Best Antivirus Guide – What the Top PC Security / Protection Software Offers

When you are shopping around for an antivirus solution, consider important factors such as performance, ease of use, system requirements, speed, and adaptive capabilities. The best antivirus program is one that will be intuitive enough to adapt to your specific system without using up all of your system resources. It should run smoothly at all times, whether you have it as a program on your computer or app on your phone.

A problem a lot of people have with certain antivirus software is that it slows down devices now only by using up all of the system resources, but by putting up annoying pop ups and ads, and even installing browser add-ons without getting clear permission. This makes them almost harmful themselves, or at the very least – highly annoying.

Many of these annoyances are found with free programs. For this reason, it’s better for most people to go with a paid protection service. Upgrading to the pro or premier version of an antivirus program doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to a lot of internet discounts and coupons.

Poor or free software doesn’t offer you protection and security when you shop online or do some banking. Many, many people pay their bills online these days. Even if the payment portal itself is secure, your computer might not be. This is where the best antivirus programs come in. They also offer phishing and scam detection tools that automatically detects websites or emails that could be potentially malicious.

Benefits of the Best Antivirus

A good program will update itself at least once a day to keep up with all of the newest threats, which literally pop up every single day. The BEST program, however, will update itself several times a day and adds malware-definition updates to its users. You should have the ability to control the amount of intrusiveness you want from the program by selecting the ideal scan-intensity scanning.

If you’re not sure which setting would be right for you, you should be provided with clear documentation on how to configure and use the antivirus program. Ease of use is a must for any type of software – especially one that is in charge of your computer or phone’s security. Should it discover any malware on your device, the process of fixing the problem should be as simplified and straightforward as possible.

If there is a “best antivirus”, it would probably be Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security. The level of protection and security you get depends on which product you choose. Kaspersky Labs has hundreds of millions of satisfied users around the world. Whether you want to protect your home computer, your entire network, or a business, there is a solution that is right for you.

While there is a free trial available, you’ll still want to use Kaspersky Labs discounts to help you save on the upgrade, whether you want the Antivirus or Internet Security. There is also Kaspersky Total Security, which is the best antivirus for businesses.

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Norton WiFi Security Review – A Look at the Subscription Options, System Requirements, and Benefits

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, you should always use a VPN service to protect your data while it’s being transmitted. One of the best ways to get this kind of protection is with Norton WiFi Security / Privacy software. It encrypts the data you send out and receive when using either public Wi-Fi or your own, protecting you from hackers and nosy ISPs.

Get protection for one device, 5 devices, or 10 devices. If you travel a lot, you’ll at least need Wi-Fi privacy for your smartphone and laptop and/or tablet. Many people want a VPN for their own home wireless network as well so they won’t have to put up with ads and can browse discreetly without their ISP keeping logs. You’re still not guaranteed this kind of privacy even if you normally browse in incognito mode. Your IPS can still view what you are doing and there are always ads to deal with.

At unsecured public hotspots, information can be intercepted by hackers as soon as it leaves your device. Norton WiFI Security ensures that all of the information you send and receive is unreadable. You can do banking, shopping, email, social media, and regular browsing without worrying about your details being compromised.

A lot of users in the US want to use VPN services to prevent their ISPs from selling their browsing histories. Congress has recently made this possible again despite protests. Those who value their privacy will always want to keep their IP address and identity anonymous while using the internet.

Benefits of Using Norton WiFi Security and Protection

• It features an ad blocker.
• The connection engine is OpenVPN powered
• It’s easy to use on mobile devices and desktops
• It allows users to access content faster
• Ad trackers are blocked
• There is a money back guarantee

System requirements

This service is available for Windows PCs, Android, iOS, and Macs. Those with a subscription will get unlimited use on the 1, 5, or 10 devices for which they purchase the subscription. All versions of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are compatible. All versions of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later are compatible. Mac users need the current version or previous two versions of Mac OS X. The same with iPad or iPhone users (current / previous two versions of Apple iOS). Android users need 4.1 or later.

If you need a VPN for any personal or business reason, Norton WiFi Security is a good place to start.

Start looking over the subscription options and deciding which one would be right for your needs. Use Norton WiFi Security coupon codes to get a nice deal on your order. Always shop online for Norton discounts.


