Parental Control

Best Online Parental Control Review: Learn About Some of the Amazing Things Parental Control Software Can Do

The best online parental control apps can help you keep an eye on your kids without being too nosy. Some will even allow you to track their location as long as they have their phone or tablet turned on. Most – if not all – of parental control software and apps are not perfect. What parents must do is choose the best one possible that meets the requirements they consider to be most important. The age of your child and the amount of privacy you wish to give him or her play a role in the type of software you choose.

For older teens you probably won’t need as much, as long as you trust in their maturity, and won’t have to block as many websites from them. For younger kids, obviously, you’ll need to filter out more content that you don’t want them to become exposed to. A tracking service that allows you to keep an eye on their whereabouts is something all parents need. You don’t have to watch them all the time, but you can still set it up so that you receive alerts should your child ever go out of designated “safe zone”.

Use the best online parental control tools to teach your children screen time management. There is no need for anyone – kid or adult – to waste their lives away staring at a computer or smartphone screen all day. Schedule the times of day and evening that you want to allow your child to spend online, and which times you want their phones or computer screen to turn off.

You Can Have Any Amount of Control With the Best Online Parental Control

Do you want to be the parent who wants to view a list of every last website your child visited and video he or she viewed? Or do you want to give him/her a little bit of privacy? With some programs, you will receive detailed reports of what your child has been up to, and with others, you can just get a summary. Once again, it really depends on your parenting style and your child’s age.

What about text messages or chat programs? With the right software, you might be able to track them and view a list of people with whom they have been communicating. Make sure they understand the importance of not chatting with strangers on social media, or accepting text messages or calls from somebody who might not be trustworthy.

Even though there probably isn’t a “perfect” parental control program, Qustodio is perhaps the one that is closest to being so. It’s the best online parental control service that offers the features most parents need, like a “Panic Button”, Call / SMS tracking (Android), extended reporting, “Family Locator”, and more. Try Qustodio out for free right now.


Best Computer Virus Cleaner: Features to Look for in an Antivirus Program for Cleaning Your PC

No matter what kind of computer you have, you’re going to want to protect it as much as possible from all forms of malicious software, files, websites, etc. If it connects to the internet, it is going to be susceptible to viruses and phishing scams. Even Macs aren’t as secure as they used to be. While there are “free” antivirus” tools, they can only do so much. To truly get rid of a virus, you’ll have to upgrade. The best computer virus cleaner is one that will not only help eliminate or quarantine any existing infected files, but will prevent you from getting any more in the future.

Some “crimeware” is deeply embedded in your system and very difficult to detect. This is why it’s important to learn the detection rates of virus cleaners, which can be done by reading test results from various labs. Only consider using antivirus software that has a detection rate of at least 96%, with little to no false positives, which can be very annoying.

Malware can be described as any kind of malicious software that tries to infect a device or computer connected to the internet. Hackers try and use malware for a number of reasons, usually for some type of personal gain. They will try to spy on you, try and steal your money, obtain your password ands and financial information, hold your files hostage and demand “ransom”. Ransomware is one of the most difficult forms of viruses, and can cost people and businesses a lot of money.

Best Computer Virus Cleaner for Malware and Frauds

With the best computer virus cleaner, you won’t have to worry about being a victim of any kind of malware attack or fraud. You won’t even have to do any manual updates if you choose the right program, as the leading virus cleaning software is programmed to update itself automatically with the latest definitions of malware and the required tools to detect and eliminate the malware should it find its way to your computer.

While it’s essential that you choose a virus cleaner that has aggressive scanning technology, it should not be so aggressive that it slows your computer down. The ideal antivirus program will run quietly in the background when you are doing things like streaming videos, watching movies, playing games, etc. In the event that it mistakes a legitimate program for being malicious and tries to mark it for removal, you should have the option to undo the results of a scan.

The one best computer virus cleaner that you can really count on, that offers the best features and has a high detection rate is Norton Power Eraser. It’s one of the best “Rescue Tools” offered by this leading cyber security company. Consider trying Norton Security (by Symantec), which is available as a 30 day free trial.


