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Norton VPN Guide – Benefits of Using This User-Friendly Wi-Fi Protection Service

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly virtual private network for your desktop, Norton VPN is a good choice. It was developed by Symantec Incorporation and offers privacy and anonymity by allow connections to a private network from a public connection. There are over 20 server locations to choose from with at least two servers per location. This is a geographically diverse collection of server options all around the world, in continents such as North America, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, and even the South Pacific.

The company does not store your location, which means there is no session logging. This is a great benefit, and something all VPNs offer but sadly do not. Norton WiFi Privacy. While it’s a good choice for Windows users, it’s compatible with other operating systems, such as Mac OS, Android, Linux, etc. Use it not only on your desktop but with your mobile devices as well. It’s easy to setup and run on any computer or smartphone.

Norton VPN is available in different subscriptions depending on the number of devices for which you need protection: 1, 5, or 10. In addition to complete anonymity, you can also expect bank-grade encryption when conducting banking business online. There is protection for shopping as well. All of your personal and financial information stays private and secure.

Ad trackers can be very annoying. However, it’s not necessary to deal with them. You can avoid them altogether with this VPN program. The technology blocks ad trackers by intercepting all cookies and removing any information that would identify you. Websites will not be able to track you and deliver you with annoying ads anymore. This built-in feature will help improve speeds a bit.

The Virtual Location Client of Norton VPN

The Virtual Location client is easy to use. The 20+ countries are displayed, and clicking on one will result in your current connection being automatically closed. A new server will be selected for you, depending on which country you select. It’s a less tedious process than the manual steps you’d have to take with other VPN clients.

Using the service offered by Norton will keep you protected when you are traveling, since it allows you to connect securely to a virtual server rather than have to connect to whatever public Wi-Fi is available at the time. There are some dangers often associated with public Wi-Fi.

Norton VPN is available with an individual subscription, as well as with a part of a Norton Security subscription, which offers even greater protection, at home and while traveling.

All you have to do is use Norton discounts to help you save on any products and subscription the company offers. Whether you’re only interested in Norton VPN promo codes or discounts on a full security suite, there are always savings options with Symantec Labs.

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Avast SafePrice Overview – What Is This Useful Browser Extension? How Can It Help With Online Shopping?

If you don’t yet have the Avast Online Security browser extension, it’s now time to get it. This feature helps users find the best offers among trusted online stores, which consists of a variety of participating e-shops and travel booking websites. You can also search for coupons that can be applied to your purchase with the use of Avast SafePrice.

No matter which browser you use, the extension should be compatible. It’s available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

How does it work? It communicates data with the Avast server regarding the products for which you are searching and the URLs of the sites you visit. However, the data is communicated without personal information, so that the process is anonymous. Avast checks for the most favorable prices and coupon offers with a third party partner called Ciuvo, which never receives any of your personal information.

This is a great extension to have if you like shopping online but have concerns about which sites to trust. Avast SafePrice will help you compare the best offers only by trusted, participating web stores. Avast, of course, is a leader in internet security. It’s well-known for its highly popular antivirus program and other security tools.

When installed and enabled in your browser, the add-on works automatically in the background. It only shows pop-up notifications when there are coupons and better prices available for whatever product or service you’re shopping for. Simply click on the notification to view the details regarding the offer.

How to Use Avast SafePrice

If you see a coupon you want to use, click “Apply” within the popup notifications. This will enable a new tab to open up where the coupon is then applied automatically. You will be given the option to confirm the process, after which the discount will apply the savings to the shopping cart. If there is a promo code offer, you can simply get the code by copying and pasting it into the field to receive a discount.

Some of the settings with Avast SafePrice can be customized. For instance, the user can select under which circumstances the notification will appear, and for which sites the extension will actively search for coupons and promo codes, if you have a preference.

Don’t think that your choices of online shops are limited with this add-on. It actually partners with more than one hundred thousand online shops globally and is always working to offer more. There is a database with offers from vendors in categories such as shopping, health insurance, travel / hotels, mortgages, home security, and so forth.

How do you get Avast SafePrice? Once again, it’s part of the Secure Browser series of extensions, which is available for Windows.

Since it’s such a popular brand for cyber security, there are some amazing Avast discounts available. You can try Avast SafePrice for free, but you might want to invest in a more advanced security suite to keep your PC protected at all times.

