Computer Antivirus Guide: A Look at Viruses and Computer Security for Beginners

As good as Windows Defender is, it’s not for everybody. Some people prefer a computer antivirus that offers a full suite of tools. All-inclusive protection is ideal, since there are so many different types of threats. Cyber criminals are using more and more advanced and sneaky methods of getting a hold of your data. Computer security is about more than virus protection. It’s good to have protection against phishing, ransomware, a firewall, webcam protection, and even Wi-Fi internet security services like a VPN.

Malicious software (malware) comes in a variety of forms and makes PCs vulnerable to hacks and security breaches. You might even be surprised at some of the ways your computer can become infected. There are social media scams, online game phishing, browser extension malware / adware, and so forth. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities in older software that you haven’t yet updated.

The ideal computer antivirus will do behavior analysis on all of your apps. If any of them start acting unusual, it could be a sign of an infection. “Worms” are malicious and can take advantage of vulnerabilities and security holes in your software and operating system. Choose a security program that will protect you from such programs. In some instances, worms can even multiply and spread.

Don’t just pick any ole’ computer antivirus, as some of the weak, cheap ones might not be strong enough to protect its own processes from unwanted termination by more powerful viruses. If an antivirus has vulnerabilities, strong malware will be able to kill the antivirus program and take control of your system. This is why it’s so important to opt for a reliable security solution that has a lot of positive reviews and good test results.

A Computer Antivirus Should Be Kept Up-to-Date

It is essential that you receive up-to-date protection. Any computer antivirus that uses old and outdated definitions is weak. It should maintain an up-to-date database of all of the existing and emerging malware threats. Threats are always evolving. They never truly stop. New ones are always coming out. It makes sense to install an antivirus program that is continuously updating on its own without you having to manually tell it to.

Watch out for the impact on performance. Security products require quite a bit of system resources to do their job. There could potentially be some problems if you have an older PC. Carefully look over the system requirements and try out a free trial of a program to determine if it will run smoothly or not.

When it comes down to it, Norton is probably the biggest name in the cyber security industry. At the very least, consider Norton Security Standard as your computer antivirus. It includes a 100% guarantee from the moment you subscribe.


Best Home VPN Overview: An Introduction to VPN Services and Why Every Home Network Needs One

Browsing the World Wide Web without the use of a VPN is a bad idea, as you are essentially leaving the window peeping Toms”. Anyone, from your ISP to a random hacker or even the government, can harvest your personal details and web searches. It’s in your best interest to subscribe to the best home VPN service.

And there are tons and tons of VPN services out there. Some are free, but they’re really not that good. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, luckily, as there are some budget-friendly solutions for those who require home internet privacy.

If you have multiple computers, tablets, and phones at your home, then you obviously have a home internet network. Even if it’s protected with a password, people and organizations can still snoop (ISP, advertisers, and even government). If you ever get a virus, you could become a victim of hacking or even identity theft. The best way to protect your home network, in addition to antivirus programs, is with a VPN solution.

Connecting to a virtual private network is very simple. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll find that it is easy to do, as the best programs come with user-friendly navigation. There are usually hundreds or even thousands of servers from around the world to choose from, and you can either pick a particular type of server or choose the “random” option.

Connection to the Best Home VPN

You don’t have to stay connected to the best home VPN all the time, and some services even have daily limitations on the bandwidth. Many people just choose to connect to a virtual private server when they want to enjoy content in other regions where they would otherwise be restricted, and when they want to use a P2P program. In fact, when you visit most torrent sites these days, they even recommend that you use a VPN before downloading or uploading anything.

Not all VPNs are compatible with sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you want to access content on these sites via a virtual private network, be sure and choose one that works with streaming services. Just look over a list of features and benefits of various VPN services.

A couple of other features to look for are a 100% no-logs policy and cutting-edge technologies like military-grade encryption and Double VPN.

One service that gets all the praise as being the “best home VPN” is NordVPN. It’s also pretty affordable. There are literally thousands upon thousands of servers around the world to choose from. Take a look at some NordVPN coupons to learn how to save.

