Internet Security and Ransomware

Total Internet Security Info: Why a Full Protection Suite is Far Better Than a Basic, Free Antivirus Program

Many people understand the importance of investing in quality antivirus software rather than just taking their risks with the unreliable “free” programs. Another benefit of choosing total internet security over just a regular computer antivirus is that the former includes multi-user licenses with a single subscription, meaning that users can get the security they need on other computers and electronics in the home or office.

Another reason to opt for a full security program is that they usually include top-notch customer service and maintenance. The software can even be programmed to automatically update so the user won’t have to unless they really prefer to update manually. Those who do want some control over their antivirus program should choose one that has a user-friendly interface that is very straightforward and clear. With some security programs, all components can be automatically updated all at once, or individual components can be scheduled to update one at a time.

One problem some users have with a total internet security suite is that their tablets or PCs are a bit older and have trouble running the program / app smoothly. A full suite consisting of tools and functions really can take up some system resources, so looking over the minimum requirements when deciding which product to use before installing it is important. Also, all previous anti-virus tools and apps on the computer or device should be uninstalled and removed entirely before a new one is installed in its place, as there could be some conflicts.

What Else You Get With Total Internet Security

Another important thing to realize is that not every feature in a security suite will be usable with every device and operating system. Some features are PC-only, or exclude either Android or iOS. Those who are looking for a specific feature for a specific device should make sure that they can get that with the suite they are interested in.

Anti-virus and anti-malware software are not the same thing. Malware-removal products help clean up a system after an infection but don’t offer the prevention tools to keep the PC / MAC from getting infected in the first place. The full version of an antivirus program also offers a lot more than malware / virus prevention and detection, it can also keep kids safe with parental controls, provide privacy with a VPN service, enhance security of web accounts with a password manager, monitor apps, help keep hackers away, and so forth.

There are a few award-winning companies to choose from. If there is one total internet security product that most experts recommend, it is Kaspersky Total Security. It’s available at different price tiers depending on the number of devices and years users can purchase a license for.


Top Rated VPN Summary: Understanding Virtual Private Networks and the Security and Services They Can Provide

People want security and privacy on the internet. Unfortunately, governments and ISPs aren’t offering that these days. The only way to truly ensure that your web sessions are private, you’ll need to use a top rated VPN from a reliable company. This way, all of your browsing history, emails, bank details, research, entertainment, etc. is all kept from prying eyes.

A downside of many VPN services is that they only give users so much bandwidth to use each day. Free virtual private network services especially have daily bandwidth limits. The free ones are also lacking in security and sometimes even keep their own logs, even if they’re not supposed to. If you want a 100% no-logs policy and as much bandwidth as possible, it’s best to invest in a top rated VPN service.

Another thing to look for is a high number of servers in as many countries around the world as possible. This way, you’ll have the ability to change your “location” as much as you want without actually having to physically be there. View content that is only accessible in another country without having to be in that country. No matter where you are in the world, you can access any content, including websites, videos, and more, in other parts of the world.

Involved in P2P sharing? Or at least like to download the occasional torrent? Some VPN companies allow P2P and some do not. Those that do usually offer some special fast servers made specifically for P2P sharing.

Research for the Top Rated VPN

When doing research, read reviews and test results of different providers. DNS-leaks are definitely something you’ll want to avoid. If any DNS leaks or IP-address leaks are reported in a review, then that VPN should be avoided. Look for services that guarantee military-grade encryption, Double VPN, and CyberSec technology. Not only will you be fully protected from ISPs and advertisers, but from hackers as well. Your devices will be extra secure when connecting at public Wi-Fi places.

Since you’re likely going to be accessing the web from a variety of PCs / Macs / Linux / iOS / Android device, make sure that you choose a virtual private network that will work on the platforms you use. Some will allow simultaneous connections with multiple devices with the purchase of one subscription.

Speaking of price, while you want something better than what a “free” VPN offers, you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money for a good one. Some of the best ones are reasonably priced.

The top rated VPN, according to most people, is NordVPN. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and it offers all of the advanced security mentioned above, as well as a high number of servers and P2P support.

