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Internet Monitoring for Parents Guide – How to Choose Software to Help You Monitor and Protect Your Kids

Children are getting started with smartphones and tablets at an earlier age than ever. It’s not uncommon for kids to experience problems like cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, cyber predators are not going away. At the very least, parents will want to seek internet monitoring tools to prevent their kids from viewing undesirable websites. There are a variety of programs that offer internet monitoring for parents. How do you know which one is ideal for your family?

Most devices usually do come with some type of parental controls, but not all of the ones you will need. It will be easier to have one program that will allow you to create profiles for all of your kids on every single device in the family, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, Kindle, and even gaming systems.

One very important feature that all parents really want is location tracking. The top programs will allow you to track your child’s location, or at least have an idea of where they are and where they have been throughout the day. The best program even allows children to send parents “Panic Alerts” just in case they are ever in a potentially dangerous situation.

Social networking sites are where most kids spend their time on the internet. Sites such as Facebook are also where a lot of cyberbullying takes place. Internet monitoring for parents can help protect kids from experiencing trouble on these sites. You can even limit the amount of time your kids spend on social networks if you are concerned that they are spending too much time at such sites.

Ease of Use of Internet Monitoring for Parents

Ease-of-use is another extremely important consideration. As mentioned above, you’ll definitely want a central panel that you can log into for access to everything, including each child’s profile. It should be easy to set up the rules and restrictions for each child and to monitor what they are doing.

Depending on the software you’re using, you might be able to control what apps each child is installing on each device. Set limitations on app store purchases if you have a teen who is spending too much money. This is also useful if you are concerned that younger children might make accidental purchases.

There should be different pricing plans for families of varying sizes. For instance, if you only have one child then you probably won’t need to monitor 10 devices.

Qustodio offers three different pricing plans for 5 devices, 10 devices, and 15 devices. It’s a top-rated choice for internet monitoring for parents. It offers priority support and 30 days of usage history per device. A Premium Account is definitely worth investing in, and promo codes are often available.

Take a look at Qustodio promo codes and learn more about the premium plans for internet monitoring for parents. Whether you have just one child or several, there is a good plan for your family. Parents and educators can even sign up for a free account to learn more. There are a lot of positive Qustodio reviews by parents who are happy with the tools.

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