Internet Security and Ransomware

The Best Internet Security Product: Details of What Features to Look For

As we’re getting closer to 2020, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we cannot go without good internet security these days. There are just too many threats, from phishing and ransomware to traditional viruses and malware. The best way to prevent any harm coming to your PC or to you yourself is to get the best internet security suite that comes with tons of useful privacy and security tools.

A standard antivirus program isn’t enough anymore since threats are becoming highly sophisticated. Hackers get even get a hold of your webcam and personal images and documents. There are identity thieves who will do everything they can to steal your account information. And it’s not just your computer that is vulnerable to threats, but your own phone and tablets are as well.

To prevent nosy organizations from tracking everything you do on the web, whether it’s your own ISP or advertisers, you might need a VPN. A virtual private network is usually an add-on features with some of the best internet security suites. Afraid of hackers accessing your webcam or microphone? Choose a suite with webcam and microphone protection. A few other tools you might need include:

• Rescue mode
• Anti-phishing
• Advanced threat defense
• Global protective network
• Battery mode
• Password manager
• Privacy firewall
• File shredder
• Secure online shopping

The Best Internet Security Tailored for You

Since every personal user and business has specific needs, there really isn’t “one size fits all” when it comes to the best internet security. What you need to do is carefully look over the features set that comes with different products and decide which one offers mostly what you need.

If you own a Mac, don’t think that it is immune to viruses. As mentioned above, viruses are growing to be more sophisticated and cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated means to hack more computers and gadgets. A Mac can always get a virus from a USB drive. Make sure that any internet security solution you choose offers protection for Macs and not just for Windows.

It is imperative that you choose as intuitive as a program as possible. Nobody wants to put up with an antivirus that has a problem with false positives. It is worth the time to read test results and user reviews of various programs to find out what everyone is saying and if there are any complaints.

One of the best internet security products that gets tons of positive reviews and is very intuitive is Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 or 2020. It has all of the features home users need. Business users will also find that there some excellent business products offered by Bitdefender. Discounts are sometimes available to help consumers save on their subscription.

Parental Control

Online Monitoring for Parents – What Kinds of Tools and Features Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe?

The internet is filled with things that nobody wants their kids to see. Even social media can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken. There are a lot of good things about parenting in the digital age: you can more easily keep your kids entertained and distracted, and there are tons of educational apps and software. Older kids can watch educational videos on YouTube or conduct research. However, you should still take advantage of tools for online monitoring for parents to help keep your kids safe.

Some parents also want to use monitoring tools to teach their kids screen time management. There is a downside to spending too much time staring at a screen. Not only does it cause eye strain, it also can lead to behavioral issues. There is always the possibility of the child running across something or someone dangerous.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between spying and monitoring. Many parents don’t feel comfortable with the idea of “snooping” on their children. Fortunately, there are parental control tools that allow you to monitor your child’s activities without being too intrusive and invading their privacy. You can simply set up a profile for each child and selecting which types of websites and content to block that child from seeing, and receive a summary at the end of the day of some of the content your child accessed. Some programs also allow you to set time limits for each child to spend online. You can specify the hours yourself.

Online Monitoring for Parents In the Average Household

Since the average household has tons of computers and internet-enabled devices of every kind, it’s important that you choose software that allows online monitoring for parents on all devices and across every browser / OS. This way, no matter which phone, tablet, or computer your child has used, you can still view a report and monitoring some of their activities.

If you need “real time” tracking tools, look for software that will send you an ALERT right away if your child steps out of the safe zones you specify. This is perhaps the most important feature for many parents since it literally helps keep their children physically safe. If something happens and they leave the designated safety areas, you’ll know right away.

Since there are so many tools and programs that offer online monitoring for parents, how do you know which one is the right one for you? How do you know which one offers the ideal features you are looking for? First thing you need to do is check if your current internet security program has any parental control features. If not, then consider a standalone option, like Kaspersky Safe Kids, which is available as a free version and paid version.


