Cheap VPN Providers Guide: A Few Things to Look for When Evaluating the Worth of a VPN Service

While it’s always better to pay for a VPN service than to trust any of the so-called “free” solutions, that doesn’t mean you have to spend very much at all for one. There are some cheap VPN providers that offer budget-friendly services that include a good variety of servers, no-log policy, decent speeds, military-grade technology, and more.

When connecting to a VPN service, you are basically adding an additional step to your route to the open web. This kind of service acts as a “middle man” with whom you are trusting with connection data and traffic. Make sure that the company you choose does not log the data. Some services claim that they have a no-logs policy, but if you dig a bit deeper and read all of the small print, you’ll find that they do keep track of some details. You should not sign up to any virtual private network that keeps ANY kind of activity or connection logs. Their policy should be detailed and not vague.

Speed is an important factor for many users, but not for everyone. Unless you want to stream multimedia and do some P2P sharing, speed might not be at the top of your priority list. If speed is important to you, then the think to look for with cheap VPN providers is a good selection of servers in the regions from which you wish to access multimedia content. Also, make sure there are some servers that are dedicated to streaming and/or P2P. Also, not every VPN service works well with streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, so that might be another factor for you to look into.

Cheap VPN Providers Subscription Plans

Cheap VPN providers usually offer different subscription plans. Typically, users are given the option to pay on a per-month basis, one-year basis, two-year basis, or three-year basis. Obviously, the longer the subscription option, the bigger the discount. Before committing to any long-subscription period, always take advantage of free trial periods.

It is better to pay a bit more for a service that offers all of the features you are looking for rather than try to save a few bucks on a cheaper VPN solution that might be lacking. Once again, always look for perks like free trials and discounts.

One feature that should never be underestimated is encryption. Only opt for a service that has military-grade encryption and Double VPN technology. Among the cheap VPN providers, NordVPN is almost always the one that comes to mind the most. You should begin your free trial and take advantage of NordVPN discounts.

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