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Norton Internet Security Overview – All About Norton Products, Subscription Plans, and Customer Service

If you want the best possible protection you can get for your computer and phone, Norton Internet Security is worth consideration. There are different versions available at various prices, depending on the level of security you need. You can choose Standard, Deluxe, or Premium, all three of which defend against viruses, spyware, ransomware, malware, and other types of threats. There is also a free Basic version, which is worth trying, but has its limitations. It’s better to go with a subscription plan.

Regardless of which version you choose, you can count on a 100% guarantee. From the moment you confirm your subscription, Norton experts will be there to help you install the software on all of your devices. Customer service is available 24/7 and easy to get a hold of.

Norton Internet Security is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS Operating Systems, so you can install a version on every device you have. The software installs in minutes and is rated very high in usability. There is a 100% guarantee. If you end up with a virus, you will get your money back. Norton is so confident in their protection capabilities that they give this guarantee.

Cybercriminals are a big threat nowadays. It’s not enough to use a free basic antivirus program to keep your identity and personal information safe. This is why you’ll want to consider Norton security products. They help protect users against all types of cybercriminals who would steal your financial and private information. You’ll also be shielded against scammers and phishing emails while you’re surfing or socializing online.

Importance of Norton Internet Security

Norton has always been one of the biggest names in cyber security. Since 1991, it has been developed by Symantec Corporation. The company has had a high number of loyal users who have always been happy with the product. It’s also always been an affordable solution for the ordinary consumer as well as for the business users. Even though customer service is always available, the tools are user-friendly and straightforward. You might not even need customer support, depending on your level of knowledge and expertise.

If you use it on your smartphone or tablet, you will receive warnings about risky apps before you install them. This award-winning technology is second to none.

There are tons of Norton Internet Security reviews on all of the products and subscription plans. Look over each plan and compare what they offer. Decide which one is for you. If you’re already a Norton user, you’ll find that it’s easy to upgrade or renew your current subscription.

In addition to comparing products and subscription plans, you can look over Norton promo codes too. It’s affordable as it is, and you can save even more money by using Norton Internet Security coupons to help you get a huge deal.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Best Internet Security for Windows 10 Overview – What Kind of Protection Does Every Home User Need?

Cyber threats these days don’t really come as traditional viruses. It’s all about making money, which means cyber criminals will focus on things like phishing scams and ransomware. Data stealing Trojans are what the average computer user should be concerned about. Protecting your personal and financial information is why you need the best internet security for Windows 10. If any information is compromised, you could end up as a victim of ransomware or identity theft.

While a basic antivirus program is very helpful, it isn’t always enough for many users. Built-in Windows 10 security can only do so much to protect you from advanced threats. And don’t think for a second that only wealthy people and corporations have to worry about advanced threats – anybody with a Windows 10 PC has to be careful. Hackers will go after anybody they can.

It’s best to pay a bit more for better protection. Go with a program that protects you from things like rootkits, adware, spyware, phishing attempts, and so forth. Read test results from independent labs for an idea of what the best internet security programs are capable of. Invest in quality software with an extremely high detection rate.

Do you need big-business level protection for a home PC? Of course not. However, you still need something more advanced than the free basic stuff that Windows 10 comes with – including a better firewall. Before installing a program, read the system requirements. If you have a newer PC, it can probably handle most modern security software.

Resource Usage of the Best Internet Security for Windows 10

The best internet security for Windows 10 won’t use too many system resources and cause your computer to run slow. It will run efficiently in the background without causing a disruption in operation. You should be able to run your day-to-day applications without any problems. Everything should perform as it’s designed to, as a security program protects you from “behind the scenes”.

Another thing to look for is a secure shopping feature. Everybody does banking and shopping online these days. You need to know that you are 100% protected from cyber criminals. Even the security from the banking / shopping websites might not be enough. It’s better to have that extra layer of security offered by an award-winning program.

In addition to investing in the best internet security for Windows 10, you might want to consider protecting your smartphone and tablet as well. Some of the top programs, such as Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security, offer a variety of pricing plans for 3, 5, or even 10 devices. How much protection do you need?

With the availability of Kaspersky discounts, home users and businesses alike can easily afford the best internet security for Windows 10 and other operating systems. Look over exclusive internet security offers by Kaspersky Labs to see which one will be the best deal for you.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Best PC Protection Overview – What Kinds of Modules, Features, and Services Should You Expect with Security Suites?