Anti Virus Program: Info on Viruses and How to Prevent Them From Getting on Your PC

A lack of a quality anti virus program is the cause of most internet and PC problems. Don’t just use the free “security” tools your computer comes with. At best, they are adequate and not at all efficient. These days, viruses can be very sophisticated. Inadequate security software can overlook a malicious file. Viruses will do a number of things, including making the system run slowly, preventing a PC from even booting up, steal private data, amend how the computer operates, and so forth.

The ideal anti virus program should provide comprehensive protection for all types of files, computer domains, and every network element that could potentially be attacked by malware. The software should also be able to detect malicious codes and keep all entry points to the PC protected (email, FTP, internet, etc.)

Strong “self-protection” is a feature you’ll definitely want to look for, since some viruses will attempt to actually switch of any security software it can find. The stronger the security program, the better. Read test analysis from independent labs to find out which antivirus suites are the strongest. Detection rate is important as well. Only settle for a program with an extremely high detection rate – as close to 100% as possible.

Another thing to check for is automatic updates, so that you won’t have to remember to keep manually updating. As long as your internet connection is continuous, then the updates are performed automatically. It is essential that your antivirus program is kept up-to-date all the time since new viruses are popping up and evolving all the time.

Anti Virus Program’s Old Traces

Make absolutely sure that all traces of older anti-virus and malware programs are gone before trying a new one. When there are two security programs running on a single PC, they will each try to inspect the same parts of the system and cause interference and conflicts with each other. In a worst-case-scenario, they will cause the computer system to crash. Just use the “Remove / Uninstall” section of “My Computer” to check and make sure all security software is uninstalled before downloading a new one.

One thing to avoid is a security program that comes loaded with too much stuff – especially if you have an older or cheap PC. If a particular program has been getting some complaints about slowing a system down, it probably isn’t for you.

One anti virus program that you’ll want to consider first and foremost is Kaspersky Anti Virus. It’s available for one-, two-, or three-year subscriptions, for 3 – 5 PCs, varying in prices. Check and see if there are any Kaspersky coupon codes before making your purchase. Free trials are also available.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Personal PC Security Info: A Summary of Features and Tools to Look for in a Home Cyber Security Program

Always look for monthly test results by the independent test labs such as AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST to evaluate which personal PC security software is performing the best, and has the highest detection rate. While some free antivirus programs are okay and do a sufficient job, they aren’t necessarily the best solution for most people. To truly get all the protection you need, it’s better to look for paid solutions with superior features and security tools.

When it comes to PC security, not all programs are going to run smoothly – especially on older machines. For this reason, it’s recommended that you read about the minimum system requirements for each cyber security solution, as well as comments from other users to see if there are any complaints about a particular product using up too many resources and causing the system to slow down.

The ease of use is important as well. Not everyone is highly knowledgeable when it regards personal PC security. The interface should be as user-friendly as possible for less-experienced users, yet still flexible enough that more experienced users can have some level of control over the settings and configurations.

Personal PC Security Requirements

You may or may not need more than the antivirus and firewall. If you only use your PC for personal reasons then you likely won’t need to buy a total security internet suite. Some of them come with extra features and tools that are not essential for a lot of users: parental control, webcam protection, Wi-Fi inspection, VPN, and so forth. Typically, the security companies will have a comparison table showing what is and what is not included with each product. Go down the list and choose the product that offers only what you need.

Email and web protection tools are always worth having. This antivirus software will automatically check websites as soon as you visit them and scan email attachments before you open them. It will help protect you from phishing emails too, although you can learn how to identify those on your own and not fall for them.

As mentioned above, read independent test results to find the detection rate. Pick a software solution that will have a malware detection rate of at least 95%. At the same time, it should NOT have a problem with false positives. The malware it detects should be legitimate and not a benign file that is mistakenly flagged.

Home users can get started with a personal PC security program like Avast Free Antivirus. If you like it, then consider upgrading to Avast Internet Security to get all of the best, premium features.