Password Manager

Best Cross Platform Password Manager for Business Users: An Overview of What to Look For

Data breaches can be really huge and costly these days. Even small companies and professionals are often targeted by hackers. One of the biggest reasons for a security breach on any scale is due to carelessness with a password. Nobody likes using a different, long complex password for each and every one of their accounts, but it’s absolutely essential to do so in order to make them extremely difficult for anybody else to figure out or hack. Luckily, a solution can be found with the best cross platform password manager.

There are many password managers out there, some of which are free. However, they are often browser-based or platform-based. Not all of them are designed to work on every platform, which is something that any business user will need. Professionals do work on desktops, laptops, iPhones, Androids, etc. these days. It would be annoying for a password management tool to memorize and store passwords on one device but not on others.

Any device that can access information has the potential for unauthorized access, so it’s important to have the best security possible on all devices, and password managers definitely play a role in internet security. Typically, a password management tool will require the user create an online account and set up a strong, complex master password. Some managers can even be used to create the master password itself. It should be strong enough that nobody – including hackers with advanced tools, will be able to figure it out, yet still something that the user should be able to remember.

Best Cross Platform Password Manager Abilities

In addition to passwords, the best cross platform password manager should be able to store all sorts of user details from every account: username, email, phone number, credit card numbers, addresses, documents, and other personal information. Anything that could potentially be hacked or stolen should be kept securely in a “vault” with advanced encryption technology, which should only be accessible by the user who has the master password. Some security providers take it a step further and require a two-step authentication process. This is very useful as it adds an added layer of security by requiring the user to pass a biometric scan and then enter some type of code, which is usually either sent via text message or provided from a virtual one-time passcode generator.

What, exactly, is the best cross platform password manager for businesses? While every company has its own individual needs, Kaspersky Password Manager really offers a solution for most of those needs. It does a good job of syncing across Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Parental Control

Family Internet Monitoring Software Info: Why It’s Best to Invest in a Full Suite of Parental Controls

Tweens and teens are one of the main users of online and mobile technologies in not only North America but in many other countries. They are too young to remember a time when having a computer and smartphone was a luxury, not a necessity. Many parents set the wrong example by spending too much time looking at their own screens. In order to ensure that your children have healthier habits, and that you do not influence them unintentionally, the best thing to do is invest in family internet monitoring software.

Another concern of parents is the types of individuals and the amount of inappropriate content they can become exposed to. There are too many sites and videos about hate, racism, pornography, violence, and so forth. It’s also imperative that you protect your children from any predators who might try exploiting them. It really does happen.

There are many types of family internet monitoring tools and programs. It’s better to go with a full suite that is comprehensive in the services it offers. It is not enough to install a filter or two, or to simply rely on the free parental control features that come built-in with operating systems and browsers. These free, simple tools can only help so much, and there is a chance your kid is tech-savvy enough to figure out how to get around it all.

Family Internet Monitoring Software is a Good Investment

Investing in a full suite of parental controls is your best option. Comprehensive protection does not have to cost a fortune. There are some great programs that are very affordable. Some of them offer family internet monitoring across all devices in the household, from laptops and desktops to everyone’s phone and personal tablet. You only have to pay one subscription price to install the apps on multiple devices.

If you have more than one child at different ages, you can create a profile for each child and determine what kinds of websites and video content you want to block each child from viewing, depending on their age and developmental behavior. You can also set limits on how long each child is allowed to spend on their computer or smartphone each day. This will help teach them the importance of time management. Give them extra time to spend online as a reward for good behavior. Also, you can even use family internet monitoring tools for yourself so that you won’t get distracted and stay on your own smartphone / laptop longer than you should. Whenever you do have to look at a screen in front of your kids, explain to them why (replying to an important text from a relative, reading breaking news, work-related stuff, etc.)

Out of all of the family internet monitoring programs out there, which one is the best? One you might really want to consider starting with is Norton Family Premier. It’s an award winning software that comes with “video supervision”, “mobile app supervision”, “social network supervision”, “location monitoring”, and many more essential tools.