Personal Computer Cloud Backup Guide: Choosing the Best Backup Solution Possible for Your Windows PC or Mac

If you’re tired of running personal backups on your home computer, or manually uploading important files and family photos to online cloud storage services, then it’s time to sign up for a service that will automatically back your stuff up for you. Personal computer cloud backup services are becoming more popular as people want the luxury of knowing that no matter what happens to their PC and local backup drive, they can still access literally everything should their home be destroyed in a fire, flood, or other catastrophe. All of this can be done with ease if they have the luxury of everything being backed AUTOMATICALLY up in a single, secure cloud platform.

You might back up all of your stuff occasionally on an external hard drive that you keep in a different location than your personal computer, but once again, this can become tedious after all. Plus, how sure are you that nobody else knows about it and that it won’t ever be stolen or lost?

One factor to look for in personal computer cloud backup solutions is the ease of retrieval. Is there an option to have certain files – if not all of them – shipped to you quickly on an external hard drive or flash drive? What if you’re on vacation and your laptop gets stolen and you really need a copy of everything as quickly as possible? There is also the option of file restoration. If you delete something by accident, will the backup service provider still keep it for you for at least 30 days?

Solutions for Personal Computer Cloud Backup

Some of the better backup providers offer solutions for both Windows and Mac computers. If you need to back up a Mac, use a service that has current or former Apple employees who have built the platform. Also, a lightweight solution is ideal. Everybody hates running software that slows a computer down. It should not use up anymore than 1% of your memory and CPU on average. It also shouldn’t install any drivers, and only opens the files it backs up as “read-only” in order to keep the computer stable. Running Apple Time Machine? Use a personal computer cloud backup service that runs side-by-side with it.

If you have a Windows PC, make sure it’s compatible with your version of Windows and that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Which personal computer cloud backup service should you try first? One that really has a positive reputation is Backblaze. You can try it for free, and have the peace of mind that your data is stored in secure datacenters with biometric security, 24-hour staff, redundant power, etc.

Password Manager

Internet Password Manager Info: Understanding This Type of Service and What You Can Expect From Such Tools

You really shouldn’t re-use the same password over and over again, or similar variations of a password across all of your accounts. Nobody likes the idea of using a complicated password for each individual account, but that’s precisely what you’ll need these days in order to stay as secure as possible. Luckily, you can use an internet password manager to make the process easier and to save all passwords so that you won’t have to try and remember them.

There are password managers that are compatible with all types of devices and computers, so you can use the same product that will sync across all of your devices instead of installing a bunch of different apps. While there are free tools that offer to save your passwords and auto-fill details, it’s best to stick with just one that will store all of your accounts in a digital “wallet” or “vault”, which you can access on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Another reason why you might want to stick with a single solution is that password manager software can also secure essential online information like three-digit CVV codes, credit card numbers, answers to security questions, addresses, and so forth. As long as you choose a good internet password manager, you can count on all of this information to be protected with superior encryption technology. Not even the company that offers the service will be able to view anything.

Internet Password Manager Ease of Use

There are many password management services, and some of them are easier to use than others. If you’ve never used this kind of software before, choose one that is user-friendly. The process of creating a cyber “vault” in which you’ll store all of the passwords and other info should be as simple and straightforward as possible. There shouldn’t be any difficulty in syncing the accounts on any new computer or mobile device you buy. Just install the app or login to the website to access all of the details, or create a new wallet or import an existing database.

Whichever browser you use, you should be able to install an internet password manager. Some services will even allow you to remove to remove the “wallet” from certain browsers and use it with others.

How can you tell which service is the best? Which one is easy to use? Bitdefender offers a good internet password manager service, which is one of the tools included in its antivirus. Try Bitdefender Wallet today to see if it’s everything you’re looking for.

Internet Security and Ransomware

Best Ransomware Protection: An Overview of What Ransomware is and How You Can Choose the Best Protection

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to computer users around the world. Every year, billions of dollars are lost by businesses, organizations, and ordinary citizens trying to fix problems caused by these sorts of attacks. There are a lot of antivirus and security programs claiming to offer the best ransomware protection, but not all of them can be the “best”.

