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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Overview: What is This Product and What Benefits Does it Offer?

Any small to medium sized business requiring endpoint security should consider Kaspersky. The company offers a solution that combines next-generation threat protection, proactive layers such as Device, App, and Web controls, data encryption technology, system management tools, patch management, etc… into an endpoint agent. Users will find that Kaspersky Endpoint Security is easy to implement and manage.

Even mixed IT environments will benefit with easy implementation from a single management console. Specific settings and parameters can be defined.

Many protection and security products abuse system resources and cause everything to run sluggishly. This isn’t a problem with Kaspersky, as it is a solid platform that only utilizes the resources needed to provide the right amount of security. The Windows instances can be integrated with EDR serving as sensors on servers and workstations. It doesn’t matter which browser is used – this security solution provides protection for all of them without any severe restrictions. The end user experience is uninterrupted and seamless.

Cloud-enabled controls are included as well. Kaspersky Lab has a dedicated Dynamic Whitelisting laboratory that maintains a monitored and updated database of 2+ billion trusted programs. To keep routine work simplified for administrators, the database is automatically synchronized with endpoints.

Additional Kaspersky Endpoint Security Pros

• Solutions for Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices, and Linux (workstations and servers)
• Seamless integration into existing infrastructures
• Protection for valuable business assets, including reputation, data, and business processes
• Offers the best protection for customers
• Future-driven research and in-house development of all technologies
• Reliable monitoring of hardware status, connectivity issues, system updates, and statistics for all systems involved in a network

This is a full-featured DLP / endpoint product and its suite is rather comprehensive. In addition to the typical endpoint security, it provides functionality such as network discovery, access control, and mobile device management.

Threats associated with insecure public Wi-Fi and USB devices are prevented as the user can generate a list of trusted networks based on criteria such as encryption / authentication type or name. Second active network connections can be blocked. Since it might not be viable to disable a USB port, Device Control tools offer a variety of options for administrators to apply encryption policies to specific types of drives and to set reading and writing permissions for devices.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security reviews from businesses of all sizes are primarily positive, as users are impressed of the ease of use (even for those with few computer skills), effective performance, and lack of annoying pop ups.

Like most security suites, Kaspersky products are available in various packages with different pricing. Regardless of which version you choose to go with, you can find Kaspersky Endpoint Security discounts if you shop online. Bring the price down even more with the right discount.

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