certain countries and access restricted content. The best VPN for laptop will also be able to support P2P and torrent uploading / downloading.

How can you connect to a virtual private network? Some of these services are offered as a feature in full security and antivirus suites, while some are sold as a subscription. There are literally hundreds of “VPN providers” to choose from. Some are more suitable for smartphones and tablets, and others for Windows laptops and MacBooks.

Some important features to look for before making your decision include:

• DNS leakage prevention
• Advanced security protocols and features (OpenVPN / Onion Over VPN / CyberSec / Military Grade Encryption)
• A “Kill Switch” (especially if you want to use this kind of service for torrents)
• Strict “zero logs” policy
• Excellent customer
• Easy setup, installation, and a user-friendly interface

Customer Service in the Best VPN for Laptop

You should be able to get customer assistance 24/7. Some VPNs for laptops have award-winning services. These are the ones to put at the top of your list.

Need this kind of service for business reasons instead of personal? Important features include dedicated IP / server deployment, a dedicated account manager, centralized billing, priority support, and so forth. With a user administration feature, the owner can easily configure and manage all enterprise user licenses from a single administrator account.

There are some instances when a VPN can actually keep people physically safe, such as investigative journalists who are covering a controversial story and need to hide their actual location, or individuals involved in the military or law enforcement.

Regardless of why you are after the best VPN for laptop, take a look at NordVPN and all of the great features it offers. Take advantage of NordVPN deals, such as a free trial and subscription discounts.


Top Rated VPN for iPhone: Advantages of Using a VPN Service and Tips on Choosing the Right One

It’s getting more and more difficult to browse the internet 100% anonymously these days. The only way to truly ensure completely security and anonymity, whether you’re watching videos on YouTube, checking out social media, or conducting business on your phone, is to invest in a virtual private network service. Don’t let yourself feel bombarded with all of the options. There are some identifying factors that the top rated VPN for iPhone has, and all you have to do is pick a service that offers those factors.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that the iOS is a secure platform. It might be to an extent, at least compared to Windows, but it’s still vulnerable to threats such as malware and phishing, and is hardly anonymous. Everything can be tracked – from your physical location to browser cookies. Using a VPN on an iOS device such as iPhone can offer that privacy and prevent you from hacking attempts through vulnerable wireless networks.

What Are The Features to Look For In The Top Rated VPN For iPhone

The first thing you need to do is to avoid any “free” services. Maintaining the infrastructure and data associated with a virtual private network is something that costs money, so any company promising to keep the service free will likely to make up for it in some way, whether it’s by sneaking and selling your data or spamming you with ads. Now, there really are legitimate “Free Trials” offered by some companies, which can last anywhere from 3 – 7 days, with the option to pay and subscribe after the trial period is over.

The best VPN will offer advanced security features, like a Kill Switch, IKEv2 / IPsec protocols, and specialty servers such as Onion Over VPN,, P2P, or Double VPN, depending on your needs. Read reviews about various providers to see if there are any complaints of DNS requests or IP leaks. These are MAJOR “No’s” when it comes to virtual private networks. Your data should never, ever be leaked, and your activities should never be logged ad sold to third parties. These are reasons why people want to use VPNs in the first place.

Another factor to look for in the top rated VPN for iPhone is the number of servers and location. A high number of servers alone isn’t enough. They should be spread out all around the world so that you have at least a couple of options in every city or region.

Final Remarks

Lastly, look for an app that runs smoothly and has a user-friendly interface that displays nicely on your screen. Even if you have an older model iPhone, the app should still run okay.

NordVPN is usually considered to be the top rated VPN for iPhone, and on any device in general. You get a free trial, advanced security protocols, thousands of servers, and a money back guarantee.


Fastest VPN 2019 Guide: What Factors Affect VPN Server Speed? What is the Fastest and Safest Service?

While it’s always nice to have a VPN account, it can become frustrating to use the service if the servers are too slow. One of the biggest issues many people have with virtual private networks is that they don’t always offer fast connections. Sometimes, the speed is inconsistent, depending on the traffic and location. If you’re looking for the fastest VPN 2019, there are some things you need to know.

• It’s obviously important to choose a company that has a high number of servers spread evenly around the world, including locations that are close to your region or city, or whatever city you are currently in for business or vacation. The closer the virtual server is to your current location, the likelier it will be for the speeds to be faster.

• Latency is another factor that affects VPN server speeds. If a particular server has too much traffic, it’s probably not going to give you fast speeds. Latency refers to the measurement of the time it takes to send and receive requests from a server. One way to ensure that you can get fast speeds is to select a VPN service that allows users to see the current load of each server. The more people connected to a server, the slower it will be.

More Tips for Finding the Fastest VPN 2019

• Understand protocols associated with the fastest VPN 2019. OpenVPN is ideal for the most part since it is the most open-source protocol AND the most secure. However, it isn’t always the speediest. IKEv2, for instance, tends to work very well with mobile data connections. It’s also pretty secure in its own right. Depending on your device’s hardware, you might or might not notice any difference with SSTP or L2TP / IPSec. In general, PPTP is considered one of the fastest protocols, but it unfortunately isn’t the most secure.

• Speaking of security, it’s not necessarily essential that you’ll need the strongest available security 24/7 when using a virtual private network. Decide if you would rather sacrifice a bit of security or speed when doing whatever activity you need the VPN for. It is recommended that you connect to a server that has, at the minimum, 128-bit AES technology.

Just as your own ISP connection sometimes has its “peak times” when the traffic is congested and things get a bit slow, so do VPN connections. Just keep the aforementioned factors in mind when deciding on which service to try, in order to increase your chances of getting an optimal, fast connection.

What is the fastest VPN 2019, according to many reviews? NordVPN is often on top of the lists of not only the fastest, but the safest and BEST service all around.