VPN Service Provider: Tips for Choosing a Good Provider with the Features You Need

VPNs are very easy to set up and install. Even those who have never used one don’t have any problems with the installation process and figure out pretty quickly how to connect to a server. However, this doesn’t mean that they are all equal or worth trying. You should first do a bit of research to learn how to differentiate between the good and the bad. Picking the right VPN service provider for you also depends on your own specific needs.

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know what a virtual private network is and how it can help you. You can certainly expect better protection on public networks. Even so called “secured” Wi-Fi networks in public places might not be as secure as claimed. You won’t ever have to worry about vulnerabilities with a good VPN connection.

You are guaranteed with a highest amount of anonymity possible with the right service provider. They will hide all of your sensitive data from t hose who wish to steal or abuse it. Your own ISP won’t be able to gather your data and logs and try to sell them off to advertisers. In some regions, the government won’t even be able to view your browsing habits.

One area of extra security to look for is Double VPN, which isn’t offered by all companies. With Double VPN, your online activities are hidden between not just one server, but two. The process is simple: your traffic travels to a remote virtual private network server and then leaves that virtual server securely encrypted. The encrypted traffic then passes through a second VPN server where it is then encrypted a second time. Finally, you reach your destination privately and securely.

Which VPN Service Provider to Choose?

However, there are some instances when you might not need Double VPN. It’s primarily ideal for those involved in top-secret work and have to deal with classified information, such as journalists traveling to a dangerous area, reporters covering stories with sources they need to protect, people who are traveling to dangerous countries and need to hide from the government, and so forth.

If you’re just hoping to connect to a VPN for entertainment purposes, such as being able to download / upload torrents via P2P technology, or being able to view US Netflix while in another country, then essential factors to look for include speed and a high number of servers in as many cities and countries around the world as possible.

If there is one VPN service provider that most users recommend more than most it is NordVPN. There are so many plans to choose from depending on the features you need and the levels of protection. Regardless of which NordVPN plan you choose, you’ll gain access to 5,600+ servers worldwide, and can connect several devices with a single subscription.

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