Best Computer Backup Solution: Which Service is the Best? What are Some Useful Features to Look For?

Losing data is something we all go through at least once in our lives. But as the years go and technology improves, data backup becomes easier and easier. Whether you just need to back up some important files on your PC or big data from your business, it’s important to research your options so you’ll know what the best computer backup is for your needs.

Any personal photos, documents, home videos, or any kind of business data on a computer’s hard drive could be lost due to failure, theft, hacking, house or office fire, etc. While using a free cloud storage service can be helpful, there is always the possibility that your account could get hacked. Plus, you have to upload everything manually yourself. Wouldn’t it be better to schedule backups or arrange for everything to sync into a server off-site automatically in a highly-secure building?

It isn’t just files and documents that can be backed up these days. Your entire OS, programs, and PC settings can also be backed up. While you won’t necessarily need to back all of this stuff up, it really makes life a lot easier in the event that your hard drive fails – especially if you are running a business and don’t have the time to reinstall everything.

There are some additional features offered by the best computer backup service, such as a mapping option and web client that allows you to locate your computer if the mapping is turned on and it is stolen. You should be able to request a copy of everything on an external hard drive and that it be mailed to you immediately if you need it.

Reviews of the Best Computer Backup

Read reviews on services to see which ones offer an easy backup experience. If there is an option to select files by default, this will simplify things considerably since you won’t have to pick and choose what you want to be backed up. If there is a desktop application involved, what is its design like? Is it a minimal design that makes sure users are not overwhelmed with the options? Look at screenshots in reviews.

You might want to have some control over what is saved and what is not saved. If there are files you can do without, you might be able to speed up the process of backing things up. There might or might not be size limitations on the data you backup. Even if there aren’t any, it’s still nice to have control over the backups. Or, if you’d prefer to just have everything always be automated, that should be an option to.

In short, the best computer backup company should provide flexible solutions for home users and business users alike, and that’s exactly what Backblaze offers. There are tons of positive Backblaze reviews as many, many people are satisfied with this company and its services.