Computer Protection Guide – All You Need to Know About Picking out the Right PC Security Tools

There is no shortage of phishing attacks, ransomware, spyware, malware, Trojans, and other harmful threats to PCs and Macs. Everybody – including home internet users and businesses of all sizes – requires computer protection of some kind. The more intricate a network system is, the more security is needed. For some users, a basic antivirus program is enough. For others, tools like webcam security, Wi-Fi security, anti-phishing protection, anti-theft security, and full-fledged firewalls are important.

Why Computer Protection Software is Essential

Cybercriminals are always looking for new methods of bypassing security. It’s not just the big corporations they go after, either. Most cybercriminals don’t aim that high and simply target individuals and small businesses. You might think that a free, basic antivirus program might be enough for you, but it likely isn’t – not with the sophisticated methods criminals are using these days. Some of them aren’t after money, either. They want to spy on others via webcam or steal their identities for any number of reasons.

In short – anybody who spends any amount of time on the internet is potentially vulnerable for an attack of some sort.

Why a Basic Antivirus Package Might Not be Enough

You might be wondering why anybody would opt to pay for security software when there are free antivirus programs available. The problem with free programs is that they don’t offer comprehensive coverage. Some of them even come loaded with advertisements. While they may very well block a virus when it shows upon your system, they might not go all out to get rid of it and will only put it in quarantine. Basic computer protection often lacks other important features such as tools that help tune-up your system and enhance performance.

What Do You Need?

Think about which extra features you need and which ones you can do without. If you don’t have kids, you won’t need to invest in computer protection with parental controls. You might not need a password manager if you are already good at keeping up with your passwords. If you run a small business, you probably won’t need enterprise-level security.

When comparing security suites, go over each list of features carefully. Will you get everything you need at an affordable price? Will you be able to get adequate support for the number of devices you need? Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements for the software?

Which Product Should You Consider?

In the computer protection industry, Kaspersky Labs is always rated highly. Settle with Kaspersky Antivirus for the essentials, or go for Internet Security or even Total Security if you want full coverage on all of your devices.

Look at discounts for computer protection products, like Kaspersky Antivirus. It’s not a waste of money if you use a reliable product, and with all of the positive Kaspersky reviews out there, you can definitely count on getting a good security suite.


Best Virtual Private Network Guide – Benefits of Choosing the Right VPN Service

Even if you don’t realize it, you might need a VPN connection. There are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service these days and not all of them are equal. With some services, you might experience a slow internet connection. With others, there might not be much of a data allowance limit. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll likely need a high amount of data allowance per day – if not an unlimited amount. The best virtual private network should also offer a high number of servers for you to connect to in every region around the world.

What exactly does a VPN do?

This kind of service allows you to connect to a private virtual internet server from another city or even on the other side of the world. It encrypts all of your incoming and outgoing data so that it cannot be tracked. Even your IPS can’t be nosy and sell your usage information to advertisers.

Want to download torrents? Not all ISPs allow that these days. For this reason, the ideal virtual private network will welcome P2P. Not only should you be allowed to use P2P, but you should receive military-grade encryption for the torrent traffic as well as fast download speeds and no bandwidth limits.

A lot of people connect to the internet on more than just their laptop or desktop. If you use an array of devices to get online, then the best virtual private network for you will be one that offers encrypted connections to multiple devices at a reasonable price. In addition to computers, you can also connect smartphones, tablets, and even routers. Businesses and personal users alike find benefits with VPN services.

What Do Providers of the Best Virtual Private Network Offer?

While Apple / Smart TVs can’t connect to VPNs, you can connect the router itself to the service and then connect the Smart TV to the connection setup by that router.

Some providers offer an extra layer of security at no additional cost to ensure that you are protected from dangerous websites. The advanced security, like the CyberSec feature, regularly scans web addresses against extensive blocklists and protects the user from a variety of cyber threats, including phishing scams and viruses.

An ad blocker is another nice feature offered by the best virtual private network. Ads are hard enough to deal with during a regular internet session – you shouldn’t have to deal with them when connected to a VPN. With no ads, websites will load a lot more quickly for you.

Which VPN service should you choose? Many people consider NordVPN to be the best virtual private network as it offers all of the benefits mentioned above: the CyberSec feature, ad blocking, P2P support, and a no-logs policy. Connect up to 6 devices at a time.

Don’t wait forever – start connecting to the best virtual private network today. It doesn’t have to cost much. There are NordVPN discounts and promotional offers that will help you get this service at a very affordable price.