VPN Service Provider: Tips for Choosing a Good Provider with the Features You Need

VPNs are very easy to set up and install. Even those who have never used one don’t have any problems with the installation process and figure out pretty quickly how to connect to a server. However, this doesn’t mean that they are all equal or worth trying. You should first do a bit of research to learn how to differentiate between the good and the bad. Picking the right VPN service provider for you also depends on your own specific needs.

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know what a virtual private network is and how it can help you. You can certainly expect better protection on public networks. Even so called “secured” Wi-Fi networks in public places might not be as secure as claimed. You won’t ever have to worry about vulnerabilities with a good VPN connection.

You are guaranteed with a highest amount of anonymity possible with the right service provider. They will hide all of your sensitive data from t hose who wish to steal or abuse it. Your own ISP won’t be able to gather your data and logs and try to sell them off to advertisers. In some regions, the government won’t even be able to view your browsing habits.

One area of extra security to look for is Double VPN, which isn’t offered by all companies. With Double VPN, your online activities are hidden between not just one server, but two. The process is simple: your traffic travels to a remote virtual private network server and then leaves that virtual server securely encrypted. The encrypted traffic then passes through a second VPN server where it is then encrypted a second time. Finally, you reach your destination privately and securely.

Which VPN Service Provider to Choose?

However, there are some instances when you might not need Double VPN. It’s primarily ideal for those involved in top-secret work and have to deal with classified information, such as journalists traveling to a dangerous area, reporters covering stories with sources they need to protect, people who are traveling to dangerous countries and need to hide from the government, and so forth.

If you’re just hoping to connect to a VPN for entertainment purposes, such as being able to download / upload torrents via P2P technology, or being able to view US Netflix while in another country, then essential factors to look for include speed and a high number of servers in as many cities and countries around the world as possible.

If there is one VPN service provider that most users recommend more than most it is NordVPN. There are so many plans to choose from depending on the features you need and the levels of protection. Regardless of which NordVPN plan you choose, you’ll gain access to 5,600+ servers worldwide, and can connect several devices with a single subscription.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Security Programs for PC: An Overview of How Modern Antivirus Programs Work and Why They Are So Important

Don’t ever make the mistake of letting your data be at risk. Everyone who has a computer should always invest in quality security programs for PC. There are plenty of them out there, and while they are not equal, there are some that get very high ratings in tests and are definitely worth investing in. All anti viruses and security software promises to block online threats, but not all of them have high detection rates. And then there are those that end up making too many false positives, which can be very annoying.

It’s important to understand that security threats for PCs have become very sophisticated and advanced. It used to primarily be Trojan horse type of infection to worry about, but now there are all manner of threats, from phishing emails to ransomware. Sometimes the problem is with the programs you download and install. If they have any vulnerabilities, they could potentially be hacked. You must always make sure that you have the recent updates installed for all programs.

The good thing about the best security programs for PC is that they can literally protect you from anything. A full suite will generally include tools that will protect your webcam from being hacked, keep your network and router secure, offer the best password management solution, parental controls, malware protection, email phishing, infected websites, and more. Some even come with a VPN service if you think that is something you need.

Caution With Security Programs for PC

While you can be very cautious yourself and take preventive measures, you never know when something might slip through. Who knows what the next outbreak will occur from or what form it will take. Just in the past couple of years there has been a big boom in ransomware, and even the average home user found themselves a victim of it. However much money you would be charged if such a thing happened to you, it’ll surely be more costly than an investment in a good security program that will prevent it in the first place.

The better security programs for PC do offer a free trial as well as a money-back guarantee. Some even take it a step further and issue refunds if it ever fails to stop a virus. Good customer support is another important feature to look for. There should be excellent tech support and you should be able to get any kind of assistance you need at any time.

When it comes down to it, the one name in cyber security that people tend to recognize the most is Norton. It has always been among the best security programs for PC. There are many levels of protection and subscription options available. A great one to start with is Norton Security Standard, as it reliability and thoroughly defends against common threats such as viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, and so forth.