Everybody wants the best PC protection but nobody really wants to pay for it. It’s a simple fact that the “free” programs usually aren’t sufficient enough. You certainly won’t get the best protection with a free antivirus or anti-malware program. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, however. There are some great programs that offer good protection at an affordable price.

It’s not just typical Trojan viruses people have to worry about these days. There are tons of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing scams, DDoS, and every kind of cyber-criminal imaginable. Don’t think that only businesses or wealthy people get hacked – anybody can. You could be a victim of a phishing scam or ransomware.

One important feature to look for in the best PC protection is file detection and real-time protection. Read reviews and analyses written by independent AV testing labs. You’ll want software that has a high detection ratio so that you can trust that threats will be stopped in their tracks, before they are even able to make it to your system. When it comes to PC protection, finding and removing aren’t enough anymore. It’s best to prevent dangerous files from making their way to your system in the first place.

Ransomware protection is extremely important as well. You could wind up having to pay a lot of money to free your information from ransomware hackers. It would be a lot cheaper just to pay a small fee for PC security. The protection will also minimize the time and energy you would have to spend doing damage control and cleaning up after an attack.

What to Look for in the Best PC Protection

What kind of modules should your security suite have? The best PC protection includes DNS protection, phishing protection, file shredder, password manager, browser protection, and anti-spam module. Windows Defender doesn’t come with all of these, so it’s not enough. Hackers are skilled enough to work around built-in Windows protection.

Automatic upgrades are very important. You’ll want a product that updates every single day automatically to protect you against the newest and most advanced cyber threats. These updates should be included with the subscription. No matter how far you are into the subscription, you should continue receiving security updates at no additional cost.

So, what is the best PC protection? While every system is unique, it’s still recommended that you start with Bitdefender Internet Security 2019. One subscription will get you full protection for 3, 5, or 10 devices, depending on which payment plan you choose. Users get comprehensive support 24/7.

With Bitdefender Internet Security coupons, you can get this security suite for a very affordable price. It’s considered by a lot of experts to be the best PC protection, and it’s compatible with PC, Mac, and Android. There are around 500 million users worldwide.

Parental Control

Parental Control Software: How Can You Choose Ideal Tools to Protect Your Kids? What Should You Look For?

It’s not easy being a parent in the digital age. You likely have concerns about what your children are up to when they’re using their smartphones or laptops. It’s almost impossible to keep them away from all of the dangers lurking on the internet. However, with the right parental control software, you can protect them as much as possible. The right software will also be easy to use so you won’t have to worry about spending too much time or hard work with it. Keeping your kids safe doesn’t have to be a chore.

The specifics of what you can do with parental controls vary depending on which product you choose. In short, they all allow parents to limit what their kids can and cannot do on electronic devices. The better ones have some sort of location tracking so parents can keep up with their child’s whereabouts. A report is usually given on where they have been over a period of time.

Everybody knows that there is a lot of stuff on the web that is not safe for children. Parental control software usually allows parents to create a profile for each child which includes information such as that child’s age and what kinds of sites you want to restrict that child from viewing. There tend to be a lot more restrictions for younger children. If you’re unsure about what you want your teenager to see, some suites will have a pre-configuration default profile for every age group. You can view these settings for some ideas.

Benefits of Parental Control Software

Protect your kids from potentially harmful strangers with the ability to track calls & SMS messages. Who does your child text and call every day? Who is trying to contact them? You can turn certain chatting apps off as well, such as FaceTime, if you don’t want them doing video-chatting. You can choose specific times to allow them to use these apps, and then have their phones and tablets locked at bedtime and at dinner.

Here is an overview of popular features on parental control software:

• Advanced social media monitoring (especially FaceBook)
• Smart web filters
• Time restrictions (on each device)
• Games and apps blocking and restricting (on mobile devices)
• Priority support
• Extended reporting on child’s whereabouts, SMS recipients, contacts, etc.
• Call blocking
• “Panic alert” (Android devices)

What is the best program that offers all of these features? Many experts recommend Qustodio. Reviews are very positive as this is a popular program. Choose from a variety of plans depending on the size of your family and the number of devices on which you want to run the parental control software.

There is a free version that you can try for one device as well. Use Qustodio coupon codes to help you get a good deal when you upgrade. This is a great, well-rounded program with all the tools you need for keeping your entire family safe.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Top Internet Security Overview – What Benefits Does the Best Software Offer? How Can You Choose?