Top Antivirus 2018 Overview – The Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reliable Antivirus Product

There are tons of antivirus and anti-malware products these days. How do you know which one will be right for you? The number of risks associated with just being online is increasing all the time. It’s not just the typical virus or malware the average internet user has to consider these days. It’s not just the computer you have to worry about either, since any device with online access can be vulnerable to attacks. The top antivirus in 2018 is one that will be able to offer multi-layered protection.

One of the most important things to look for is the detection rate. There are organizations such as Av-Comparatives that do analysis on security programs and give them detection scores. Ideally, choose a program that has as close to 100% as possible. Don’t settle on a sub-standard free program that won’t even reach 90%. Look for awards as well. A security suite that has received awards is usually a good, reliable one.

Be sure to select an antivirus that has reliable zero-day performance. This means it should be able to squash a virus that has just been released. Good security software products monitor processes and files and identify new threats by spotting suspicious, virus-like activity. It should be able to do this without bringing up any false positives. This is often referred to by experts as a “Behavior Blocker”.

Since new threats are popping up in the wild every single day, the top antivirus 2018 should update itself every day with the tools necessary to fight the threats. Ideally, you might want to choose one that utilizes a large global civilian intelligence network in order to detect threats and stop them faster.

System Requirements for Top Antivirus 2018

As good as an antivirus might seem, it won’t do you any good if you don’t have the system requirements to run it smoothly. It will just hog all of your resources and affect your regular performance. Will it be worth protecting your PC or device if it’s always running sluggishly anyway because of security program? Always check the system requirements before selecting a product to ensure that it will work with your Mac or Windows OS, and that you have enough storage space to download it.

How many licenses do you need? Some antivirus suites are sold as a single-version product for one device, while others are sold as licenses that can be used for more than one device. You won’t need a comprehensive subscription plan if you only want to protect your PC and/or phone.

Lastly, consider whether a standalone antivirus will be enough for you or if you want an entire suite of internet protection products. For the average home user, the former is enough.

What is the top antivirus of 2018? A lot of people recommend Norton Antivirus, which is available as Basic, Standard Deluxe, and Premium. It also has a high AV-Comparatives rating for detection.

Saving money on the top antivirus 2018 is very easy. You can use Norton promo codes to apply to your order. There should be at least one coupon offer that will be of use to you. Millions of people have been putting their trust in Norton by Symantec for decades. The antivirus products are highly reliable and affordable.

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Best Laptop Security Info – What Should an Ideal Security Suite Offer to Laptop Users?

Even though Windows 10 has its own built-in security program, it’s not enough for many laptop users. Microsoft Defender has a total accuracy score of approximately 94%. There are other programs that are more capable. The “security essentials” built into the OS might not be the best laptop security. It might be enough for desktop PCs since they are not portable and usually only stay connected to a private internet network, unlike laptops, which are usually carried around and connected to public Wi-Fi spots.

If you’re a MacBook user, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need security software. While they’re not as vulnerable as Windows laptops, MacBooks still have their own threats to worry about. If you use a Mac, you’ll need an antivirus program that is designed to work flawlessly with the Mac OSX.

These days, the majority of internet threats are from those who want to make money, by tricking computer users into phishing scams, or participating in ransomware and data-stealing. In protecting your laptop, you are protecting your own identity and finances. For this reason, you really need the best laptop security. Don’t settle on just a basic program.

Antivirus products are those that distinguish themselves by going beyond the standard on-demand scanning and real-time protection. While these tasks are certainly necessary, they are not always enough. It’s always a good thing to have a program that actively blocks processes on your PC from connecting with fraudulent pages or malware-hosting URLs. While the best laptop security program should be expected to get rid of bad programs and not to bother good programs, what about the “unknowns”? If a program is unable to identity a program as “good” or “bad”, it should used behavior-based technology to help make that determination.

Saving System Resources With the Best Laptop Security

If you are always busy with your laptop and don’t have many chances to charge it up, you’ll need a program that doesn’t hog all of system resources. Use one that has a “Battery Mode”. If you enjoy watching a lot of movies or playing games, there should be a “Video / Game Mode”. The security software should be intelligent enough to adapt itself to suit whatever it is you are doing at the time.

Do you have to deal with a lot of email and attachments on your laptop? You will definitely need an antivirus scanner that will automatically check all of your incoming messages and files and stop possible threats from reaching your system.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 is definitely a suite you should consider to provide you with the best laptop security. It’s available for both Windows and MacBooks. This suite offers multi-layer ransomware protection, 24/7 cloud protection, email scanning, adware blocking and removal, etc.

