PC Virus Protection Overview: How to Evaluate Antivirus Programs and Choose the Best One Possible

Vanquishing hackers and cyber-criminals once and for all is probably never going to happen. The best we can do is install the best PC virus protection possible on our computers, and use reliable security apps on smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, most protection programs these days allow protection on multiple PCs and devices with a single subscription.

Common sense alone is not enough to keep your PC from malware. Cyber criminals will try to come up with sophisticated techniques to try and trick the regular computer user. It’s always good to have a reliable antivirus program and firewall just in case you or someone else in your family or office accidentally visits an infected website or downloads up an infected email attachment.

PC virus protection comes in a variety of forms in many different software packages. Some are free and some cost money. The problem with free antivirus programs is that they only offer minimum protection and are sometimes crammed with ads. The smartest thing to do is just try free trials of premium antivirus programs and upgrade the one you are most happy with. However, always remember to fully uninstall one program before trying another one. Having multiple security tools on a PC can cause conflicts.

It’s also essential for Windows users to have a strong cyber security program to help ward off malware attacks and to keep PCs running efficiently to safeguard personal details and online identities. Some security suites even come with additional features such as VPN services, parental controls, Wi-Fi inspection, and password management tools.

PC Virus Protection Reviews and Expert Opinions

When doing research on a particular antivirus program, take the time to read the opinions of both the experts and other users. Look over the test results from independent antivirus testing labs, and read both the positive things other users have been saying as well as any complaints they might have about the program. Try to only look for “verified reviews” to make sure that the reviewer is legitimate and being honest.

Some anti-viruses are only designed to block malware and viruses, but not remove them. Be sure and use a program that has a removal feature. Updates should be automatic so you won’t have to manually do it yourself. If the interface seems too confusing for you, or doesn’t seem to be organized enough, uninstall that particular program and try another one.

Which PC virus protection program should you try first? Norton is a name you are undoubtedly familiar with. It’s Norton by Symantec is one of the biggest names in cyber security. You can get started today by trying out the free trial of Norton Antivirus before deciding to upgrade to Norton Antivirus Plus.

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