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Norton WiFi Security Review – A Look at the Subscription Options, System Requirements, and Benefits

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, you should always use a VPN service to protect your data while it’s being transmitted. One of the best ways to get this kind of protection is with Norton WiFi Security / Privacy software. It encrypts the data you send out and receive when using either public Wi-Fi or your own, protecting you from hackers and nosy ISPs.

Get protection for one device, 5 devices, or 10 devices. If you travel a lot, you’ll at least need Wi-Fi privacy for your smartphone and laptop and/or tablet. Many people want a VPN for their own home wireless network as well so they won’t have to put up with ads and can browse discreetly without their ISP keeping logs. You’re still not guaranteed this kind of privacy even if you normally browse in incognito mode. Your IPS can still view what you are doing and there are always ads to deal with.

At unsecured public hotspots, information can be intercepted by hackers as soon as it leaves your device. Norton WiFI Security ensures that all of the information you send and receive is unreadable. You can do banking, shopping, email, social media, and regular browsing without worrying about your details being compromised.

A lot of users in the US want to use VPN services to prevent their ISPs from selling their browsing histories. Congress has recently made this possible again despite protests. Those who value their privacy will always want to keep their IP address and identity anonymous while using the internet.

Benefits of Using Norton WiFi Security and Protection

• It features an ad blocker.
• The connection engine is OpenVPN powered
• It’s easy to use on mobile devices and desktops
• It allows users to access content faster
• Ad trackers are blocked
• There is a money back guarantee

System requirements

This service is available for Windows PCs, Android, iOS, and Macs. Those with a subscription will get unlimited use on the 1, 5, or 10 devices for which they purchase the subscription. All versions of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are compatible. All versions of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later are compatible. Mac users need the current version or previous two versions of Mac OS X. The same with iPad or iPhone users (current / previous two versions of Apple iOS). Android users need 4.1 or later.

If you need a VPN for any personal or business reason, Norton WiFi Security is a good place to start.

Start looking over the subscription options and deciding which one would be right for your needs. Use Norton WiFi Security coupon codes to get a nice deal on your order. Always shop online for Norton discounts.

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