You can’t go wrong with getting the best laptop security to handle all of your protection and security needs. Just use Bitdefender Internet Security discounts and select the ideal payment plan. Be sure to check into the 30 day free trial.

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Kaspersky Secure Connection Review – Comparing the Free Version and Premium Version & All of the Features

There are so many internet users interested in virtual private networks these days, so it’s not surprising that all of the leading security companies are trying to introduce VPN services. Not all of them are worth the money. If you are looking for a good service, you might want to consider Kaspersky Secure Connection, as it allows you to choose from a high number of servers from around the world, and offers connections for up to 5 devices. All of the data sent and received from those devices will be encrypted and kept safe.

You can access websites and content in any region or country without being traced. The great thing about Secure Connection is that it won’t keep any logs of what you are doing or which websites you visit.

Choose between Basic Protection (Free), Monthly Premium Prescription, or Annual Premium Prescription. You still get a lot with the Free account, including a 200MB data allowance per day. However, the virtual location is automatically selected for you. This might not be a big deal if you just want a VPN on occasion, but if you want to use the private connection often, you might want control over which server to use.

With a Premium account, get a 300MB daily data allowance, and a wide range of countries and regions from which you can choose.

There is some concern about Kaspersky since it’s thought to be under the Russian Federation, but this VPN service is provided by AnchorFree, which is actually a US-based organization that has a no-logging policy. More details are provided in the fine print.

Additional Clients in Kaspersky Secure Connection

Want to connect with more than just your laptop or desktop? Kaspersky Secure Connection offers clients for Mac, iOS, Android, and macOS, in addition to Windows. For Premium users, a new, patented “Adaptive Security” technology keeps you safe. It removes pop-up ads, helps you prevent data leaks, and delivers personalized tips and security alerts on what you can do to stay safer. When you are on a mobile device, your private apps, texts, and calls are all kept hidden.

The system requirements, which vary depending on the type of device and operating system, are listed on the company’s website.

It’s recommended that you start with the free version of Kaspersky Secure Connection and then decide if you want a Premium subscription. You get a huge discount if you opt for an annual subscription, although some users prefer just to spend a few dollars a month 12-times a year instead of one annual fee.

Now you know what to expect with Kaspersky Secure Connection. Discount codes will help you bring down the price of the premium subscription. It’s definitely worth the investment with all of the additional features and control.


Best Antivirus Program Overview – What, Exactly, Makes Antivirus Software the “Best”?

Everybody is always asking the question of “What is the best antivirus program?” Since there are so many out there, the market might seem over-saturated. The answer to the question can be somewhat subjective, since there are different types of programs for different types of needs. For instance, a good program for a home user might not be a good program for a business since it might not be comprehensive enough. Businesses have far more complex security requirements than the average home user.

At the very least, a good antivirus should have the following functionalities:

• The ability to scan files and directories for suspicious / malicious programs and files
• Providing updates to the user on the health of the device or computer system
• The ability to scan specific files or folders upon request
• Detection of malicious codes and removal after getting permission from the user to clean infected file
• Real-time website and email protection

The ideal antivirus software should also be able to update itself on a frequent basis. New threats are popping up almost every day, so it’s important to have a program that is able to keep up with those latest threats and to update itself with the tools necessary to fight those new threats as well as the old.

If you’re on social media often, you’ll need adequate protection. Even if you are knowledgeable about phishing and confident that you won’t fall for such a scam, it’s still important to have protection. There could always be holes and vulnerabilities that you might not be aware of. Plus, it’s good to be warned if a link you are about to click on could potentially be malicious. What if somebody hacked into a friend’s account and sent you a malicious link?

Benefits of the Best Antivirus Program

The best antivirus program is one that will clean up viruses in addition to detecting them. You should have the option to remove a dangerous file either by outright deleting it forever or at least putting it in quarantine where it will not be able to affect any of your other files or programs.

Need protection for more than just your PC? Need an antivirus app for your phone? Some of the best programs will allow you to buy a license for use on up to 5 different devices. You can opt for the basic or pro option for your home PC and personal phone, or go with a full antivirus suite for your business network.

If there is one “best antivirus program” that a lot of users seem to praise the most, it’s Avast. Avast Antivirus gets tons of positive reviews and almost always shows up in top 10 lists. It’s definitely worth looking into, no matter what kind of protection you need.

Just how affordable can the “best antivirus program” be? Just take a look at Avast discount offers. There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for the security and protection you need. All it takes is a coupon or promo code to help you save.