As internet technology becomes more advanced, so does viruses. Viruses and other threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. A free, basic antivirus program usually isn’t enough to remove all threats – especially from business computers. Even home users often need to rely on the top internet security solutions. Smartphones can be affected by malware and ransomware as well.

How do you know which software to use? The first thing to consider is the number of computer and smartphones you need to protect. If you run a business, you might have servers that need additional security as well. Another thing to consider is your own level of expertise. If you don’t know much about internet security, you’ll need a system that is easy to setup and install. There should be very useful how-to guides and troubleshooting documentation, including video tutorials. The interface should be straightforward and easy to understand.

If you have an older computer, you might not be able to run just any internet security suite. This is because antivirus software can be very demanding on system resources, since it is continuously scanning files in the background. Carefully look over a program’s system requirements before downloading to make sure that it will run comfortably on your computer. If you’re installing security apps on your phone, the app should be compatible with the OS on your phone.

The top internet security programs usually allow you to protect multiple devices with just a single purchase. Sometimes there are a variety of subscription plans to choose from, and the more years you purchase protection for at once, the bigger the discount. Fortunately, there are usually free trials available, which allow you to try out a program to see how well it performs and how easy it is to use.

Benefits of Top Internet Security Suites

Some of the benefits you get when using the top internet security suite include:

• Real-time protection against current and emerging viruses, malware, ransomware, etc.
• Protection for your information and private details when shopping online or banking
• Warning about risky apps on your phone or tablet before you download them.
• 100% guarantee, starting from the moment you subscribe.
• Excellent customer support that is available 24/7 by experts.
• Utilization of global civilian intelligence networks in order to spot threats accurately and quickly

The best programs are also award winners from independent testing labs like AV-Comparatives and AV-Test.

If you’re interested in a free trial, use a top internet security program like Norton Security Deluxe. It offers superior protection in the office, at home, and on the go.

Use a Norton promo code to get a deal on either the Security Deluxe suite or other Symantec product. There are different products and levels of security available at various prices, depending on your needs. Regardless of which product you choose, you can count on Norton being one of the top internet security companies.

Password Manager

Password Management Tool – Why Are These Tools So Important for Security? What Features do They Offer?

Password managers are becoming a popular tool computer and smartphone security. There are so many passwords to keep track of that organization is essential for most people. Even if accounts now sync across devices, a password management tool is still very helpful, as it adds an extra layer of security. This kind of tool not only stores passwords in a database, it also encrypts the information. It automatically logs you into any application, web portal, or website and encrypts information about your credit cards, mailing address, phone numbers, etc.

If the idea of stuffing all of your most personal information into a single folder concerns you – don’t worry too much. These tools feature leading AES-256 encryption and offer two-factor authentication technology. This makes a password manager almost impossible to crack. There are also measures in place to help prevent a brute force attack.

While internet browsers do store your ID information, this alone is not very secure. Many experts recommend that you use a password management tool with advanced security. Some of these tools are even designed to generate secure passwords so you won’t have to.

Additional features to look for include:

• Auto-filling logins and forms to save you time.
• Importing all of your passwords from internet browsers.
• Auto-capturing passwords whenever you are logging in to a new site
• Syncing data across computers and devices through a single password management account.
• Auto-filling shopping cart forms when making online purchases with 100% privacy and security.

Where to Get a Password Management Tool

On PCs, these kinds of tools will often come included in a security suite or antivirus bundle with other tools. On a smartphone, a password manager is usually a standalone app. They are usually easy to download and install, no matter which device or system you set them up on.

One important feature to look for is a Password Guardian that will monitor all of the websites you visit and inform you the moment that any of them are under attack by a hacker, so that you’ll know if one of your accounts is vulnerable.

On a smartphone, you might be able to keep all of your passwords at your fingertips – literally – with a One-Touch Login.

There are quite a few of these tools to choose from. One password management tool in particular you’ll want to consider is Avast. You can try it for free or update to Avast Passwords Premium, which is available at a discount price. With this, you will get the ultimate protection for all of your passwords and login information.

There are usually Avast discounts available for home and business users who want the best security products. You can look over various discount offers and coupons to see if you can get a good deal on the top password management tool and other Avast security products.

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review – Reasons Why This Virus Protection Software is One of the Best

One security program that consistently performs well in various independent tests is Kaspersky Antivirus. It has obtained perfect scores from multiple independent testing labs in areas such as phishing protection and malicious URL blocking. Users can always count on getting full-scale, 24/7 phone and live chat support. It’s definitely worth investing in if you want an antivirus tool that will detect and block all malware threats on your PC.