Parental Control

Online Parental Controls Guide: Understanding the Services and Tools the Best Parental Control Suite Offers

There are a number of important features parents look for to help them maintain control over their kids’ internet use. After all, there are so many potential dangers lurking just about everywhere online, from inappropriate websites to suspicious strangers. While there are some free online parental controls, they can be figured out by older kids. They won’t do you any good if your tween or teen figured out how to turn the controls off behind your back.

The best way to maintain control over what your children view on the internet, and who they communicate with via text messages or social media, is to use a high-quality professional program. It should be easy enough for you to understand, but difficult for your kids to try and take over.

Kids these days do have access to more than just a home PC. They use smartphones and tablets, and some even have their own laptops. For this reason, it’s useful to choose a parental control suite that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Choose a subscription that will allow you to use the programs on multiple devices at an affordable price.

It’s very useful when online parental controls allow you to manage the apps your child uses and how much time they spend in front of the screen. If you feel that they are spending too much time in front of computer or mobile screens, you should be able to limit that time and schedule for their device to be turned off a specific times. Teaching them how to manage their screen time can be very beneficial to their overall health.

Extra Benefits in Online Parental Controls

If you’re afraid of prying too much and want to give them some privacy, then some programs offer expert tips and advice from child psychologists. Take advantage of suggestions when creating a profile for each child, so you’ll have some idea of how much screentime to allow them each day, what kinds of website and YouTube videos to block them from viewing, how much freedom to give them on social media, and so forth.

The best thing about some online parental controls is that they can actually be used to physically protect your kids! Choose one that has a GPS tracker so that you can locate their whereabouts throughout the day. Some programs even let you define the safe areas in which they are to stay, and receive an alert should they ever leave those defined areas. You might also get a warning when their phone or tablet batteries are running low.

Is there really a program that offers all of these features? Yes – Kaspersky Safe Kids definitely offers them all, and it’s very affordable. Use Kaspersky coupons to help you save on the best online parental controls.


Computer Antivirus Protection Overview: Essential Things to Look for in an Antivirus Program

The problem with a lot of free anti-virus programs is that they cannot keep up with cyber-attacks. Cyber hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and not every antivirus program is advanced enough to keep up with the new threats that are emerging every single day. If you are looking for reliable computer antivirus protection, you probably won’t get it with any free program.

Malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, hacking attempts, malicious websites, and malicious apps: these are some of the many threats internet users have to deal with. If you run a business, you’ll need even more security and protection, as it’s not just your own personal details you need to protect, but that of employees, associates, vendors, customers, and so forth.

It’s especially important to have ransomware protection. Obnoxious hackers can demand hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their victims. With internet security protection, your private files and photos are kept behind an advanced firewalls or stored in secure cyber vaults. Your files can’t be taken hostage if the hackers and identity thieves can’t get to them.

Always check with the independent labs first before deciding whether or not to try a particular program. There are four labs in particular to check with: AV-Test, SE Labs, AV-Comparatives, and MRG-Effitas. Features to look for in an ideal antivirus include an extremely high (99.4% and up) online detection rate and a very low number of false negatives. It can be very annoying when a security program detects that a program is malicious when it really isn’t.

Price Consideration in Computer Antivirus Protection

Price is an important consideration for most people when it comes to computer antivirus protection. While free programs sound nice they really don’t offer the best protection. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a whole lot of money on good protection that suits your needs. The leading companies often offer good deals and discounts on their products and subscriptions.

If you’re a home user or a small business owner with just a few employees, you likely won’t need a full security suite. Either the Plus version of a highly-rated antivirus program or internet security program for PC / Mac should be enough. If you travel a lot and need to haul your laptop around with you, then it’s recommended that you choose a suite that includes a VPN service. Do children use your computer, or have their own? You’ll probably need a program with parental controls as well. Think about which additional features and tools you need and which ones you can do without and select the program that best suits those needs.

