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Norton VPN Review: Why Use This WiFi Privacy Service? What Benefits Can Users Expect?

Norton has always been a popular name in the internet security industry. Now, the brand is offering secure Wi-Fi services. Norton VPN offers many nice benefits, such as helping to secure private information such as login details, keeping your internet session 100% secure and anonymous, allowing access to websites in all regions around the world, and so forth.

If you’re not familiar with VPN, it is a service that allows users to connect to a virtual private network when using the internet. If you don’t like your ISP being nosy, it’s a good way to bypass that. You can also use this type of service while you are traveling. Don’t rely on hotel room Wi-Fi if you have to do anything that requires a secure session, such as banking or replying to business emails.

VPN services aren’t all the same. Some are a waste of money and don’t even come with comprehensive security. The good thing about Norton VPN is that it really does come with impressive security features. According to tests, there are no DNS leaks, virus warnings, or malware found. All of your referring data gets forwarded right to the VPN servers.

It’s very easy to install on any device, including your laptop, home desktop, mobile phone, iPad, and any Android device. Unlike a lot of other VPN connections, Norton’s service is not slow. While you likely won’t get speeds equivalent to the fast speeds you get with your regular internet service, you should still get as much speed as possible with a VPN. Most tests show that Norton VPN connections are pretty fast and stable.

Ease of Use With Norton VPN

If you’re new to VPNs, you’ll find that Norton’s service is easy to use. The interface isn’t overly sophisticated. Still, there are enough features that will give you more control over the software if you are an experienced user and want more advanced options. It’s a versatile interface that has something that appeals to every type of user.

Netflix seems to work on most of Norton WiFi Privacy’s servers. You should be able to stream video content with decent speeds. This is important since many streaming services don’t like it when viewers connect via VPN, so not all VPN services are going to run smoothly with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

What about logs? This service only collects basic information in aggregate but absolutely nothing personal that could ever be lead to you (such as your originating IP address).

Norton VPN is available either as a service on its own (Norton WiFi Privacy) or as part of its overall security suite, such as Norton Security Deluxe.

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Norton VPN Guide – Benefits of Using This User-Friendly Wi-Fi Protection Service

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly virtual private network for your desktop, Norton VPN is a good choice. It was developed by Symantec Incorporation and offers privacy and anonymity by allow connections to a private network from a public connection. There are over 20 server locations to choose from with at least two servers per location. This is a geographically diverse collection of server options all around the world, in continents such as North America, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, and even the South Pacific.

The company does not store your location, which means there is no session logging. This is a great benefit, and something all VPNs offer but sadly do not. Norton WiFi Privacy. While it’s a good choice for Windows users, it’s compatible with other operating systems, such as Mac OS, Android, Linux, etc. Use it not only on your desktop but with your mobile devices as well. It’s easy to setup and run on any computer or smartphone.

Norton VPN is available in different subscriptions depending on the number of devices for which you need protection: 1, 5, or 10. In addition to complete anonymity, you can also expect bank-grade encryption when conducting banking business online. There is protection for shopping as well. All of your personal and financial information stays private and secure.

Ad trackers can be very annoying. However, it’s not necessary to deal with them. You can avoid them altogether with this VPN program. The technology blocks ad trackers by intercepting all cookies and removing any information that would identify you. Websites will not be able to track you and deliver you with annoying ads anymore. This built-in feature will help improve speeds a bit.

The Virtual Location Client of Norton VPN

The Virtual Location client is easy to use. The 20+ countries are displayed, and clicking on one will result in your current connection being automatically closed. A new server will be selected for you, depending on which country you select. It’s a less tedious process than the manual steps you’d have to take with other VPN clients.

Using the service offered by Norton will keep you protected when you are traveling, since it allows you to connect securely to a virtual server rather than have to connect to whatever public Wi-Fi is available at the time. There are some dangers often associated with public Wi-Fi.

Norton VPN is available with an individual subscription, as well as with a part of a Norton Security subscription, which offers even greater protection, at home and while traveling.

All you have to do is use Norton discounts to help you save on any products and subscription the company offers. Whether you’re only interested in Norton VPN promo codes or discounts on a full security suite, there are always savings options with Symantec Labs.