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Norton Parental Control Guide – A Look at the Tools to Help You Supervise and Protect Your Child

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for children to know how to hide their internet activities from their parents. A lot of kids actually have more knowledge about computers and mobile devices than the adults in their families. One of the best ways to ensure that your kids are protected from all sorts of cyber threats is with Norton Parental Control, which is a very useful feature of the Family Premier Suite.

Some of the biggest threats come through social networks. You can view how frequently your children log onto their social media accounts, along with the ages and names they use on those profiles. Having this knowledge will help you decide if any red flags should be raised. There is also a Video Supervision feature that displays a list of YouTube videos the kids watch on any iOS device or PC the Parental Controls are installed on. There is even an option to view a snippet of each video.

Additional features include:

• Web supervision
• Time supervision
• Search supervision
• Personal information protection
• Location supervision
• Mobile app supervision
• Email alerts
• Instant lock
• Text message supervision
• Access request

Avoiding Trouble With Norton Parental Control

If you don’t want to be a helicopter parent, you don’t have to use all of the Norton Parental Control tools. You can create a profile for each child and set the “house rules” however you see fit. If you’re not sure how to set these rules, you can opt for Norton to use defaults based on the child’s age.

This level of configuration gives you the opportunity to set healthy rules and boundaries for your children without entirely taking away their freedom. It’s a good thing to be able to set a balance – especially with teenagers who do need some leniency and freedom.

If you ever catch your kids doing something you consider to be unsafe online, you can take advantage of the “Instant lock” feature, which is essentially the “nuclear option” that triggers an instant lock-down of their smartphone or computer.

The location tracker alone makes Norton Parental Control / Family Premier worth investing in. You can keep track of your kid in real time and make sure they are always where they should be – or at least in places you know are safe. There are even maps, pins, and timelines to reference everything so you’ll know if they’re not being truthful about where they were.

Norton Parental Control is compatible with most operating systems with the exception f Mac. iOS 9 or later is required for the Child Monitoring tool. You can order a one-year subscription at an affordable price.

Norton should be your #1 choice for parental control tools. It’s been the biggest name in computer security for decades. Be on the lookout for coupons and promotional offer, as you might be able to get Norton Parental Control discounts.

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NordVPN Coupon Guide – Getting This Secure Wi-Fi / VPN Service at an Affordable Price

When it comes to secure gateways to the internet, NordVPN is certainly one of the most affordable options. It offers users all of the cyber freedom they could ever hope for, and it does so without costing a fortune. In fact, you might even be able to get it at an even more affordable price if you use a NordVPN coupon.

Coupons are very easy to use. There is an “ENTER COUPON HERE” box for you to enter the code during the checkout process. There are all sorts of coupons, some of which may require that you select a specific subscription plan. There is a six-month plan, one-year plan, and one-month plan. You’ll likely save the most money overall by opting for the one-year plan.

The great thing about NordVPN is that it offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if there is a small chance a user is not happy with it, they can get their money back. However, there is really nothing to be unhappy about. The company is the most advanced private web service in the world. Here are some of the benefits of using NordVPN services:

• Strict no-log rule
• Double encryption
• Global network
• P2P allowed
• Kill switch
• Cancel anytime guarantee
• Superfast speeds
• Ease of use
• Pay in crypto
• Unlimited bandwidth

A lot of other companies that offer virtual private networks cause websites to load too slowly. Slow connection speeds and lack of support for P2P are two of the biggest complaints users have about VPN services. However, neither of these is the case with NordVPN.

Security of NordVPN

It works at the TCP / IP level, which means that ALL applications are 100% secure – not just the browser. There are literally over 500 servers worldwide for users to choose from, in nearly 50 countries. While the connections are almost always stable, should there ever be a problem with it getting dropped, you can use the “Kill Switch” feature to immediately close out and shut down all of the applications you have open. There is no chance for any eavesdroppers to ever know what sites you have visited or what you have done while connected to a NordVPN server.

Another problem a lot of users seem to have with various virtual private network providers is the price. It seems a lot of these services really aren’t worth the cost of keeping up the subscription. This is another reason why this particular solution is so popular and highly-rated. And with a NordVPN coupon, you can save even more money on your membership.

Now you know where to start when it comes to VPN services. Just grab yourself a NordVPN coupon and get started. Decide which payment plan would be right for you and connect up to 6 of your devices at a time!