This term is used to describe a malware attack that involves hackers trying to extort money after taking important data, files, and/or photos ransom – essentially blocking the user’s access to them, and not allowing them to retrieve the essential data / photos until they pay a certain amount of money. Their methods and technology can be so advanced that even intelligence organizations like the FBI fully help the victims.

Fortunately, there are some protection options by some of the leading computer / cyber security companies. There are even some “remediation solutions” included in internet security suites. Before choosing one, check with independent lab tests to see which ones have AV-Test Institute points of at least 17 out of 18, SE Labs certification of at least the AA level, and AV-Comparatives rating on four tests of Advanced+.

The best ransomware protection software will also have positive ratings and reviews from other users. If you don’t have the best hardware, then check to see if there are any complaints about the slow speed of a particular program you are considering. You’ll also want to (obviously) read what others are saying about the ransomware feature.

Important Features in the Best Ransomware Protection

This is one feature that is usually protected by most levels of service, including the free versions of security or antivirus software. Business will usually require more sophisticated protection. It might be worthwhile to learn how to use decryption tools, which are offered by leading computer protection companies. These kinds of tools will help users decode their file if they are ever hit by some type of ransomware.

Ease-of-use is another important thing to look for. If there is an intuitive, user-friendly interface, users will be less likely to be confused or overwhelmed by security options. When you want to try out a free version of a program, be careful during the installation and set-up process – there might be some add-ons included that you might not want. If you’re careful, you can deselect them.

When it comes down to it, the one company that meets all of the criteria for the best ransomware protection is Avast. If you come across any, try and use Avast Internet Security discounts as it is the best product for most users.


Antivirus for Android Phone: Tips on Finding and Using the Best Security Tools for Android Devices

People often get anti-viruses for their computers but forget about their Android phones and tablets. They are vulnerable to many types of malicious files and scams as well these days. Hackers and cyber criminals are going to do everything they can to get into any device that has the internet. The important thing to do is to decide whether you want a standalone antivirus for Android phone or a security suite that offers a protection plan for all of your devices and computers.

A free antivirus app might be enough, just as long you are always super careful and play it safe with everything you do. You could just have a free app just for precaution. However, if you think you need other security tools, like a password manager, VPN, malware detector, etc., then it’d probably be best to invest in a security suite.

Usability is also important, as it is with any kind of app or program. There is more room for “tinkering” when it comes to desktop anti-viruses. For mobile devices, that isn’t really necessary, so the app you choose should be as simple as possible. If you have an older version of a smartphone, make sure the antivirus for Android phone is compatible with it and won’t bog the device down, whether you’re doing an active scan with it or just allowing it to run in the background.

Ratings of Antivirus for Android Phone

Another thing to look at is the number of reviews and the overall rating. A high number of reviews and an overall 4+ / 5 rating indicates that the developer must be doing something right. Take the time to read some reviews to see if people are praising things like speed, intuitiveness of the interface, the app’s ability to detect and remove malware and adware, and so forth.

Will the anti-virus program you are considering offer Android-specific features, such as filtering for texts and calls? Will you be warned about messages that could potentially be malicious? There should also be anti-phishing tools. After all, most people make purchases here and there via their smartphone, so it makes sense to protect your financial information as secure as possible and to make sure that you don’t fall for any phishing scams.

Lastly, anti-theft protection is essential as well. You should opt for an Android security app that allows you to wipe personal information from the device if it is ever stolen or lost.

The first antivirus or Android phone you might want to try is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus (AppLock & Web Security). It’s free to download and use, and comes with tons of positive reviews.

Password Manager

Safest Password Manager Info: The Important Security Details and Other Features in a Good Password Storage Solution

Everybody knows that password managers are good for them, but not everyone takes the time to actually do the necessary steps in getting a quality password management suite and making full use of it. If you are conducting research on the “safest password manager”, then you are off to a good start. You’re coming to the realization that it is no longer viable to try coming up with “clever”, cryptic passwords that nobody will ever figure out, and that you can barely even remember yourself.

