Personal Computer Cloud Backup Guide: Choosing the Best Backup Solution Possible for Your Windows PC or Mac

If you’re tired of running personal backups on your home computer, or manually uploading important files and family photos to online cloud storage services, then it’s time to sign up for a service that will automatically back your stuff up for you. Personal computer cloud backup services are becoming more popular as people want the luxury of knowing that no matter what happens to their PC and local backup drive, they can still access literally everything should their home be destroyed in a fire, flood, or other catastrophe. All of this can be done with ease if they have the luxury of everything being backed AUTOMATICALLY up in a single, secure cloud platform.

You might back up all of your stuff occasionally on an external hard drive that you keep in a different location than your personal computer, but once again, this can become tedious after all. Plus, how sure are you that nobody else knows about it and that it won’t ever be stolen or lost?

One factor to look for in personal computer cloud backup solutions is the ease of retrieval. Is there an option to have certain files – if not all of them – shipped to you quickly on an external hard drive or flash drive? What if you’re on vacation and your laptop gets stolen and you really need a copy of everything as quickly as possible? There is also the option of file restoration. If you delete something by accident, will the backup service provider still keep it for you for at least 30 days?

Solutions for Personal Computer Cloud Backup

Some of the better backup providers offer solutions for both Windows and Mac computers. If you need to back up a Mac, use a service that has current or former Apple employees who have built the platform. Also, a lightweight solution is ideal. Everybody hates running software that slows a computer down. It should not use up anymore than 1% of your memory and CPU on average. It also shouldn’t install any drivers, and only opens the files it backs up as “read-only” in order to keep the computer stable. Running Apple Time Machine? Use a personal computer cloud backup service that runs side-by-side with it.

If you have a Windows PC, make sure it’s compatible with your version of Windows and that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Which personal computer cloud backup service should you try first? One that really has a positive reputation is Backblaze. You can try it for free, and have the peace of mind that your data is stored in secure datacenters with biometric security, 24-hour staff, redundant power, etc.

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