Top Rated VPN Services: What are the Best Services for You to Choose From?

You’re probably already familiar with VPNs, or you wouldn’t be searching for the top rated service. A virtual private network, of course, is a computing or mobile service that allows users to hide their location, IP address, and identity from the rest of the internet, and to connect virtually and anonymously to another server from other places around the world without actually having to physically be there. The top rated VPN services are the ones that provide a good variety of servers from all different regions, have decent speeds, offer strict no-logs policies, and have the best security protocols in place.

What *are* the best services for virtual private networks? Here is a quick rundown of some of the highest rated ones that meet the criteria mentioned above.


Nearly 200 server locations in 94 countries, unlimited speeds, and 30,000 IP addresses are some of the reasons why ExpressVPN is a good choice. It offers support for multiple devices and 24/7 live chat just in case any issues arise. Prices are reasonable and a free trial is available. It’s also easy to use with a one-click start-up option.

Hotspot Shield

This quality of this service is backed up by its hundreds of millions of loyal users. It offers “internet access around the world with no borders”. Although it is free to use, it’s still better to upgrade to the full version, since paid users get the most out of this service. You can even try out the paid service for 7 days with the free trial. This is a US-based service with servers in Russia and China.

Avast Secureline

It’s not a surprise that Avast offers one of the top rated VPN services, as it is already an established name in the internet and computer security industries. Reasons to try Secureline (there is a free trial period) is because of its 256-bit AES encryption and excellent protocols (OpenVPN / IPSEC and IKEv2). There is great usability on both the desktop versions and the mobile app.


This VPN is often referred to as a “great all-rounder”, with its reasonably priced service, 2000+ servers across 140+ countries, and its ability to work with Netflix and other popular streaming services. It also comes with the extremely important “kill switch” feature that many people find useful. It’s possible to have up to 5 simultaneous connections with PureVPN.


Of the top rated VPN services, this one is not the flashiest, biggest, or cheapest, but it is still a great choice as it divides the servers up uniquely and evenly among subscribers, and still manages to offer server features typically only seen in the largest VPN solutions. Headquartered in Switzerland, which has some of the strongest internet privacy laws in the world, ProtonVPN offers different tiers of subscription and features options: Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary.

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