Kaspersky Antivirus is fairly affordable. You can protect three to five PCs with a single subscription. Pricing varies depending on if you want a one-year, two-year, or three-year subscription, for three or five PCs. If you want to protect your smartphones and other devices, you might want to consider Kaspersky Internet Security.

Regardless of which subscription you choose, you will get a good deal, since you won’t have to worry about any annoying popup ads. This is what turns many people off from the free or cheap antivirus software. Free programs simply don’t run as efficiently and smoothly as their Pro counterparts since they are bogged down with ads. Basic software also doesn’t always offer protection from spyware and phishing. You can get all of the protection you need from a variety of harmful files and scams with Kaspersky Antivirus.

Several times a day, Kaspersky Labs sends out updates to its 400 million+ users. These updates include the latest malware-definitions. The program features multiple scan-intensity settings so that a user can control the amount of intrusiveness you want from the antivirus software.

Benefits of Kaspersky Antivirus

Benefits of using this Antivirus program:

• Ease-of-use
• Affordable
• VPN options
• Online privacy
• Strong, impressive lab results
• Good performance without using too many system resources
• Virtual keyboard

Kaspersky makes improvements to its defense system all the time. The 2019 version of the software is able to detect “fileless” malware that leaves no trace on the hard drive. If you ever visit any potentially suspicious websites, Kaspersky will give you a warning, which you will have the option to either “block the site” or “continue”.

Protection can easily be togged “on” or “off” for different types of tasks, such as emails, IM, video streaming, etc. You can set Kaspersky to scan files, web traffic, incoming, outgoing IMs, and anything else you want.

Another reason why this antivirus stands out is its onscreen keyboard. You won’t have to worry about keyloggers thanks to this feature, which allows you to enter your credit card info or passwords with a peace of mind that no hackers are viewing it.

Before purchasing a subscription, you can download the free version of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Start looking at Kaspersky Antivirus promo offers before creating your account. You never know what kinds of deals are currently available. Kaspersky Labs coupons are usually very helpful for consumers and business users.

Parental Control

Internet Monitoring for Parents Guide – How to Choose Software to Help You Monitor and Protect Your Kids

Children are getting started with smartphones and tablets at an earlier age than ever. It’s not uncommon for kids to experience problems like cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, cyber predators are not going away. At the very least, parents will want to seek internet monitoring tools to prevent their kids from viewing undesirable websites. There are a variety of programs that offer internet monitoring for parents. How do you know which one is ideal for your family?

Most devices usually do come with some type of parental controls, but not all of the ones you will need. It will be easier to have one program that will allow you to create profiles for all of your kids on every single device in the family, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, Kindle, and even gaming systems.

One very important feature that all parents really want is location tracking. The top programs will allow you to track your child’s location, or at least have an idea of where they are and where they have been throughout the day. The best program even allows children to send parents “Panic Alerts” just in case they are ever in a potentially dangerous situation.

Social networking sites are where most kids spend their time on the internet. Sites such as Facebook are also where a lot of cyberbullying takes place. Internet monitoring for parents can help protect kids from experiencing trouble on these sites. You can even limit the amount of time your kids spend on social networks if you are concerned that they are spending too much time at such sites.

Ease of Use of Internet Monitoring for Parents

Ease-of-use is another extremely important consideration. As mentioned above, you’ll definitely want a central panel that you can log into for access to everything, including each child’s profile. It should be easy to set up the rules and restrictions for each child and to monitor what they are doing.

Depending on the software you’re using, you might be able to control what apps each child is installing on each device. Set limitations on app store purchases if you have a teen who is spending too much money. This is also useful if you are concerned that younger children might make accidental purchases.

There should be different pricing plans for families of varying sizes. For instance, if you only have one child then you probably won’t need to monitor 10 devices.

Qustodio offers three different pricing plans for 5 devices, 10 devices, and 15 devices. It’s a top-rated choice for internet monitoring for parents. It offers priority support and 30 days of usage history per device. A Premium Account is definitely worth investing in, and promo codes are often available.

Take a look at Qustodio promo codes and learn more about the premium plans for internet monitoring for parents. Whether you have just one child or several, there is a good plan for your family. Parents and educators can even sign up for a free account to learn more. There are a lot of positive Qustodio reviews by parents who are happy with the tools.