The great thing about password savers is that not only store all of your passwords (and other details) in a secure cyber “vault”, they also help you generate extremely unique, complex passwords that they will store for you so that you don’t have to remember. The only password you would be required to remember is the “master password”, which will be something that is so unique that no hacker or sneaky associate would ever be able to figure out.

Just make sure that you choose a service that has a “no-knowledge” policy. This means that nobody – including those offering the service and maintaining the technology – will ever be able to view or access the passwords, as the details are privately encrypted. The safest password manager offers this kind of guarantee.

What You Need With the Safest Password Manager

Also with a good management solution, you won’t have to remember other pieces of information and details such as username, credit card information, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth, as that will all be stored (securely) and automatically filled in whenever you need to enter such details into a web form. Some of these services even offer an encrypted vault in which you can store private documents, images, and scanned copies of IDs.

What about other devices? What if you have to fill in details on a new phone or PC? The safest password manager will offer a syncing solution across all devices so that you won’t ever have to start from scratch. This kind of services if often offered via a subscription plan. The number of accounts for which you can save all of your login details might be limited depending on which subscription plan you choose. Usually, only free plans will have a limited number of accounts, and devices on which can access them. This is why it’s a good idea to invest a bit of money in a good password management solution.

So, what is the safest password manager that offers the good features and services mentioned above? 1Password Manager is always a good place to start. It’s affordable, and comes with a variety of plans suited for individuals with personal accounts, work accounts, as well as businesses and teams. The great thing about 1Password is that you can try it for free for 30 days.


Best Fast VPN: Guide to Virtual Private Network Speeds, Protocols, and Server Options

There are often speed issues when it comes to VPN services. This is because it can take some time to encrypt data while it travels through the tunnels. You might not notice this difference when doing basic things like browsing and sending emails, but you’ll likely notice if you try to stream videos, play games, or take part in some P2P torrenting. In order to avoid speed issues, it’s best to try and find the best fast VPN for your needs.

Server location plays a role in speed. The further your information has to travel to and from the server, the slower the connection will be. This is why you must look for a virtual private network provider that offers a high number of servers in as many countries as possible. Also, your line speed and your own internet plan can affect internet speed.

There is also stability. No matter how fast a VPN connection is, it’s not going to do you much good if it lacks stability and you keep getting kicked off. While every company will have a bad day, or just a few bad hours, there are some that are far more stable than others. Check and see if there are any servers dedicated specifically for a certain type of activity, such as P2P or Netflix, and that only users who want to do those things are allowed to connect to those servers. Most resources are used for those servers to ensure that they achieve the fastest speeds possible.

Offers of the Best Fast VPN

The best fast VPN will offer you the choice to switch to UDP instead of TCP (protocols). TCP is sometimes set as default with certain operating systems. It is often faster than UDP, so check that it is the one you are using. On mobile devices, however, it might be ideal to use the IKEv2protocol if it is available, as it is faster on Android and iOS applications.

Avoid using Tor VPN servers unless you absolutely need to, as the Tor network is often slow and the VPN connections to them can also be slow as a result.

Security should never be compromised for the sake of speed. For instance, PPTP is a very fast protocol, but it is not very secure and will not give you the privacy you may require. Only use it if it is available and you are doing something that doesn’t require as much privacy.

When it comes down to it, one way to find the best fast VPN is to use free trials. ProtonVPN is a good company to start with as it offers different levels of service at different prices. Even its “Basic” plan promises fast connections, although you would only be able to use it on two devices. If possible, use ProtonVPN promo codes to help you get a good deal on the Plus plan or Visionary.


Data Backup Services Overview: What Kind of Backup Service Should You Use? What Features are Most Important?

