Parental Control

Best Online Parental Control Software: Important Info to Read Before Choosing the Ideal Software for Your Family

There is a lot of stuff on the internet that can be very helpful to children. Image how helpful it could’ve been for older generations to be able to have so many tools at their fingertips to help them through school. If there is a problem with a particular subject or teacher, a child can now take advantage of free online lessons, educational YouTube videos, and many more resources. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stuff online that can be dangerous for children of all ages. It’s for this reason that many parents search for the best online parental control software.

With the right software, you’ll have tools you need to make sure that your child is only able to view safe, helpful websites. You can filter out the content that you don’t want them to view, whether it’s adult-oriented stuff, hateful content, violent content, and so forth.

Another useful feature that this kind of software may have is the ability to limit a child’s screentime. Don’t let them waste their time doing useless stuff in front of the screen when they can use that time for something more meaningful, such as spending quality time with the family, attending social events, doing physical activities like exercise and playing with friends, etc. Encourage your children to go outside and play with other neighborhood children.

The problem with a lot of parental control tools is that they are only aimed at Windows. If you want to be able to protect your child on every device and computer in the home, then you should invest in the best online parental control software that offers support for all operating systems and devices. You should be able to sync the settings across every device that you have the software or app installed on.

Best Online Parental Control Software for Multiple Children

If you have multiple children, you should have the ability to create multiple profiles and set individual parameters for each child, depending on his or her age and developmental level.

In order to avoid troubleshooting, choose a program that has a lot of positive reviews for its ease-of-use. Avoid any program that has complaints about its interface. Everything should be easy to setup, install, and use, even if you’ve never used a parental control program before. Good customer support is also essential.

Not all parental control tools and programs are free. In fact, the better ones will cost money because they offer many premium features, such as location tracking, call / text tracking for Android and Apple devices, priority support, and more.

If there is one program that should be considered the best online parental control software, it is Qustodio. It’s available for free, and there are a few “Family” and “Team” subscription options to choose from.