Cheap VPN Providers Guide: A Few Things to Look for When Evaluating the Worth of a VPN Service

While it’s always better to pay for a VPN service than to trust any of the so-called “free” solutions, that doesn’t mean you have to spend very much at all for one. There are some cheap VPN providers that offer budget-friendly services that include a good variety of servers, no-log policy, decent speeds, military-grade technology, and more.

When connecting to a VPN service, you are basically adding an additional step to your route to the open web. This kind of service acts as a “middle man” with whom you are trusting with connection data and traffic. Make sure that the company you choose does not log the data. Some services claim that they have a no-logs policy, but if you dig a bit deeper and read all of the small print, you’ll find that they do keep track of some details. You should not sign up to any virtual private network that keeps ANY kind of activity or connection logs. Their policy should be detailed and not vague.

Speed is an important factor for many users, but not for everyone. Unless you want to stream multimedia and do some P2P sharing, speed might not be at the top of your priority list. If speed is important to you, then the think to look for with cheap VPN providers is a good selection of servers in the regions from which you wish to access multimedia content. Also, make sure there are some servers that are dedicated to streaming and/or P2P. Also, not every VPN service works well with streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, so that might be another factor for you to look into.

Cheap VPN Providers Subscription Plans

Cheap VPN providers usually offer different subscription plans. Typically, users are given the option to pay on a per-month basis, one-year basis, two-year basis, or three-year basis. Obviously, the longer the subscription option, the bigger the discount. Before committing to any long-subscription period, always take advantage of free trial periods.

It is better to pay a bit more for a service that offers all of the features you are looking for rather than try to save a few bucks on a cheaper VPN solution that might be lacking. Once again, always look for perks like free trials and discounts.

One feature that should never be underestimated is encryption. Only opt for a service that has military-grade encryption and Double VPN technology. Among the cheap VPN providers, NordVPN is almost always the one that comes to mind the most. You should begin your free trial and take advantage of NordVPN discounts.


PC Virus Protection Overview: How to Evaluate Antivirus Programs and Choose the Best One Possible

Vanquishing hackers and cyber-criminals once and for all is probably never going to happen. The best we can do is install the best PC virus protection possible on our computers, and use reliable security apps on smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, most protection programs these days allow protection on multiple PCs and devices with a single subscription.

Common sense alone is not enough to keep your PC from malware. Cyber criminals will try to come up with sophisticated techniques to try and trick the regular computer user. It’s always good to have a reliable antivirus program and firewall just in case you or someone else in your family or office accidentally visits an infected website or downloads up an infected email attachment.

PC virus protection comes in a variety of forms in many different software packages. Some are free and some cost money. The problem with free antivirus programs is that they only offer minimum protection and are sometimes crammed with ads. The smartest thing to do is just try free trials of premium antivirus programs and upgrade the one you are most happy with. However, always remember to fully uninstall one program before trying another one. Having multiple security tools on a PC can cause conflicts.

It’s also essential for Windows users to have a strong cyber security program to help ward off malware attacks and to keep PCs running efficiently to safeguard personal details and online identities. Some security suites even come with additional features such as VPN services, parental controls, Wi-Fi inspection, and password management tools.

PC Virus Protection Reviews and Expert Opinions

When doing research on a particular antivirus program, take the time to read the opinions of both the experts and other users. Look over the test results from independent antivirus testing labs, and read both the positive things other users have been saying as well as any complaints they might have about the program. Try to only look for “verified reviews” to make sure that the reviewer is legitimate and being honest.

Some anti-viruses are only designed to block malware and viruses, but not remove them. Be sure and use a program that has a removal feature. Updates should be automatic so you won’t have to manually do it yourself. If the interface seems too confusing for you, or doesn’t seem to be organized enough, uninstall that particular program and try another one.

Which PC virus protection program should you try first? Norton is a name you are undoubtedly familiar with. It’s Norton by Symantec is one of the biggest names in cyber security. You can get started today by trying out the free trial of Norton Antivirus before deciding to upgrade to Norton Antivirus Plus.