If there is one computer antivirus protection product that is versatile enough for most users, it is Avast Internet Security. It has a very high detection rate and is available with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Avast Logo

Avast Products Review – About This Company, Its Cyber Protection Technology and Services

As one of the world’s largest cyber security companies, Avast products and services are often the top choice of antivirus and internet security software for businesses and home users alike. It offers a wide range of products, including a free antivirus, antivirus Plus, internet security, business security solutions, and so forth. One of the reasons why this brand is so successful is because it uses next-generation technologies to fight against cyber attacks in real time, and uses a comprehensive cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a continuous stream of data from millions of users across the globe. The AI engine is among the fastest and safest.

With nearly 500 million monthly active users, you have nothing to lose by giving an Avast product a try. If you’re a home PC user, all you have to do is try the free version of the antivirus. If you’re a small to medium size business owner, there are usually discounts available for layered cyber-security solutions.

The “Real Site” feature, which is available to paid users, protects homes and offices against hacked routers that use fake DNS settings to trick you into visiting fake websites. The technology uses Avast’s own cloud-based, secure DNS settings to bypass potentially vulnerable settings to ensure that you or anyone else accidentally gives passwords and bank details to fake sites.

Some Avast Statistics and Benefits

The Behavior Shield technology uses advanced artificial intelligence to keep track of all running apps and to monitor them in real time for malicious behavior. On occasion, a stubborn piece of malware can try to sneak through defenses. Without superior prevention technology, like Behavior Shield, malware can get through. If any of your apps start to act strangely, this feature will immediately stop it and lock it away in the “Virus Chest”. You can take it out if you still trust and it want to continue using it.

Avast stops approximately 1.5 billion malware attacks each and every month. How many of these could it protect YOUR devices from? Malware and other malicious files are far more common than people realize.

This cyber-security company focuses its research on four primary areas:

• Malware detection and blocking
• AI and machine learning
• Location technologies
• IoT Security for smart home and smart office devices

The prices vary considerably depending on which product and services you choose and the amount of protection you need. Carefully look over the site and compare all of the products and what features each offers. Don’t forget about Avast discounts and coupons – they can be very, very useful in helping you get a great deal on the best security products.

Password Manager

Enterprise Password Safe Overview: What Kind of Technology and Features Should Businesses Look for in a Password Manager?

Cyber crime is increasingly getting worse for individuals and businesses of all sizes. One of the methods hackers use to get into a system and steal information is by figuring out passwords. Even if you think your passwords are too unique and complicated, you never know when somebody within your organization might accidentally fall for a phishing scam or install an infected attachment from an email. The one true way to ensure that your login details are always secure and protected is by using an enterprise password safe program.

While there are certainly tons of password managers out there, some of which are free, not all of them have military-grade encryption and enhanced security features for corporate use. You’ll want to select a password management and protection tool that will generate unique, complex passwords for you and then store them in a vault that cannot be hacked into. The ideal program should hold not just the passwords themselves, but other login details and classified information in an encrypted form. Some will go as far as utilizing biometric technology and only allow fingerprint or facial recognition in order to access the enterprise password safe.

Businesses essentially have two options: an SaaS-based solution or an on-premise solution. The former is ideal for smaller companies that cannot afford the hardware. They can simply pay for what they need. If you choose this option, make sure that the vendor has a zero-knowledge policy, meaning that even they cannot view your data as it is transferred. An on-premise solution is a good choice for larger businesses and corporations as it allows you to pay for the actual hardware itself and the license is completely owned by you.

Enterprise Password Safe Reviews Will Help You Decide

It’s helpful to read reviews on various providers by other people involved in your industry. As with any cyber-security product or service, the credibility of the vendor is extremely important. Find out how and why each provider stores its data.

Don’t forget to check the compatibility of a password safe to make sure that it works across all platforms. Some of these programs only work on web-based browsers and even the smallest of businesses do a lot of work on iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, and so forth. With the right password manager, all of your details will be secure, no matter where you login from.

Which enterprise password safe is worth looking into? The password manager in Bitdefender 2018 and 2019 is very easy and convenient to use and offers the best security and privacy.