Everyone should back up their computers data on a regular basis, whether it’s a personal computer or a business computer. While backup with certain services such as Time Machine, Backup and Restore, or even Dropbox (free) can be helpful, they might not be secure enough. The best data backup services will copy your entire data over the web to remote servers in multiple, diverse locations, and never at the same physical facility. Each facility should be highly-secure and protected from all threats, from security breaches to weather hazards.

Another issue with most popular, free services like Dropbox is that they are simply places where you can “park” your data. They don’t automatically backup content and require that you manually upload everything yourself. Instead, look for a service that will either backup all of the data continuously, or at least at scheduled intervals.

Remember the days when you had to try and remember to save all of your important data and photos on floppy disks, DVDs, or a bunch of CDs? And if your computer died unexpectedly, there really wasn’t any hope for retrieving stuff on the hard drive? Well, that’s no longer the case thanks to advances in cloud technology and data backup services. You also don’t have to worry about keeping track of DVDs or CDs and what is on each one.

Data Backup Services on External Drives

Some services even allow you to have a large flash drive or external drive shipped to you anywhere in the world if your laptop is ever lost, stolen, or broken. You can also access files on tablets and smartphones. Any or all of your data will always be available for you to access no matter where you at, or how you want to access it.

Before choosing a data backup service, check its security and privacy policy. Make sure your data really will be stored at secure datacenters in diverse locations, each with a 24-hour staff, redundant power, and biometric security. Two-factor authentication should be enabled before anyone is allowed to access your data. A 6 digit code, for instance, could be sent to your phone during sign-in for an additional layer of protection.

Lastly, keep in mind that Java is responsible for over 90% of security attacks, so only use backup services that do not use Java.

Which data backup services are the best? Backblaze is always a good option. It doesn’t use Java, and is available to try for free. There are different pricing tiers depending on if you want to use it for personal or business computer(s) and mobile devices. Backups can be automatic or scheduled.

Bitdefender Logo

Bitdefender Total Security for Mac Review: Why Macs do Need Protection and Why This Software is the Best

Bitdefender always offers top-of-the line-line security products for all computer users. Some products are even available for mobile devices. Even if you have an Apple computer, you can still get the same level of protection – all you need to do is make sure your subscription includes Bitdefender Total Security for Mac. Macs really are somewhat vulnerable to malicious files and hacking, despite any misconceptions you might have heard.

Malware is starting to specifically target Macs, despite years of primarily targeting Windows. According to security research conducted from AV-Test, an independent virus research institute, the number of threatening programs with malware and other malicious files targeting macOS has nearly tripled in recent years. It’s still comparatively low compared to Windows malware, but that doesn’t mean your iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBook are safe. It’s best to have as much protection as possible, and Bitdefender is the company to rely upon.

Windows have become more secure over the years as security and antivirus products have become a lot more advanced. Now, since Apple products have become so popular and Mac computers are becoming more mainstream, cybercriminals are starting to develop better ways to target them.

The Total Security Suite can be used on multiple devices. Depending on your subscription, you can secure 5 – 10 devices, which includes Mac computers and Apple devices, as well as Windows and Android.

Features of Bitdefender Total Security for Mac

Another benefit of investing in Bitdefender Total Security for Mac is that it comes with additional features and services that can really come in handy, such as a secure VPN solution for complete online privacy as well as advanced parental controls to help ensure that your kids are kept safe online.

In short, Bitdefender’s multi-layered protection will keep your pictures, documents, videos, work information, and everything else safe from all known threats as well as those emerging on a regular basis.

One particular feature for MacOS users, is “Time Machine Protection”. This helps back up files and offers an extra security layer to keep you safe from sophisticated ransomware attacks. This complex future allows Mac users to restore their files so they won’t have to pay ransom. This kind of protection will give you an edge against any malware that might attempt to encrypt or even destroy your backups.

A few other useful features of Bitdefender Total Security for Mac include anti-phishing tools, adware blocking and removal, anti-tracker, autopilot mode, and ultra-fast scanning. The Safe Files service allows users to prevent any unauthorized changes to their most important files. All you have to do is add folders to the “Watch List and Bitdefender will guard them for you against malware and ransomware.