Password Manager

Multi Platform Password Manager Guide: How This Security Solution Will Keep Your Online Identity Private and Secure

In the digital age, it has never been more important to protect your assets and personal identity online. One of the best ways to do this is to have a multi platform password manager that will keep all of your account info and details stored as securely as possible on every computer and device you own.

The ideal password management tool will give you the best of both worlds. It will help you create strong passwords that nobody will ever be able to hack, and then allow you and only you to easily access them when you need to. In addition to the passwords themselves, it will store other account details, including your username, phone number bank number, PayPal info, and even documents.

Not all of these managers are the same, and some only work on certain platforms, like Mac or Android. Some are only just add-ons for specific browsers like Chrome or Firefox. If you are someone who uses different devices and different OS on each device, then be sure and select a multi platform password manager. When comparing different managers, check and see which ones are compatible with all of the platforms you use.

Another benefit of this type of tool is that it will auto-fill login details on all of your accounts. While there are plenty of free add-ons that will do this, they don’t come with enhanced security. A “true” password manager incorporates every feature and benefit you need to ensure your security and privacy, no matter which site or account it logs you into. It also auto-fills everything and helps you create a unique password when creating new accounts.

The Damage of Hacking Into a Multi Platform Password Manager

If anybody attempts to hack into your account or login to your account without your permission, the ideal password management program will notify you. All of your accounts will be monitored. Some password managers also offer one-touch login that will allow you to access your accounts on devices with a fingerprint reader.

It’s a good idea to use a solution that is truly 100% secure. One of the most important factor when it comes to security is “zero-knowledge”. This means that you are the only person or entity who has full control over all of the encryption and decryption of your data. There should be nobody on the other end when using the password manager.

What *IS* the bet multi platform password manager? Avast Password is definitely worth using. It’s available for Windows as well as Mac, iPhone, and Android. If you already have Avast Antivirus, then the password tool is a free download. To get the best security and all of the features, upgrade to Premium.

Avast Logo

Avast Home Edition Review: A Quick Glance at Features You Can Expect with Avast Home Security Products

Avast offers plenty of great products for home internet security, including a Free Antivirus. To get the best the company has to offer, though, you might want to upgrade to the Avast Home Edition of Internet Security, or go even further to get the Premier or Ultimate suite. There are many benefits, such as ongoing protection and a 30-day money back guarantee.

One of the newer features that sets the Internet Security suite apart from previous versions is the wall it puts around all of your private photos and files so that they won’t be encrypted and held hostage by ransomware hackers. On average, hackers demand around $640 from their ransomware victims. It’s a misconception that hackers only go after big businesses or wealthy people – any home internet user or small business can be a victim.

Many Avast users opt to upgrade to a paid version of one of their security products because there are ads on the annoying free version. This is the downside of any free antivirus, however. At least with Avast Home Edition, it is very easy and affordable to upgrade, and in doing so you will get the best protection possible. The intelligent antivirus feature detects and blocks viruses, ransomware, phishing, spyware, and malware. All threats are stopped before they affect your computer, thanks to smart analytics.

With the Smart Scan function, malware is not able to slip in through cracks such as suspicious add-ons, unsafe settings, and any out of date software. The Behavior Shield detects and blocks suspicious behavior patterns to prevent any potential unknown threats and ransomware. You get “zero-second protection” with this technology offered by Avast.

Avast Home Edition Cloud

The Cloud is utilized in some instances with “Cyber Capture”, which automatically sends suspicious files to the cloud where they are analyzed. If discovered to be a genuine threat, a cure is pushed to all Avast users. In the “Sandbox”, you can test and play with files that may be suspicious in a safe environment before you allow them to run on your PC.

It’s important to remember that new threats and suspicious files are popping up every single day somewhere on the internet, and the best antivirus programs are designed to keep up with those threats and update themselves automatically.

Since most home users also have smartphones and other devices in addition to PCs, you might want to consider a subscription option with an Avast Home Edition product that includes protection for multiple devices and not just your home computer. It’s very easy to manage all of your licenses and stay organized by accessing everything via one Avast account.